libra decan 3Libra Decan 3 is ruled by Jupiter. The Sun permeates through the constellations of the Virgin, the Herdsman, the Flying Fish, the Great Ship, the Centaur and the Watersnake from October 14 to 22. There is a big feeling of transition here while we sail into the unknown. At the same time, as we dip our feet into the occult there is great potential for illumination.

It does seem like these subjects need to go through a period of initiation, an endurance test that involves some suffering. Libra decan 3 may have to go through some tough times where they have to prove themselves. They may be harshly judged because their ideas or behaviour is controversial in some way. These folk may be exiled and painted out to be the bad guys even though they see themselves as whiter than white. Anti-heros, fallen souls and the victims of society will fascinate them. Libra decan 3 cannot help but pick up the collective mirror and reflect back to the world it’s shadow self.

Brilliant White Intellect & Shadow Workers

Jupiter ruling this decan gives them the zeal to make the planet a better place. Libra decan 3 have a great need to purify the earth, be it intellectual or physical cleansing. The dark side of this can be seen through Hitler’s eugenics programme. Others may do this through spirituality, but they should try to be careful not to overly demonise anything too dark or shadowy with their emphasis on brilliance. For in their efforts to bring harmony they can unwittingly end up creating the very opposite effect, polarity and division.

Libra decan 3 may be a bit of an intellectual snob. They cannot abide stupidity and seek to enlighten by knowledge. Jupiter ruling here will stress the importance of higher learning so they make great teachers. Super shiny star Spica here, floods this decan with natural talent. However sometimes these subjects might be a little too reliant on their gifts and need other dynamic aspects in their chart to goad them into action. So strangely, Libra decan 3 are sometimes much better at motivating others than themselves. This person can work very well in a team, with a more forceful Marsy partner pushing forward the agenda. The first half of the decan is definitely more Venusian while as we work towards Mars ruled Scorpio the more reckless, passionate side of the Herdsman takes over. When the Libran scales get the balance of the two in perfect harmony this gives these folk great success. How can one fail with Spica’s genius and talent blended with cocksure Arcturus’s great good luck?


Libra 20º 37 ~ Alpha Volans in Volans the Flying Fish. 4.1*
Libra 21º 52’~ Heze in the girdle of Virgo the Virgin. 3.4
Libra 22º 09’~ Foramen in the keel of Argo Navis the Great Ship. 1.9
Libra 23º 50’~ Spica in the ear of wheat held by Virgo the Virgin. 0.9
Libra 24º 14’~ Arcturus in the left knee of Bootes the Herdsman. 0.04
Libra 24º 15’~ Nekkar near the left ear of Bootes the Herdsman. 3.6
Libra 27º 01’~ Gamma Hydra in Hydra the Watersnake. 3.3
Libra 27º 29’~ Delta Centaurus in Centaurus the Centaur. 2.8
Libra 28º 06’~ Izar in the loins of Bootes the Herdsman. 2.7

*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

We start with the Alpha Volans in Volans, “fish flying, evokes the idea of a thing in a foreign environment; “a fish out of water” is a metaphor for something being out of its element; a stranger, exile, foreign.” As I said already that these people can be seen as the bad guys and exiled. Volan’s derivative, “volatile” means to be fickle with rapid mood swings. Here it may well be swinging from black to white. Sinner or saint.

The star Foramen “Of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It causes peril, dignity, piety, usefulness and acquisitiveness, and gives danger to the eyes.” Foramen used to one of the most noted objects in the heavens since it was the 2nd brightest star in the sky. It has dimmed since then, but is still significantly bright. This star, situated in the keel of the great ship has been associated with Eridu, the Lord of the Waves, the mysterious human fish god. This star lies at the heart of the keyhole Nebula, so it is surrounded by an enchanting glowy dust cloud. Again we see the process of transformation from fish to man.

Spica is the famous star in the wheat sheaf held by Virgo “It gives success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness and injustice to innocence.” Many elected charts for businesses or marriage will aim to have Spica rising for it gives “Unbounded good fortune, happiness, ecclesiastical preferment, unexpected honor or advancement beyond native’s hopes or capacity.” Spica also “in early astrology was, like all of Virgo, a sign of unfruitfulness and a portent of injustice to innocence; but later on, of eminence, renown, and riches.” This paradox of a fertility symbol such as the sprig of wheat being associated with a barren Virgo used to bother me. But now I think it makes sense if you think that once we reap Virgo’s harvest the earth is left empty and barren. We do not plant further. I think Spica’s fortune comes from good timing. Successful people know how to align with cycles, when to sow and when to reap, when to buy and when to sell.

Manilus says of Virgo as a whole “will direct to study, and she will train their minds in the learned arts. She will give not so much abundance of wealth as the impulse to investigate the causes and effects of things. On them she will confer a tongue which charms, the mastery of words, and that mental vision which can discern all things” [1]. Brilliance and talent seem to be the fruit of the wheat shaft of Virgo. I do see Spica as signifying the Ceres/Demeter archetype. “spicifera est Virgo Cereris” — “The Virgin with her sheaf belongs to Ceres”. However there is a blurring between tropical and sidereal Virgo now as I have already covered Persephone in the three Virgo decans.

What we have here in Libra decan 3 is more like Eris. This is Persephone, post-underworld. She has more of the qualities of Lilith. Our Libran Eris has been through Virgoan Ceres’ “portent of injustice to innocence” and is now crowned with “eminence.” In Virgo we have Babylonian Inanna and now in Libra, over the threshold of the equinox, we get her darker sister Ereshkigal. Spica can signify one who has taken the bite of the apple. The person now has wisdom that comes from life experience. Spica blends this with a rigorous intellect that will also crave higher learning.

Libra decan 3Arcturus “It gives riches, honors, high renown, self-determination and prosperity by navigation and voyages.”  The Ebertins say it “has a Jupiter-Mars nature, and a reputation of achieving “justice through power”. It therefore makes the native belligerent and quarrelsome, especially if attached to Mars and Jupiter by conjunction. A really go-ahead and enterprising spirit is here the rule… Lasting success is promised if further good aspects are present. ” [3]. Robson also says Arcturus rising gives “Good fortune, with many cares and anxieties through own folly.”

This star has much more of an edge than Spica, but as they are so close, the influences can be blurred somewhat. Arcturus seems to give more of a Mars/Jupiter mix making one brave, impetuous and enthusiastic.  Arcturus is the prime star of the herdsman and burns a golden red. He is said to be Icarius the father of Erigone (Virgo). Other stars in Bootes are the golden yellow star Nekkar. The Chinese knew it as Chaou Yaou meaning “beckon and excite” The pale orange and green Izar is stunning through the telescope, is found in the the herdsman’s sexy loins and was at one time known as Pulcherrima, the beautiful one. In Arabic it was known as “the belt of the shouter”. So you can definitely see a divide once you pass 24º Libra.

We have one lonely star Gamma Hydra in the watersnake. Robson says the constellation Hydra “is said to give an emotional and passionate nature, threatened by great troubles, and to cause some interest in shipping.” Lastly we have Delta Centaurus in the Centaur. This is not the same as the archer of Sagittarius. This is actually Chiron in the heavens and is positioned above the crucifix and making a sacrifice of Lupus the wolf that follows in Scorpio. “This half-human and half-animal composition has led many writers to treat them as liminal beings, caught between the two natures, embodied in contrasted myths, and as the embodiment of untamed nature..” [4] This fits well with Libra’s position between seasons. By Libra decan 3 we are on our way to the bestial sign of Scorpio and the pagan festival of Samhain (Haloween) on the 31 October. Chiron of course was also a great teacher and mentor, but who also taught us how to harness and control our wild side.


Sun: Nicholas Culpepper, Oscar Wilde, Timothy Leary, Zac Efron, Carrie Fisher, Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Berry, Derek Jacobi, Montgomery Clift, Divine, Edwina Currie, Evel Knievel, Johnny Carson, Lee Harvey Oswald, Marie Stopes, Martina Navratilova, Sarah Ferguson, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Noel Coward/Wilson Davison.

Moon: Marie Antoinette, Henry Kissinger, Sylvester Stallone, Joseph Mankiewicz, Jude law, Justin Bieber, Nicolas Cage, Salvatore Guiliano, Amy Fisher, Bruce Springsteen, Andrea Dworkin, Diana Mitford, Edouard Manet, H.P Lovecraft, Robert Thompson, Aileen Wuornos, O’Neal/Fawcett Davison.

Ascendant: Jimmy Carter, Charles De Gaulle, Adolf Hitler, David Icke, Louis Pasteur, George Harrison, Jose Maria Carreras, Carole King, Frank Sinatra, Crystal Gayle, Maria Von Trap, Courtney Love, Chrissie Hynde, Quincy Jones, Charlotte Church, Cary Grant, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Wreckless Eric, Uri Gellar, T.S. Elliot, Rory Bremner, Peter Cook, Noel Coward, Kenny Everett, Jennifer Aniston, Robert Thompson, John Venables, John Merrick, Princess Anne, Jimmy Connors, Gordon Jackson, Madonna/Penn Davison.

1 & 2. Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, p 117, p.237 & 239. 
3. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.63. 


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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. seems like dec2&3 have exaggeration of feature, my dec.2 brother-in-law delights in large, nose, receding chin, disproportionately small head, that went bald almost immediately, all this is carried on a 6’2″ frame of perfect proportion, the incongruity is often hidden under a hat, my friend of 3 interns is 6’5″, big nose, receding chin, narrow shoulders.
    Also they both carry a cross, all the women, starting w/ their mothers, mistreated, neglected, wives who threw them out or otherwise periodically abandon, tales of woe to shift the burden so now you walk around with their cross, until you say, I’m not going to put up with your designs on my stuff, (Bro-in-law), or the interns gay or not, they go or…
    But another person enters mind, a sympathetic character, girl I know from HS, she grew to be tall, from a tiny thinness, wide bony shoulders like her mom who was a model. Her mom was illiterate, this girl was brilliant, so there it is again, the cross, I remember her eyes resting on mine when I found out. but a bigger tragedy followed and every single person wanted to bare her burden but she rejected all help, except one close friend to everyone else she turned to stone, I remember her negotiating the rings in gym, she did it of course she was the fastest runner….of all the people she loved the brother she loved the most killed himself. they were only a year apart… last I heard she’d married 7 times

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  2. I was born in this decan. Without speaking from an astrological view, for the sake of complete objectivity (always the Libran) I must say I am a master of change, transformation and manifestation. When I decide, it isn’t that I have chosen subjectively, it is that I have looked very hard for truth, where can be found the only choice. That is how actual Justices work. They weigh up facts and laws, not opinions. We are always the judges, with our scales. This decan may be marked by difficulties. But these are called trials for a reason. They are all fortuitous, rife with opportunity and worthwhile, leading to decisions. And yes, we Librans do make them; that is what all the weighing is for. When we seem indecisive, it is because we are pretty sure, from the bench, that what we are finding is not what you want to hear at the time. So we withhold comment until the trial is over, and we will announce the decision, based on truth, no matter who does not want to hear it. When it comes to act on our decisions, our creative abilities come to bear, and we can create not only works but ourselves, and even be shapeshifters. A cat one day marauding through the jungle, and tomorrow, eagles flying. That is why our sign is the only one which is not an animal. Our stone is the opal which changes color. It is not our minds that change. It is that our creativity blossoms. If any animal, we are ravens, who in Native American tradition can change to any form – we can be any of the signs. All our weighing up is about learning the formula for the alchemical process. Measuring the correct amounts of mercury, sulphur and salt. We work with material, we transform things and ourselves, but under Venus: we are creative, not materialistic. It is not with any irony whatsoever that Timothy Leary was a 3rd decan Libra.

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    • Me like thou insights very much

    • does anyone else here born in late 50’s or 58 like me have pluto opp mars and sextile this decan with Jupiter, Neptune, north node and spica and arcturus on Ascendant and first house ? Child abuse pre verbal – a Special Dispensation from G-d was sent to help me thrive and it has always been my blessing in a sea of torturous family until now I cut em out for good years ago when they didn’t make any relationship with my only son – they’re only nephew and grandson -the good ones died young – and I only want to bless – and have good impact – learn and teach – travel and publish writings – study – watch he ocean be alone and with dogs= love my life – wish more ppl would love theirs and learn to love their neuroses knowing we all came to re member who and what we are here for and how that means we just be true to our self and know the self – find out – but ppl are lazy and weak and the gang mentality is what I want no more of – culture is disgusting ironic joke of a word now – and i’m hoping the kids all over the world sit ddown at their whitehouse and shut business as usual down by elementary middle and HS kids all organizing to do sit ins all over the world demanding severe change – no more public terms of office for congress or senate or any public servant job – 2 yr term and min wage – pay potus nothing but let him live free and make him do 2 yr ONLY – all americans should have a chance to be a gov’t drone and earn the first day health bene’s and perks but never make more than min wage

      no more ridiculous 6 figure paychecks while they close our gov’t ddown HELLLLOOOOOOOOOO
      and I could and will start peaceful organizing of youth and those of all ages of ‘youth’ ;p

    • I was born 10.19.1954. I have been a victim of pre verbal abuse. I am intuitive, compassionate, fair and altruistic. The abuse has turned out to be the greatest gift…

    • The suffering is terrible. I can’t imagine what’s it be like to walk about defeated enough to think that it’s anything more than a burden put upon us.

  3. Hey, I just discovered your site is it possible that a person born in decan 3 of Libra go into modelling and further into acting?

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