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Astrology ReadingsFor first time clients I always recommend the Natal Reading. That way you get a good idea of how I work and also a taster of what’s to come in the next few months. The natal reading is a good foundational reading for the others to build on. Investing in a Year Ahead is recommended if you are at a turning point in your life and need to know the cosmic weather around your circumstances. I also constantly refer to the natal chart and what the planets are triggering and releasing in it, so you will get a mini natal-reading by happenstance. After that, a 6 month top-up is available for updates. I prefer to do Solar Returns after a Natal Reading, but many people order this if the budget is tight and they want an overview of the year ahead.

On receiving your payment I will send you a New Client form and an estimated date for delivery. The response might not be instant due to time differences (Or the weekend), so bear with me. That email will ask you for some background information and a photo. I do not like to churn out readings. Energetically the readings are quite demanding, therefore I limit myself to 3/4 readings per week, that way I am refreshed for each client and have time for other astrology research and writing. Contact. I do read all the emails I get, but apologise if I do not always reply. Sometimes the volume is too high and I have to deal with clients first. There are subscriber rates on selected readings for those signed up to make monthly recurring donations (Can be any amount, though $5 is appreciated). See menu sidebar on the homepage. These subscriber/donators will also have the chance to Win a free mini-natal or question reading! (30 mins) At the pagan feast dates I will put all the names of my monthly recurring subscribers in a hat and let my daughter Stella pick the winner :)

The readings I provide are as follows, links disabled right now as not booking until June 1st.

Mini-Synastry Reading $199 ~ Solar Return Reading $199 ~ Dark Moon Reading  From $199 ~ Natal Reading From $199 ~ Year Ahead Reading From $199 – $299 ~ In-depth Synastry Reading $299


Some independent reviews of my readings on Astrology Weekly’s Forum.

“Thanks very much for the Dark Goddess reading.. adds another dimension to astrology… I’ve had many charts cast for me before and to be honest I felt that they only ever scratched the surface! You explain and write everything so well I loved the way you pieced everything together, and without judgment!.  I think you have a great talent for this type of astrology and it’s certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world..Keep up the brilliant work. I’m sure I’ll be back for more!!” Rosa Derriviere Psychic ~ London UK

“Love this, thank you! Loved the new perspective u gave me and had never thought to check out Eclipses on my POF…Those dates ARE resonant…Will be interesting to see what transpires…And I don’t usually do Solar Arcs so fascinating ! You guys are fantastic to deal with, very quick turn around + you are reigning Lilith experts on Gaia” Mystic Medusa ~ Sydney Australia.

“The reading you sent me is mind-blowingly accurate. Thank you so much for taking the trouble and giving me so much to work with. I will be re-reading what you have sent me in the days to come. Reading it the first time was an intense experience.  I really admire your work. I have no doubt you will be helping a lot of people in this lifetime.” Neeti Ray ~ Astrology Expressed, Bangalore India.

Check back through the comments for recent client endorsements. I can give you the email of the client if you want to verify their statement.


  1. Marina is one of the best astrologers I hav come across.. Her readings r far different from many different astrologers on the Web.. she combines traditional and Morden astrology by proving there importance trough her readings..

    She can translate the planets and stars energy’s in to a simple language and bring us the meaning of our existance and give a clear picture on our purpose and role in this world.. I strongly recommend every one to use her services to have a planned life..

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  2. I have a natal reading from Marina and I have to say that I enjoyed every bit of it. Marina is very intelligent reader and from her reflections it is clear that she knows the craft of astrology very well, also adding her own style that makes the reading unique.
    I felt she was genuinely interested in the chart in front of her. She could talk for days about the chart and every sentence would be useful. I sensed a lot of honesty in her words, her conclusions are mature and wise and she manages to move through diverse layers of the chart, like certain details or seeing the bigger picture.
    But almost one hour long record was so much more than just talking about the aspects among the planets or the stars. You will experience many other useful connections that Marina brings into being based upon your chart.
    You will always have a chance to choose the way she does the reading for you (e.g. depending on your level of astrological knowledge). In my case, Marina has managed to adjust to my criteria and she also answered all my questions.
    I keep returning back to the reading and I find there so much wisdom. And not to forget, Marina has a perfect sense of humor.
    On a scale from 0 to 10 where 10 stands for the best, Marina gets 10 from me.
    So go for it.

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  3. Marina, thank you for the reading. Your reading of my natal chart gave me such a powerful and fascinating point of view for myself and my life story. Many things make more sense through the lenses of your interpretation. What I like most about your reading and writings is that you make a synthesis of an occult knowledge and today’s physchology and sociology, with bold statements of touching taboos, being your signature. I also think that we belong to the same “soul family” as you mention…I recommend the readings to everyone, who is looking for answers and meaning, from a different perspective.

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  4. Marina, thank you for the reading. I think your reading was so deep and caught on to the themes in my life very well – you were also absolutely right about my father. For someone struggling with my issues, it was done with great sensitivity and insight. I have also derived a lot of hope from your shining the light on so many aspects of my personality and giving me an understanding about myself.

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