Mars Opposition Jupiter

JUNE 25: Mars square or opposite Jupiter is the best combination for a military commander, for it is daring, courageous, pioneering and busting with red-hot, sexual energy. These folk are extremely physical beings and usually quite fit because they find it impossible to keep still for very long. Jupiter can be pretty greedy however, so some of them might end up quite beefy, but always over a muscular frame, and very robust, like good sturdy oxen. Mars/Jupiter combinations have a well-earned reputation for business and military success, mainly because they are so darned pushy and competitive.

Mars Opposite Jupiter ~ Feb 27 2017, May 5 2019
Mars Square Jupiter ~ June 25 2017, Nov 20 2018

These Go Getters find it very hard to take no for an answer in all areas of their life, but especially when it comes to sex. Mars square or opposite Jupiter adores the chase, the more their beloved plays hard-to-get, the more turned-on they become. They are so relentless in their pursuit, that often their would-be lover just gives in through to shear exhaustion, plus Mars/Jupiter are pretty irresistible once they turn on their dashing hero or heroine act.

Mars square or opposite Jupiter can whisk you off your feet quite easily even as you are cursing yourself for letting them do so. These folk are winners, pure and simple, the square just makes them more determined! So they infuriate most people and get themselves into hot water often, but as supreme survivors they tend not to get too burnt. Irrepressible, sometimes vulgar and very saucy, their life can be one romp after another.

Bawdy Conquistadors

van-goghMuch of Mars/Jupiter’s young adulthood resembles a bawdy farce where everyone ran around half-dressed with pie on their face. And these folk do spend quite a lot of time wiping off pie… from betrayed spouses, defeated rivals or just from rollicking around with their many grandchildren.

Mars square or opposite Jupiter have great gusto and can come across as being a bit too enthusiastic sometimes, but they are fantastic sales people. They get so wrapped up in their passions that they are oblivious to the reactions of those around them.

Mars square or opposite Jupiter often wrongly assume that their peers or partner feel just as exuberant as they do. This leads to accusations tactlessness and insensitivity when others might be experiencing sadness or depression. Mars/Jupiter’s approach to gloom would be to slap you hard on the back, and in a voice like that of Brian Blessed, bellow “Come oooon, snap out of it, life’s too short!”

These feisty individuals are certainly not ones to cry over split milk. These are societies conquistadors and conquering machines, constantly on a quest to make expand, learn, better themselves and grow. Life is one big adventure for Mars square Jupiter even if the square produces some accidents along the way. The protection from Jupiter will still serve them well, except they will probably have quite a few battle scars to show for their trophies.



    • I don’t think they meant to imply that anyone with these aspects would automatically be in the army or enjoy it. There is likely an increased tendency to be in such careers, or at least in government or a career that involved competition in some way. You obviously have to look at the entire chart. I have Mars in Aries in the 10th square Jupiter and I have never been in the armed forces but I am competitive, have worked for the government, and also just generally have the common restlessness with high energy followed by periods of exhaustion. We can sometimes waste opportunities or take unnecessary gambles. As the article shows, there is a lot more to it than just the army. I am not sure why that is the only thing you are getting out of this.

    • I would even argue that this kind of aspect can be bad in military because you may buck authority and hate being told what to do (but could maybe deal with leading in military). It depends a lot on the chart as a whole.

      And, personally, I never relate to the high sex stuff that is said of this aspect or also my Mars/Venus in Aries, but again, the whole chart must be looked at. I have just about everything touching Neptune in my chart, which makes physical closeness less appealing than my lofty ideals. I live in a dream world.


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