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Astrology ReadingsFor first time clients I always recommend the Natal Reading. That way you get a good idea of how I work and also a taster of what’s to come in the next few months. The natal reading is a good foundational reading for the others to build on. Investing in a Year Ahead is recommended if you are at a turning point in your life and need to know the cosmic weather around your circumstances. I also constantly refer to the natal chart and what the planets are triggering and releasing in it, so you will get a mini natal-reading by happenstance. After that, a 6 month top-up is available for updates. I prefer to do Solar Returns after a Natal Reading, but many people order this if the budget is tight and they want an overview of the year ahead.

On receiving your payment I will send you a New Client form and an estimated date for delivery. The response might not be instant due to time differences (Or the weekend), so bear with me. That email will ask you for some background information and a photo. I do not like to churn out readings. Energetically the readings are quite demanding, therefore I limit myself to 3/4 readings per week, that way I am refreshed for each client and have time for other astrology research and writing. Contact. I do read all the emails I get, but apologise if I do not always reply. Sometimes the volume is too high and I have to deal with clients first.

The readings I provide are as follows, click on the links for more details and payment options.

Mini-Synastry Reading $179 ~ Solar Return Reading $179 ~ Dark Moon Reading $199 ~ Natal Reading $199 ~ Year Ahead Reading $159 – $299 ~ In-depth Synastry Reading $299


Some independent reviews of my readings on Astrology Weekly’s Forum.

“Thanks very much for the Dark Goddess reading.. adds another dimension to astrology… I’ve had many charts cast for me before and to be honest I felt that they only ever scratched the surface! You explain and write everything so well I loved the way you pieced everything together, and without judgment!.  I think you have a great talent for this type of astrology and it’s certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world..Keep up the brilliant work. I’m sure I’ll be back for more!!” Rosa Derriviere Psychic ~ London UK

“Love this, thank you! Loved the new perspective u gave me and had never thought to check out Eclipses on my POF…Those dates ARE resonant…Will be interesting to see what transpires…And I don’t usually do Solar Arcs so fascinating ! You guys are fantastic to deal with, very quick turn around + you are reigning Lilith experts on Gaia” Mystic Medusa ~ Sydney Australia.

“The reading you sent me is mind-blowingly accurate. Thank you so much for taking the trouble and giving me so much to work with. I will be re-reading what you have sent me in the days to come. Reading it the first time was an intense experience.  I really admire your work. I have no doubt you will be helping a lot of people in this lifetime.” Neeti Ray ~ Astrology Expressed, Bangalore India.

Check back through the comments for recent client endorsements. I can give you the email of the client if you want to verify their statement.


  1. Marina is super insightful. I have had a reading done before, but I never had a solar return chart/reading like this one. Marina is unique in that she totally understood who I am and what I feel and what I am going through! She just knew and that amazed me! I am looking forward to seeing all of her predictions come to light because I have felt exactly what she describes on everything she mentions in my reading; she was able to highlight details and make me feel more confident about my life path and what to look for to find success. WOW! The best part is that she helped me discover a lot about myself that was buried deep that sort of blurred my reality; she cleared things up and made me feel that I was on the right path and that it is ok to be different. This reading was very worth it and now I want to purchase all of the readings Marina has to offer. She will definitely be my go-to astrologer/psychic. THANK YOU!

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  2. Marina is a gifted astrologer, with vast amounts of knowledge as well as intuition. She seems sort of like the Carl Jung of astrologers. Will definitely be getting more readings from her in the future.

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  3. The natal chart reading Marina did for me was very insightful, thought-provoking and eerie in its accuracy—in a good way. I really appreciate her focus on the mythological archetypes represented by astral bodies in astrology, and the compassionate and intelligent way she discusses how these archetypes may manifest in her client’s life. I was especially impressed by the way she delved below the surface level of my chart to interpret possible karmic implications of my natal aspects, and what they indicate about latent talents and resources I can tap, and skills I may need to develop. All of this was very interesting and helpful to me.

    I wanted her to give me a chart reading because I’ve had an unusual life, and was wondering if anything in my chart could explain why so many events—some very lucky and others very traumatic—have happened to me. I’ve actually had two other readings by professional astrologers in the past, but their readings weren’t able to answer my question, and I was left disappointed. Marina, however, absolutely nailed it. In her interpretation of my chart she elucidated things I’ve suspected about my myself and my karmic path in this lifetime, but hadn’t been able to verbalize or fully comprehend. Sometimes you know things about yourself, but for whatever reason, you need someone else to mirror the truth back to you before it registers. That’s what Marina did for me. When I listened to her reading for the first time, I felt a powerful and emotional sense of recognition, and kept saying “yes, yes” and nodding my head, because what she was saying was so right on.

    I find working with archetypes to be particularly helpful, because the myths attached to them include warnings about dangers to avoid, and also latent skills and sources of strength to develop. Most people will probably have many archetypes represented by their natal placement, and will be able to learn from all of them. My reading was particularly striking to me because the same archetype kept showing up over and over again, and though it’s not the myth I would’ve chosen for myself consciously, I have seen this story play out in my life constantly, and it definitely does describe the events of my life. And knowing how the archetype won over adversity in the myth gives me ideas about skills I can develop in order to improve my own life. In fact, the times I have used these same skills and strategies in the past, I’ve always been able to bring about a good outcome, so I know from experience that the “advice” is good.

    I should also note that Marina was very thorough in her reading and she noted things in my chart that other astrologers rarely mention. I was very impressed that she looked into the station of my natal placements, and noted when an important planet was retrograde or stationing direct, and explained what that means for me. She also mentioned relevant critical degrees in my natal chart, which I found very interesting and accurate. The astrologers who gave me the other readings didn’t mention any of these things.

    I’ve already listened to her reading three times, and I intend to keep listening to it periodically, for the rest of my life, because I know I will glean new insights from it each time, as the years pass. I have also recommended her highly to all of my friends, and am doing the same in this review. I can’t recommend Marina highly enough. She really is the best!

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  4. My Dear Marina,
    Thank you so much for your reading. It really opened my eyes to the fixed stars that I had less than zero knowledge about, and the Yod which has eluded me for decades. But it finally made sense.

    Btw, I love your new photos, you are very glam slam which I adore and am also connected to that incredible mind of yours and your writing that puts every astrologer out there to shame. Although I do want to read up on that Vivian guy you constantly write about who seems to have a keen knowledge of the stars.

    All my love,
    George Curi

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