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Moon Opposite Saturn


Moon opposite SaturnMoon Opposite Saturn is serious about getting ahead and the mother may have instilled this driving ambition in the child at a very young age. The mother will have had very high standards (and maybe been a tad too critical) so that the child is continually striving to better itself. Those who don’t know the subject well may accuse them of being stuck-up or a snob, though usually Moon opposite Saturn doesn’t actually take them self that seriously. They do have a need to be respected and admired however.  The Moon rules habits while Saturn is structure and organisation, therefore these subjects have great endurance and self-discipline.

Moon opposite Saturn’s tastes are classic and they have great elegance and poise. Family is very important to them and they will work their hardest while sacrificing selfish desires. Responsibilities and duty are taken earnestly, but they may also care a little too much about their status. Any young dissenters are given an abrupt clip around the ear if their antics should degrade the family’s reputation. But Moon opposite Saturn will defend their home and family vehemently. All this strict behaviour does not mean that Moon opposite Saturn is a square and a stick in the mud. Far from it! They often have a great dry sense of humour and an acerbic wit. Even when they are scolding you they will have a twinkle in their eye.

Moon Opposite Saturn Celebrities

Bruce Lee is a good example of the focused self-discipline inherent in this aspect, he also shows the ambition that excels in so many areas. Lee was an actor, film director and producer, screenwriter and philosopher as well as a martial arts instructor. His father was a famous Cantonese Opera and film actor while his mother carried the Saturn status of coming from one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Hong Kong. Lee was raised therefore within a very privileged background, but the neighbourhood he grow up in was very crowded so he did get involved in local gang street fights. This was when his family decided he should be trained in the martial arts. Lee once got mad at a challenger who broke into his home (Moon) “He [Bruce] says ‘he gets the idea, this guy, to come and invade my home, my own private home, invade it and challenge me.’ He said he got so mad that he gave the hardest kick he ever gave anyone in his life.” [1]

Nancy Mitford (07’), Mary Cassatt (17’), Derek Jacobi (19’), Heinrich Caro (22’), Angel Resendiz (28’), Jack Nicholson (29’), Irene Cara, Bruce Lee, Yehudi Menuhin, George Michael, Holly Johnson, Robert Redford, Pebbles Santiago, Frances Newton, Lauren Bacall, Eddie Fisher, Pattie Boyd.

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1.Bruce Lee: Curse of the Dragon, 1993 Warner Bros. Tom Kuhn Fred Weintraub