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john-deeSun conjunct Lilith seems to play out as the ego feeling exiled from the dominant patriarchal system. Sometimes this is as a result of actual abuse from male authority figures. The closer Lilith is to the Sun the more it may feel eclipsed by males in their life because a conjunction* of under 8º will make Lilith combust by the Sun, meaning you cannot see it. However it is possible the old rules may not work in the traditional way here, as one is not be able to “see” Lilith in the normal way anyhow. Black Moon Lilith is the lunar apogee, an astrological point and not a physical lump of rock so can a point that is invisible anyway be blinded by the Suns rays? I leave this open to question. However looking at the example below, you can see that the Sun as patriarch clearly has a domineering effect on some of the celebrities below. You could say the Sun has an eclipsing effect over Lilith who is also a lunar archetype. Therefore the taboo is cast over these subjects identity, to the extent that they can become demonized. These sensitive folk may fall for the forbidden fruit of drugs to numb the pain of feeling like an outcast. Despite Sun conjunct Lilith’s anti-establishment behavior, Black Moon subjects need more than most to feel like they belong and feel part of a family. The way they can do this successfully is to bond with nature and animals. If other planets confirm this, their sexuality will be instinctive and untamed, and they feel very comfortable in their own skin.

If we can use the combustion theory, the subject may in their defense just totally reject any male/solar collaboration for fear of being totally outshone. Females could refuse to marry, or have same-sex relationships. Most subjects, whatever their sex, will prefer to work for themselves. There is a case where Lilith and the Sun work as a super planet in the case of the phenomena known as Cazimi, when the a planet is within 17’ of the Sun and sits in its throne. It is interesting that two of the cazimi cases worked closely with royalty. This is pretty rare however and I only found 4 examples in my database of 5000. Cazimi is supposed to make one a genius. When it does occur, the fiery creativity of the Sun fused with the piercing intuition of Lilith makes these subjects sexually magnetic and intense. They are closely bound to the spirit world, and can perform powerful magic for good and for ill. Mostly it seems, even the combust subjects if exiled, will create their own breed of sexuality or moral code, so in effect Sun conjunct Lilith crowns itself.



John Dee (06’) was most famous for being court astrologer and advisor to Elizabeth I. He was a gifted mathematician, astronomer and occultist dedicating his life to bridging the worlds of science and magic. Even though Dee was a devout Christian, he was profoundly influenced by Hermetic law, Plato and Pythagoras, believing that numbers were the root of all wisdom and all God’s creations were based on geometry and numbering. John Dee was obsessed with connecting to the spirit world because he believed it contained higher wisdom. He was unsuccessful until he collaborated with Edward Kelley a spirit medium. Kelley’s Moon at 1º Aquarius was trine Dee’s Sun/Lilith conjunction at 29º Virgo. (And exact conjunct Dee’s Moon) Dee spoke to the angels through Kelley. Due in part to Kelley’s showmanship and fame as an alchemist, the partnership became very successful. Lilith’s tendency for triangular relationships came into effect when Kelley claimed angel Uriel had demanded that they both share Dee’s second wife Jane Fromond (who was 28 years younger that Dee.) John begrudgingly complied for a while but then broke with Kelley eventually. After Elizabeth I’s death, Dee found no support and died in poverty. “Dee is now viewed as a serious scholar and appreciated as one of the most learned men of his day. His personal library at Mortlake was the largest in the country, and was considered one of the finest in Europe.” ~ Wiki

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (10’) was certainly gifted and prolific as an epic poet, writer and critic. He also studied law and became a German statesman. He was chief advisor to the Grand Duke and then was knighted himself. Goethe was also fascinated by natural science. He published works on morphology and colour theory. Goethe had the largest mineral collection in Europe having 17,800 rock samples in total. True to his Lilithian Sun, some of his literature was very erotic for the time he lived in. He was a visionary and influenced European thought greatly “a figure in two worlds: on the one hand, devoted to the sense of taste, order, and finely crafted detail, which is the hallmark of the artistic sense of the Age of Reason and the neo-classical period of architecture; on the other, seeking a personal, intuitive, and personalized form of expression and society, firmly supporting the idea of self-regulating and organic systems.” ~ Wiki

Patrick Duffy (02’). I wouldn’t say the handsome actor Mr Duffy rates as a genius, but he certainly has charisma and (ironically) did star as the Man from Atlantis before finding great fame playing Bobby Ewing in 80’s super-soap Dallas.


Drew Barrymore (97’) Actress; tasted Liliths forbidden fruit from childhood, smoking aged 9, alcohol abuse and snorting coke at 13 and an attempted suicide. Uninhibited with her body, she has exposed her breasts frequently in public and on talk shows. Drew is estranged from her father. One of her most famous roles is the negative spurned Lilith in the shape of a manipulative teen seductress in Poison Ivy. Drew has defined her sexuality thus “Being with a woman is like exploring your own body, but through someone else. When I was younger I used to go with lots of women. Totally. I love it”. ~ The Guardian 

Connie Francis (104’) Singer;  suffered under her dominant Italian father and endured abuse in some of her 4 marriages and eventually had a breakdown. She was raped and beaten after a performance so she became a recluse for 7 years. Her father put her in exile once more by committing her to a mental hospital due to severe depression. Years later she had a further psychotic episode and was once again institutionalised, this time put under guardianship (Sun). She came thought it all, successfully returning to shine once more as a singer. Steven Spielberg (73’) as a young Jewish boy often found himself an outcast and bullied by older males “In high school, I got smacked and kicked around. Two bloody noses. It was horrible.” ~ New York Times.  His blockbuster films reflect the themes of alienation. Interestingly in his family settings, the father is often absent. River Phoenix (84’) was a dedicated environmental activist and won a humanitarian award. It has been suggested that the drug abuse, which resulted in his untimely death may have been a result of suffering abuse at the hands of a religious cult to which his parents were at one time missionaries. Eve Sedgwick (38’) felt the ugly duckling within her good-looking family so she escaped into the intellectual world and made her name in “Queer studies”. She then became a self-professed “gay studies guru, who happens to be a heterosexual woman married to her fella”. Eve had both Mean & True Lilith conjunct the Sun. Also Britney Spears, Benny Anderson (Abba), Belle Boyd, Henry Winkler (The Fonz) and Uri Gellar.


Larry Csonka (02’) Former American football player and fullback who won the superbowl with the Miami dolphins in 1973 and 1974. He was successful despite being so large. He weighed 220 pounds (15 stone.) aged 16. “By the 1970s he was one of the most feared runners in professional football. Standing 6 ft 3 in …. he was one of the biggest running backs of his day and pounded through the middle of the field with relative ease, often dragging tacklers 5 -10 yards. He was described as a bulldozer or battering ram.” ~ WIKI.  Since his retirement he has become a motivational speaker.


Gary Numan (25’), James Dean (63’), Ina May Gaskin (79’), John Dee (Also Mean), Johann Goethe, Cheiro, Erin Brockovich, Terence McKenna, M.C Escher, Lena Zavaroni, Debbie Reynolds, Wikileaks chart, Cannibals chart, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria & Albert Davison, Charles & Camila Davison.



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  1. What do you think of Sun conjunct Lilith in Leo via synastry Marina?

    I’ve heard Lilith plays out like pluto. These 2 people’s chart also have moon square pluto double whammy. Is that what aids the intensity only or could Lilith be the cause as well.

    The woman has the Lilith placement on the man’s sun. Does he view her as the evil seductress or is it his actual Lilith placement that is viewed that way. This is what I’d like to clarify and who feels the intensity the most.


  2. I just learned i have True Lilith 20° 04′ Virgo conjunct my Sun 20°07′ Virgo so from my understanding it would be cazimi. I am a female and have always had issues with my supposed role as a woman in this patriarchal society. I have never desired to get married or have children and indeed have always fared better in relationships where I have a lot of freedom to be myself. I also have the sun conjuncting Venus and Pluto, with Pluto conjuncting my ascendant. From the 12th house…. if that doesn’t add layers lol.