Pluto conjunct AscendantPluto on the ascendant or within 5 – 10 degrees of an angle brings the god of the underworld’s energies out very strongly in the individual’s lives. The Ascendant/Descendant axis is one of relationship and Pluto rules taboo sex, so this combination is bound to breed love lives that feature anything from; fierce loyalty, deep love, protection, jealousy, secret affairs, possession, obsession, fetishes, bondage, S & M to the very worst abuse, violence, rape and crimes of passion. It rarely manifests as far as the end of that list thankfully. However Pluto’s life and loves are always going have a torturous feel about them, they wouldn’t feel alive if they didn’t. They get a kick of reinventing and regenerating themselves with each affair.  “50 Shades Of Grey” aside, the subject will be fascinated by these kinds of relationships, the psychology of sex itself or the minds of very dark and twisted characters. I have since written this article “Twin Flames or Hell’s Fire” which will sometimes describe the hard aspect experience of these subjects. As someone with Pluto square my own ascendant it is certainly true for me.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant

The subject will embody the raw, dark Pluto energy very physically. Sexuality will be in your face and hard to avoid. They will enjoy flaunting the taboo side of this placement and relish in playing the “Bad girl” or “Bad boy”. The Pluto stare can be unnerving and used as a means to control and dominate. Indeed those dark eyes burn so deep into their targets soul that one can feel quite violated by them. Pluto here can be too intense for some people to handle, so Pluto Ascendant may find that people have a love/hate relationship with them and that they are giving the cold shoulder after a certain amount of time. Of course Pluto is also very adept at deep freeze behaviour itself. Pluto demands so much attention that it can be very draining for anyone close to them. They can get the reputation of being the “Bunny Boiler” since they are the ultimate stalker and can obsess over someone through their tendency to become addicted to the sexual part of the relationship. On the plus side these people are incredibly loyal and would die for those they love. They have the most dramatic and mesmerizing presence of all the planets rising and they are very, very hard to say no to. They do very well in politics and positions of power once they learn to lace their coercive tactics with a bit of charm.

Annise Parker (07’); American politician. One of the first openly gay mayors of a major US city. Isaac Mizrahi (09’); Flamboyant American fashion designer. Kurt Cobain (12’); American musician who suffered drug addiction, depression and eventual death through suspected suicide while under the influence of drugs aged 27. Jin Xing (13’); Trans-gender ballerina and choreographer. Her modern dance is “provocative”. Emperor Nero (18’); Controversial, extravagant and tyrannical ruler know for many murders including his mother and possibly his spouse while pregnant. Also: Richard Branson, Glenn Close, Peter Gabriel, Judy Garland, K. D Lang, Steve Martin, Jon Venables, Nancy Sinatra, Keanu Reeves, Justin Bieber, Bilawal Bhutto.

Pluto Sextile Or Trine Ascendant

I was thinking this aspect maybe a Pluto-lite, but actually no. The intensity of the Pluto is still there, but finds an outlet through artistic expression. This comes from the blossoming Venusian sextile and ripening Jupiter trine energy. Where these Pluto buds are blocked for any reason they can turn toxic and seething, resulting in violent tendencies. Like the conjunction the usual sexual magnetism is there, but the darker, kinky side of their intimate nature is not apparent on the outside and partners are often shocked when these sugar-coated sweeties have a hot and spicy centre. The trine has a great capacity for churning up the treasures from deep within Pluto’s mine and creating great wealth. The subject can easily become a workaholic, pushing it self too far and burning itself out. Because Pluto is so resilient however more often than not they emerge, phoenix-like from the flames, bigger, stronger and more powerful than before. Since Pluto rules the realm of the afterlife these folk can tap into other dimensions giving them the gift of prophetic ability. They are able to access occult (hidden) knowledge, which is why they make great spies and hackers.

pluto trine ascendantSEXTILES: Malcolm Young (01’): Guitarist of heavy metal band AC/DC. Gustav Courbet (07’); French realist painter. “He depicted the harshness in life, and in so doing challenged contemporary academic ideas of art.” [1]. Shania Twain (11’); Canadian mega selling queen of popular country music. Aileen Wuornos (23’); American serial killer who claims to have murdered seven men in self-defence. Abused and raped as a child turned prostitute. Frida Khalo (29’); Mexican painter best known for her surreal and painfully graphic self-portraits and tumultuous relationship with fellow painter Diego Rivera. Also: Wreckless Eric, Silvio Berlusconi, Robbie Williams, Joseph Goebbels, Julie Andrews, Gwen Stefani, Errol Flynn, Harrison Ford.

TRINES: Sir George Wilkins (02’); Australian explorer who pioneered the use of the submarine for polar research. Nostradamus (09’); 16th century French seer and apothecary whose predictions are still discussed today. Arth Michel (09’); Belgian school teacher interested in black magic and astrology who raped, tortured and filmed male and female 12 year old twins and their younger sister with the permission of their parents! Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (24’); First lady of assassinated president JFK who’s bloodstain Chanel suit is so very iconic of Pluto. She went onto marry Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. Dave Gahan (24’); Lead singer of dark electronic band Depeche mode. Dave is a recovering heroin addict and has had four brushes with death earning him the nickname “Cat”. One was a suicide attempt and the other his heart stopped for 2 minutes as a result of a “speed ball “ overdose. Clint Eastwood (27’); The archetypical brooding, strong but silent Plutonian outsider. Also; Rufus Wainwright, Serge Gainsbourg, Robert Redford, Margaret Thatcher, Joan Baez, Ian Richardson, Hayley Mills, Harry Secombe, Bruce Lee, Bob Monkhouse, Bob Geldof, Bettie Paige.

Pluto Square Or Opposite Ascendant

Taboo sex, death, stalkers and spies, yes they are all here as you would expect with the square pushing Pluto’s seething larva to the surface. Pluto is not embodied in the subject like the conjunction. Instead it plays out very strongly in relationships. On the surface this person is nothing like the Pluto archetype, they may even look quite fluffy. It is only when they become sexually involved that their stalking, obsessive, compulsive side becomes apparent, but by then its too late. Their partner is shocked when they wake up and find a great ball and chain clamped to their ankle. When did that happen? It’s not that Pluto in hard aspect to the Ascendant is really that controlling, what has happened is somehow they have seduced their lover into following them so far down into their black velvet labyrinth that they simply cannot find their way out again. In the process they have become so enmeshed with their Pluto partner that severance would seem like a very painful and messy operation. This clamping can work both ways, the subject plays either Pluto or Persephone, for while Pluto squares/opposes the AC it also squares/conjuncts the DC. Sometimes they flip from one to the other in successive relationships, feeling bullied in one marriage only to divorce and go onto and play the tyrant in the next. Taboo sex and fetishes seems to be a strong theme here and they may feel compelled to hide them or live a double life. If their sexual urges are suppressed then they can warp into violence or the rage can turn in on itself and result in mental illness. S & M may be a factor too. Hard aspects to Pluto sometimes feel like you have some massive karmic debt to pay off and that all relationships are “fated”.

SQUARES: George Blake (02’); Former British spy imprisoned for being a Russian double agent. He escaped prison in 1966 and fled to Russia where he still lives. He was Dutch born with a Jewish father and escaped the Nazi’s to live in the UK dressed as a Monk. Survivor! Marina Macario (08’); Astrologer specialising in the Dark Moon, taboo subjects and the new dwarf planets. Tracey Austin (16’); Former Number one Tennis champ turned commentator. Kristy McNichol (25’); American actress, retired after being diagnosed bi-polar. Came out as a lesbian after 20 years of living with her same-sex partner. Greta Scacchi (27’); American actress. John Rechy (30’); American Author. Homosexual subject matter, work has been censored due to its sexual content. Also: Barbara Hutton, Billy Graham, Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, George III of UK, Guillaume Apollinaire, James Degorski, Margueritte Steinheil, Mark David Chapman, Mia Farrow, Steve Winwood, Depp/Paradis Davison, Wallis/Edward VIII Davison.

OPPOSITIONS: Liberace (10’); American pianist and singer. In the 1970’s was the highest paid entertainer in the world. His flamboyant image of excess gold and silver reflecting Pluto’s wealth of treasure. Liberace sued a newspaper for implying he was homosexual and did not admit to it all his life. Liberace had been HIV positive and symptomatic for years before his death but it was never made public. Brenda Frazier (11’); Debutante and “poor little rich girl” who suffered tempestuous relationships, breakdowns, anorexia and bulimia. She felt victimized by the high life and died a hermit. Titanic hits Iceberg (29’); Symbolic of Pluto’s ice reclaiming the huge wealth and pulling it back down into the underworld. Mark Quinn Denton; Rapist and robber who “tried to use his horoscope in defense for “inevitable actions,” His attorney said “It was the law of Karma. He had no control over his behavior.” Also: Andy Gibb, Antonio Banderas, Bill Hicks, Helen Keller, Jane Fonda, Paul Newman, Ronald Reagan, Tammy Wynette, Yehudi Menuhin. 


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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. I have Pluto Opposite AS, pluto in my 7th house jupiter in scorpio 6th house and North node in scorpio what does it indicate with my Leo Sun.

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  2. Don’t remember if I’ve commented this before but have to say, this Pluto square ASC description fits me to a T! I look quite innocent like a kitten with a ball of yarn – could be my Cancer Moon – but the image dissipates sooner or later when my mouth gets away from me; curse my Saggi ASC sometimes! Asteroid Xanthippe conj my Sun/Moon midpoint is very telling also… 😛

    As far as my relationship patterns go, been there, done most of that to varying degrees. I’ve had to accept that with this aspect, Saturn Gem in the 5th and Mars Aqua trine Uranus Libra I’m not be the best relationship material, not even close. Bums out my sunny Leo heart but past relationships with men betraying my trust and loyalty have made me very distrustful, though these subconscious Plutonian control issues must’ve had a hand in it too I suspect. Single gal ’til the end… *sigh* -_-

    P.S. Does anyone know, how or if the yesterday’s Pisces Solar Eclipse would affect a person if it’s in near exact opposition with natal Pluto 8th house and completes a Grand Cross (in mutable signs) with ASC/DC? I’ve been feeling out of sorts since yesterday and just this morning realised this cross thing. Feeling a slight sense of trepidation here :)

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    • How could it not have an effect? Especially with Pluto involved. This was a big deal – a final closing of big doors is the scoop – leaving a spiritual paradigm for a new start – Aries moon today – ready for the new challenge. with the finance houses and the IC involved – could it be issues of security? I can’t imagine you would not see something shifting. Wait for the April Lunar Eclipse for full disclosure and I am thinking that the Mercury shift to Aries on March 30th will bring clarity as well. Leaving the nebulous, spiritual way of knowing behind and getting a plan of action even.

  3. Interesting how certain topics get posted to long past their original publish date. Transit inspired? For the record – I have Pluto in Leo conjunct a Virgo ASC from the 12th with a 7 degree orb. I am sure people would say I can be intense, especially since the ASC ruler is in the 8th H and Pluto’s sign ruler(Sun)is there as well. So – both marriage houses, the 7th (partner) and what was created together (8th) had a very Plutonian vibe and yes, with such an early degree of Pluto, out of sign, I was extremely naive to the underworld aspects of this character and this type of reality. It was heavy, it was “down” in the dark musician’s parlance, which is a language that I learned to speak fluently. It was all too gritty for me and it lasted too long. I was the INNOCENT (Persephone?) needing to have a deeper experience but it nearly destroyed me in the end. The Pisces DESC and the squares to planets on the MC/IC axis played into this as well. Uber’s comment “neptune is the planet of addiction, the planet of being a victim, a saviour… and above all, the planet of “glamour” – note how there is a glamour of suffering!” yes – very descriptive of the Pisces DESC. I add that the glamour wanes first.

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  4. My Ascendant progressed into Scorpio creating conjunction with my Pluto. Does this apply to my progression as well?

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  5. I have to say, I have pluto conjunct asc in scorpio orb 3 degrees and none of the sexual perversion relates to me at all. I’ve seen this over and over and I really want to know why sexual perversion always comes up with this aspect. I feel like mars has to have something to do with it or else the pluto doesn’t get charged with ‘action’. Otherwise I would assume that all that perverse thinking stays within the individual, (1st being self identity and how the world views you) so it’s possible to say that the world would view the individual as a sexual being, when in reality they may not at all be. My mars is 35 degrees away from pluto in 11 libra (ruled by virgo).
    I know that when I was younger I was much more of an intense person and sexually open to exploration but still held back (sun in 12 libra).
    This though: “The Pluto stare can be unnerving and used as a means to control and dominate.” very true. I find that my pluto con. my asc. comes out more in terms of vision (aries, the head, first house, physical body) I can focus on a tiny detail from across the room like a hawk.

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    • Evelyn – it seems one could not be any more of an authority on the subject than Pluto in Scorpio conj ASC ! I find myself with this conjunction from the 12th to be very aware of others sexuality and ANY sexual energy coming toward me. But I could also assign some of that to a loaded 8th H. I just don’t think we can, as you say, piece meal the aspects and say “that’s it” because we have the rest of the chart and our social and cultural conditioning, but I guess we have to start somewhere. Sometimes these interpretations are way off base, somethimes they really hit a chord. Such a gamut of possibilities – and that is the art part of astrology.

    • I will add again that I have a Virgo ASC and a Mars in Cap so that could be tamping things down a bit. In both Placidus and Whole signs the Pluto is in the 12th. I wonder if Pluto might be stronger if conj the ASC actually in the first house and also if having it be in the same sign might reinforce it a bit.

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