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Astrology ReadingsFor first time clients I always recommend the Natal Reading. That way you get a good idea of how I work and also a taster of what’s to come in the next few months. The natal reading is a good foundational reading for the others to build on. Investing in a Year Ahead is recommended if you are at a turning point in your life and need to know the cosmic weather around your circumstances. I also constantly refer to the natal chart and what the planets are triggering and releasing in it, so you will get a mini natal-reading by happenstance. After that, a 6 month top-up is available for updates. I prefer to do Solar Returns after a Natal Reading, but many people order this if the budget is tight and they want an overview of the year ahead.

On receiving your payment I will send you a New Client form and an estimated date for delivery. The response might not be instant due to time differences (Or the weekend), so bear with me. That email will ask you for some background information and a photo. I do not like to churn out readings. Energetically the readings are quite demanding, therefore I limit myself to 3/4 readings per week, that way I am refreshed for each client and have time for other astrology research and writing. Contact. I do read all the emails I get, but apologise if I do not always reply. Sometimes the volume is too high and I have to deal with clients first. There are donator rates on selected readings for those signed up to make monthly recurring donations (Can be any amount, though $5 is appreciated). See menu sidebar on the homepage.

The readings I provide are as follows.(Please note, readings are off until Mid September 2015!).

Mini-Synastry Reading $199 ~ Solar Return Reading $199 ~ Dark Moon Reading  From $199 ~ Natal Reading From $199 ~ Year Ahead Reading From $199 – $299 ~ In-depth Synastry Reading $299


Some independent reviews of my readings on Astrology Weekly’s Forum.

“Thanks very much for the Dark Goddess reading.. adds another dimension to astrology… I’ve had many charts cast for me before and to be honest I felt that they only ever scratched the surface! You explain and write everything so well I loved the way you pieced everything together, and without judgment!.  I think you have a great talent for this type of astrology and it’s certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world..Keep up the brilliant work. I’m sure I’ll be back for more!!” Rosa Derriviere Psychic ~ London UK

“Love this, thank you! Loved the new perspective u gave me and had never thought to check out Eclipses on my POF…Those dates ARE resonant…Will be interesting to see what transpires…And I don’t usually do Solar Arcs so fascinating ! You guys are fantastic to deal with, very quick turn around + you are reigning Lilith experts on Gaia” Mystic Medusa ~ Sydney Australia.

“The reading you sent me is mind-blowingly accurate. Thank you so much for taking the trouble and giving me so much to work with. I will be re-reading what you have sent me in the days to come. Reading it the first time was an intense experience.  I really admire your work. I have no doubt you will be helping a lot of people in this lifetime.” Neeti Ray ~ Astrology Expressed, Bangalore India.

Check back through the comments for recent client endorsements. I can give you the email of the client if you want to verify their statement.


  1. Marina has a true intuitive gift. This coupled with the depth of knowledge and great compassion and good humor she has, made for a reading that was both precise and profoundly healing. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

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  2. Marina is a Master. If there were a feminine word for master, I’d use it, but there isn’t – what matters is that it’s true. Marina’s natal reading for my chart was not just insightful but incredibly revealing for me, especially considering I’m a astrology Padawan. As I listened to the reading, I had a strong, unbelievable feeling that Marina was describing me completely; not a thing was off. That’s testament not only to Marina’s mastery of her subject, but of the power of astrology to help describe and guide one’s life. The occult community “The Brotherhood of Light” considers astrology to be the “above” in “As Above, So Below.” Marina’s reading has solidified my belief that this is true.

    On one hand, we have the energy of the universe flowing into us through the planets. Yet while we’re here, we must choose wisely how we use that energy. Thanks to my natal reading, I have a much better insight into not only what choices are before me, but the libra scale that weights those decisions. I – luckily – have always believed that astrological influences are warnings of what is to come should one not take appropriate action. It’s your destiny in the sense that if you do nothing, the astrological influences will prevail. But if you use astrology as a warning, then take actions to improve your life, you can truly enjoy every breathing moment you live.

    Thank you Marina. I will certainly be a lasting follower and consumer. You have helped me improve my life to the point where I’m pushing my work and business to higher limits because I can see more clearly what I’m made of. In fact, after hearing Marina’s reading of my chart, I delved even deeper into my spirituality and have since found (say, magically-universally attracted) a very rewarding relationship (Venus retrograde permitting…). My new partner actually matches my sun and moon sign; the only difference being ascendant, which turns out Aquariuses are attracted to – Gemini. We might as well be the same person, and it’s been truly revealing to learn more about myself through another person. Again, thanks Marina. I’m excited to jump into synastry/relationship readings in the future as well as other readings you have to offer.

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  3. I am in deep gratitude for Marina and her gift. Truly amazing. Great sense of humor too and her ability to give it to me straight. My reading was profound and mind blowing. Just what I needed when I needed it. If you are thinking of signing up for a reading, just do it, you will not be disappointed. I wish I wouldn’t have put it off for so long! Thanks again for the road map:) Love and light

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  4. WOW!! Awestruck! I just had Marina Read my birth chart!.. Firstly, the Email with the reading came into my inbox at exactly 9:09AM, my birthdate! Very auspicious for me indeed!.. Then!!! From the moment Marina said, “This is a reading for Roberto, etc, etc” I literally got goose pimples, and had the awesome sensation that what I was about to hear, was TRUTH.. My PERSONAL truth.. How powerful is that!.. And that is exactly what my reading with Marina was.. I feel like I just spent the afternoon having tea with the Oracle at Delphi!.. And I say this, because the wisdom and deep insights that Marina has shared with me are nothing short of mind bogglingly profound! Hence the reason of likening her to the Oracle at Delphi!.. And I say “teatime” because a reading with Marina is like spending quality time with a close, intimate, wise friend who really knows you and sees you as you truly are! And even though this is done via mp3, I FEEL like Marina is truly present with me, and that is because she literally is present with my soul at the time of reading, and souls are timeless and boundless, so yes, Marina is present with my soul EVERYTIME I replay this reading as well!!… Powerful, beautiful, and Intimate sharing of information, I get the sense that Marina knows me, sees me and is truly connected to me now, because she did truly connect with my core essence.. I have now listened to this reading a few times already, and I know that this work will be keeping me company for a while! Thank you Marina for sharing your precious gift with me, and thank you for allowing the wisdom of the stars to speak through you for the benefit of humanity! This is truly the BEST birthday PRESENT I could have given myself! I feel like I have truly honored my birthdate with this gift. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! 09/09!

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  5. Oh my GODDESS….Marina, you are on fire ….you were 150% accurate….if not more 199%….wow…just wow… head is happily thumping at the moment after listening to it…because it resonated soooooo much.
    I will be recommending your natal chart readings to my dearest family and friends immediately….and those I meet.
    You certainly and innately have a blessed skill. I am over the Moon…and Sun … and all the planets…massive ACE!…Thank you Marina

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