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Cancer Decan 1 ~ June 21 to 30


Cancer decan 1Cancer decan 1 is ruled by Venus and the Moon (Cancer triplicity). The Sun gracefully pirouettes through the constellations of the Little Bear, the Twins, the Unicorn, the Dove and the Greater Dog between June 21 – July 1. Alhena in Gemini has the greatest influence on this decan, followed by the “Announcer star” Mirzam in Canis Major. This stars is said to be common in the charts of broadcasters, and there is definitely a media influence here. These people are extremely opinionated and have to have their say. It’s impossible to put a muzzle on them. Try to gag them and watch out for a rabid fit. Disagree with them if you want to see them roll the whites of their eyes. These pupils flash “Don’t you dare” and your own mouth involuntarily clamps shut.

This is how Cancer decan 1 wins arguments. The Cancerian traits such as loyalty to the family, tenaciousness and grasping are made even stronger by the overlay of the Canis Majors loyal, devoted and faithful nature. The hunting dog can be ruthless and violent in their pursuit of their target, but amusingly whimper like babies when their master clicks their finger. And so it is with these subjects. To the outside world, their friends and colleagues they appear wild, untameable, free-spirited jokers. They come across as uncompromising activists, brave, fearless and sometimes barking-mad. Cancer decan 1 make formidable, outspoken fighters for the underdog and are relentless chasers of the truth. We mustnt forget the magical Unicorn which is sound here too. Cancer decan 1 show a fascination with magic and the moonlit sky at night. The stars of the Unicorn are not very bright and it’s very hard to make this illusive constellation out from the Milky Way in which it is tantalisingly swathed. Just when you think you know the people of the crab, they turn into something else, this gives them a fascinating, elusive quality.

Persuading Pirouettes & Rabid Loyalty

All the above attributes combine to make excellent journalists and paparazzi. Their camera lenses work like snipers on their celebrity victims. Reporters amongst them will mercilessly pursue a story to the bitter end. In business and commerce the same applies. Owners of the crab’s claw, it is very hard to get them to drop anything once they sink their teeth into a project…or person!. The obvious sibling rivalry from Gemini is high here, but they can feel competitive amongst their peer group. There is often an intense love/hate relationship with partners, in business or pleasure. They love the inspiring competition and often greatly admire their rival. The intense feeling stirred in this great, enmeshed tug of war mirrors Cancer decan 1’s own internal battle with their shadow.

These folks make constant declarations that they don’t need anyone and are as tough as their Cancerean armour. Take a look inside their front door however and you will see a very different crustacean. In the home the hard shell dissolves and out comes the apron. Here you will see a mushy, maternal, loving and very domestic god or goddess. They are baking cakes, patiently wiping goo off faces and even more shockingly, taking orders! This is where Cancer devotion comes into it’s own. Only their very, very closest family members will get this sort of treatment. Try to enforce this without earning it and your pleasant Castor twin will swivel its head around to Pollux’s evil face, start foaming its mouth and looking like Regan from the Exorcist…

Cancer Decan 1 ~ Fixed Stars

Cancer 1º 12’ ~ Yildun in the tail of Ursa Minor the Little Bear 4.4 *
Cancer 3º 26’ ~ Propus in the right foot of Castor in Gemini 3.3
Cancer 4º 15’ ~ Gamma Monoceros in Monoceros the Unicorn 4.0
Cancer 5º 18’ ~ Tejat Posterior on the right heel of Castor in Gemini 3.2
Cancer 7º 11’ ~ Mirzam in the front left paw of Canis Major the Greater Dog 2.0
Cancer 7º 23’ ~ Furud in the left hind paw of Canis Major the Greater Dog 3.1
Cancer 8º 17’ ~ Beta Monoceros in Monoceros the Unicorn 4.7
Cancer 8º 26’ ~ Delta Columba in Colomba the Dove 3.9
Cancer 9º 06’ ~ Alhena in the left foot of Pollux in Gemini 1.0
Cancer 9º 56’ ~ Mebsuta in the right knee of Castor in Gemini 3.2
 *Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

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  1. back at Cancer.. everytime l read this decans l must laugh, it’s so funny and spot on: ‘This is why Cancer decan 1 can seem a little schizophrenic. On the one had they are loving, soft n’ gooey, fluffy bunnies and the next they are raging werewolves.’ GREAT! so true!