Moon Square Uranus

Moon Square Uranus Aspect

Moon Square UranusMoon square Uranus subjects find it extremely hard to put down roots. This may come from an experience of early childhood trauma, or premature expulsion from the warm and comforting womb literally or metaphorically. The most obvious interpretation of this aspect is abandonment from the mother, so that the infant never feels it can count on being supported or comforted. Therefore these subjects develop a feirce independence from an early age. Into adult hood this can turn onto an inordinate need for freedom in relationships, what “normal” people call affection they experience as cloying or smothering. Alternatively they may very well have close loving relationships, but have a job which involves long hours away from home or much travel therefore giving them the space they need.

Moon square Uranus loves to shock, they may spend all their life rebelling against their mother or their mother country, rejecting their own culture by marrying someone of another race or moving to a country where they become the “alien”. Moon square Uranus needs constant change and is often nervy and electric, these bright sparks are exciting and generate a sizzling aura that is constantly on the verge of discovering something novel and unique. Innovation is their middle name, but their volatility can drive their nearest and dearest crazy. Their far-out ideas are often misunderstood and sometime this goes as far as them being branded with having a mental illness. Mostly however they are just simply way ahead of their time

Moon Square Uranus Celebrities

Osho (17’) is a great example of the visionary side of this aspect. The Lunar-Uranian intuitive flashes provided great insights for him. This gave Osho the ability to successfully blend theories of sexual liberation and mysticism together which appealed to a western audience. He was known for merging eastern Sufi teaching with western ideas influenced by Reich, Gurdijeff, Freud and D.H Lawrence. Osho’s childhood was unusually liberated, he was separated from his mother as an infant and lived with his grandparents who gave him great freedom. Until the age of seven he received no formal education. He became a rebellious, but gifted student when he did attend. During his university years Osho was said to be too disruptive and as a teacher considered a danger to his pupils morality. Osho’s Uranian Moon providing alternative living arrangements for those free spirits attracted to life in his Indian based ashram. But he was eventually relocated to the United States due to his provocative lectures about sexuality and the permissive ambience of his ashram. Osho seemed to forever spark controversy eg; His collection of Rolls Royces being at odds with his “enlightenment”. Moon square Uranus struck again when he was deported from the United States due to his followers conducting a very unenlightened bio terror attack on the citizens of the Dalles (In Oregon). Twenty countries denied Osho entry thereafter; he lived all over world until his death in 1990. In the 21st century his work has finally found its time, and his books gaining more popularity than when he was alive.

Other Moon square Uranus celebrities include Harry Secombe (04’), David Beckham (07’), Jack Pierson (10’), Barbara Windsor (13’), Kathy Bates (20’), Mark Knofler, Gregory Peck, Ryan O’Neal, O.J Simpson, Oscar Wilde, Christopher Lee, Keith Richards, Carl Jung, Wassily Kandinsky.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Ohhh yes, what I do have is sun(leo)/uranus(scorpio) square! yep… crazy life.

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  2. What a bevy of interesting comments on this aspect! I was also born with a moon (cancer) in square to Uranus (libra). What is even more strange is that my parents have a number of Libra placements, and for years we have had squabbles regarding home issues. My moon is also ‘out of bounds’ in Cancer. I’m not quite sure what this entails, being in cancer.

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  3. I am so over moon square uranus. My 9yr old daughter has this aspect. She also has a mars/pluto conjunction and sun/neptune and has high functioning autism. I cop a lot of crap from this aspect, not fair when I have the sextile myself :)

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    • AH Ha! You just triggered an insight -Thank you.

  4. Hey if nothing else we’re not boring! My partner has introduced me to astrology over the last few years and while I started off VERY skeptical I’ve had to come to admit it is BRUTALLY correct.

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  5. I have an exact square between Sag Moon (conjunct Asc)and Uranus in Virgo. Rebellious, crazy, freedom, independence & an astrologer…sums me up. Lots of house moves(even lived in a caravan while travelling the country for a while), long term marriage to truckie that ended in divorce once he was in the home full time. 3 kids to 3 dads back in a time when that was shocking. Fought the system countless times over domestic issues. Raised independent, free thinking kids who each have a very humanitarian outlook. Hair trigger temper when younger. Always (and still do) stood up against bullies to women & the vulnerable…even when my physical & mental safety was abused or threatened. We all deserve emotional freedom & safety.

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