Sun Conjunct Lilith

By | September 23, 2011

Sun conjunct LilithSun conjunct Lilith seems to play out as the ego feeling exiled from the dominant patriarchal system. Sometimes this is as a result of actual abuse from male authority figures. The subject then creates its own breed of sexuality or moral code, crowning itself. With the rejection of the dominant male, the dark female energy can eclipse the father figure altogether. The fiery creativity of the Sun fused with the piercing intuition of Lilith makes these subjects sexually magnetic and intense. They are closely bound to the spirit world, and can sometimes see peoples shadows.

The taboo is cast over their identity, to the extent that they can become demonized.  They may fall into the forbidden fruit of drugs to numb the pain of feeling like an outcast. Despite their seemingly rebellious behavior, Black Moon Lilith needs more than most to feel at one with nature and to belong. Their sexuality is instinctive and untamed, feeling comfortable in their own skin.

Sun Conjunct Lilith Celebrities

Mean Liliths

Drew Barrymore (97′) tasted Liliths forbidden fruit from childhood, alcohol abuse at 13, snorting coke at 9! and an attempted suicide. Uninhibited with her body, she has exposed her breasts frequently in public and on talk shows. Drew is estranged from her father. One of her most famous roles is the negative spurned Lilith in the shape of a manipulative teen seductress in Poison Ivy. Drew has defined her sexuality thus “Being with a woman is like exploring your own body, but through someone else. When I was younger I used to go with lots of women. Totally. I love it“.

Singer Connie Francis (104′) suffered under her dominant Italian father and endured abuse in some of her 4 marriages, she eventually had a breakdown. She was raped and beaten after a performance so she became a recluse for 7 years. Her father put her in exile once more by commiting her to a mental hospital due to severe depression. Years later she had a further psychotic episode and was once again institutionalized, this time put under guardianship (Sun) She came thought it all, successfully returning to shine once more as a singer.

Steven Spielberg (73′) as a young Jewish boy often found himself an outcast and bullied by older males “In high school, I got smacked and kicked around. Two bloody noses. It was horrible.”  His block buster films reflect the themes of alienation and interestingly in his family settings, the Father is often absent.

River Phoenix (84′) was a dedicated environmental activist and won a Humanitarian award. It has been suggested that the drug abuse which resulted in his untimely death may have been a result of suffering abuse at the hands of a religious cult to which his parents were at one time missionaries. Eve Sedgwick (38′) felt the ugly duckling within her goodlooking family so she escaped into the intellectual world and made her name in “Queer studies” She then became a self professed “gay studies guru, who happens to be a heterosexual woman married to her fella”. Eve had both Mean & True Lilith conjunct the Sun.

True Liliths

James Dean (63′), Gary Numan (25′), Johann Goethe (10′) and Ina May Gaskin (79′).

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18 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Lilith

  1. cypress

    I have Sun closely conjunct Lilith in 4th house/Libra, with Pluto also in 4th house/conjunct IC. I was beaten a lot by my dad as a child, and I “eclipsed” him, in a sense, when he contracted cancer and died when I was 13. I have always struggled since childhood to feel a part of the family unit.

    In the present day, I’m married to a man whose previous wife was (is) severely Type 1 bipolar, and non-med-compliant. He’d been contemplating leaving that marriage for over a decade due to the extreme chaos she’d caused in the life of their family. He and I had known each other for about three months, then suddenly commenced a romantic relationship; then, a week later, he told her that he was leaving her. As is typical in our patriarchal culture, she and her children have demonized me as The Other Woman. I’ll cop to being the “catalyst” for that breakup, but at the end of the day, this woman (who ironically, was no saint in the fidelity department herself) destroyed her own marriage and takes NO responsibility for doing so.

    The “family” part of the situation is very painful for me, and carrying this sense of taboo in family situations is definitely a long-standing pattern in my life.

    My husband I lead a very happy life together as a couple–I’ve got no 7th house karma, thankfully–but hubby has Pluto in 7th conjunct DC and NN in 7th also–and both of these for him are in Libra. Does that paint a picture, or what? The only time trouble arises for us is when issues related to his prior family (children, who are now grown or close to age 18) arise.

  2. jannevellamo

    I have this in Cap, on Facies of all things, so I’ve been demonized by the best of people, including my parents, my ex wife’s parents, employers, superiors, teachers, men in uniform, experts, bureaucrats, elderly neighbors and pretty much any Saturn figure you can think of. Having my AC in Scorpio doesn’t exactly help, nor does Neptune/Moon in Scorp. The one thing they all had in common was not having a clue of what I really am. Most of them were also very poor imitations or approximations of a real Saturn figure, so of course they had to immediately attack me, the real Saturn figure, my Cap stellium, my Saturn on the angles and my heavy 10th.

    I’ve sometimes been mistaken for gay, even by my own father. In reality, I’m into women, but too shy and too much of a nice guy to be accepted by most of them. A lot of superficial women also seem to think I’m no good, without any actual evidence whatsoever. On the other hand, some highly perceptive individuals have been able to see me as I am. I think it’s Sol/Lilith that makes me get so well along with rape victims, abused women and ones with an undeservedly bad reputation. Animals love me. For most of my life, I’ve been a bit of an outcast. My worst enemy, a real maggot, died in a collision the day Pluto first hit my Lilith exactly. In his lifetime, he’d expressed nothing but the worst imaginable traits of a critical Lilith on Scheat.


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