The New Moon on 23 June 2017 falls at 2º Cancer Decan 1. Although the Moon is in Cancer, there is also a very strong Mercurial and Gemini influence. This New Moon is bright, witty and fleet-footed, and it generally has a positive vibe thanks to the influence of the good twin Castor. The New Moon aligns with Propus which is in Castor’s foot. The New Moon’s aspect is a conjunction with Mercury and plugs into a learning triangle. Mercury loves to learn so this is an important time for re-wiring and refreshing the brain.

New Moon June Astrology ~ Cancer Decan 1

The Moon is extremely powerful and fortunate here. Those touched by this New Moon will do well in any role where they play parent or carer. Indeed the nurturing energy is so strong at this time that it could feed an army. The great thing about this position is that the Moon will never exceed what it is willing to give. At this time we learn very quickly that we are no good to anyone if we burn themselves out. This also means that there is none of the martyr syndrome resentment vibe that happens sometimes with overly lunar energy. This position is very fertile, it has the feel of that spongy turf that grows around a lake and the water lilies that sit upon it.

We are drawn to healing mud that this June New Moon has in abundance. Moon in Cancer 1 inspires fantastic cooks and serves health therapists, especially those in the realms of nutrition or massage. These are the folk who on the outside, can be quite hard-headed business people. The ambience at this new Moon is gentile and compromising. Those touched by this new Moon will want to treat their loved ones like royalty. It’s a great period to do things that pamper yourself or indulge in home made treats.

New Moon June ~ Fixed Star Propus

Propus (Tejat Prior) is found in the right front foot of the mortal (Or ‘Good’) twin Castor in the constellation of the Gemini. Propus is supposed to be highly fortunate and gives a life of eminence. In Greek the word ‘Propus’ means ‘forward foot’. William Herschel discovered Uranus close to this star. There in fact used to be a constellation called Telescopium Herschilli around this area too. This star probably inherits bright intelligence and ingenuity from the Uranian association while Ptolemy associated stars in the legs of the twins as being very Mercurial too. Eris Morse says that Propus has “The ability to express ideas in reasonable and acceptable ways which win because of their manifest intelligence.”

New Moon June 2017 ~ Aspects

Moon conjunct Mercury is a cheeky one and can play tricks as this is a shape-shifting combo. At best, the combination of logic and intuition gives great common sense. At this New Moon rapid mood swings and whimsical thought processes will prevail. It is both the juggler and magician. Thoughts are things and those touched by this New Moon could conjure themselves up a beautiful domestic arrangement if they can focus on their dreams for long enough. This Mercurial flavoured New Moon gives a great sense of humour, charm and instinctive timing.

New Moon June 2017

The New Moon is part of a stellium where Mars is widely within orb of Mercury. This means the New Moon is in actual fact just about plugged into what the Huber school calls the learning triangle. This aspect pattern for the New Moon is comprised of Mars square Jupiter quincunx Neptune and a trine back to Mars. Mars square Jupiter is a conquistador, but since this New Moon seems quite benign generally, we can expect more verbal jousting rather than violent action. Castor is an optimist and was a horse whisperer, so he has a taming influence. So then after a period of spiritual/religious adjustment (through the quincunx) a resolution is found between Mars trine Neptune which is a Joan of Arc/spiritual warrior aspect.

New Moon June 2017 Summary

New Moon Cancer 2017“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was god” so says the bible (John. 1:1)… which just goes to show the power over peoples minds that scribes (modern day media/medicine men) have. Prescriptions were written by scribes in Egyptian times, and they were literally spells on a scroll which healed people. Such was the power of belief in magic. The most powerful and successful scribes were the ones with the most effective spells, which basically was just good poetry! We all know the healing power of positive words, even from someone who has blind faith in some random deity. Yet, many place the belief in the average doctor in the white coat.

Another type of medicine, the modern media, permeates all aspects of our daily life. Popular culture is just as much a guilt-inducting and fear-mongering doctrine as any fundamentalist religion. Add some rhythm to words and you get a mantra, so beware of innocent looking pop music too. (See Katy Perry’s Video) At this New Moon we can turn things upside down to get a different perspective. Do a headstand and blood floods the brain. We take the opportunity to make sure we are imbibing the positive, uplifting and healing words of Castor and not overloading ourselves with trash and fear-porn from those T.V programzzzzz.

Image: Still from music video ‘Chained To The Rhythm’. Katy Perry. 2017

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  1. Hi Marina,

    I must extend respect, appreciation and thanks for your wise and passionate astrological outlook and all the hard work that goes into It’s one of my essential resources every lunation.

    As one touched by this new moon (Gemini Sun, Moon-Mercury in Cancer, Pr Moon in Gem) it’s easy to feel overloaded full stop from news and entertainment media and nowadays the WWW. It’s good mental hygiene/nutritional practice to have some kind of filter on what we inbibe . I’m familiar with the name Katy Perry through pop culture osmosis but not her recording artist oeuvre so this the only audio-visual output of hers I’ve consciously absorbed. I found the imagery thought provoking and engaging, presenting realities reminiscent of those portrayed in Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of OZ, Stepford Wives and Pleasantville.

    Isn’t there more than one way of ‘breaking the video down for analysis’? Is it impossible for a popular artist to get an illuminating or awakening message through the gatekeepers of the media conglomerates?

    The video shows life as a theme park [] and shows Perry near the end stopping the treadmill.

    Like another comment said ‘so numb and disconnected that they can not see what is out there everywhere – right in front of their eyes’.

    Well perhaps most have their eyes glued too close to the screen(s).
    Those of us that tune into the messages from the planets and stars get to pull the focus back, stepping out to an expanded point of view where we can better interpret that to which many are oblivious.

    • “Is it impossible for a popular artist to get an illuminating or awakening message through the gatekeepers of the media conglomerates?” Good question and one I wonder about all the time. It’s not pleasant to think that that your favorite band was manufactured, that no-one has any artistic control and most of culture is manipulated. I’ve been reading about the Tavistock institute and currently pondering whether all of the Beatles work was Tavistock driven or whether they were hijacked. I do think genuine art shines through and its very hard to manufacture greatness. Psychopaths are not creative so they need to feed off those who are.

  2. Hi I listen to trance music I love music as far as I can remember recently started to look at things lots of things from a much more materialistic side like in the case of K.Perry when they did the benefit concert just one week after the tragedy I personally felt it was rushed some kind of a fallout I suspect because I don’t think the funds really vent toward the medical bills and all funds were distributed properly. As a cancer sun sign probably will have an interesting year looking forward to it thank you marina.


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