Aquarius Decan 1

Aquarius Decan 1 is ruled by Venus and Saturn. The fixed stars are a focused, bold, aspirational, metaphysical and quirky bunch that reside in the Arrow, the Eagle, the Goat, the Microscope and the Toucan. The sun aligns with these stars approximately from January 20 – 29. The first star in this decan is Sagitta the arrow, said to be the weapon that slew the eagle Aquila. This same eagle ate from the liver of Prometheus and Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius! However Uranus’s astrological meaning has far more in common with the myth of Prometheus than it has to the Uranus myth. Prometheus was the hero known for stealing fire from the gods, which in turn enabled civilisation to occur.

Aquarius Decan 1Prometheus’s great hubris was punished however when the gods tied Prometheus to a rock. Each day Aquila, Zeus’s eagle would peck away at his liver, which grew back infinitum to be eaten away all over again. This myth is reflected by the fact Decan 1 Aquarians do become consumed by an idea and they have an insatiable appetite for acquiring wisdom. The rock in the myth symbolises the connection to Aquarius’s traditional ruler Saturn. Decan 1 Aquarius seems to represent the quest for scientific knowledge and advancement, but also can over-reach itself.

Aquila the Eagle is the largest star in this decan and Sagitta slew it, therefore Aquarians are prone to shoot themselves in the foot on occasion. Aquarius decan 1 can be the lone genius whose best intentions to improve the conditions of humanity can sometimes result in ruin. Frankenstein is a good example. Aquarians can be great humanitarians, but are often accused of lacking compassion. This is because of their tendency to keep such a distance from those they are trying to “upgrade”. Tying the promethean Aquarians to a rock is probably the only way to keep these space cadets on planet earth and in touch with reality. Decan 1 Aquarians will often find their “rocks” in relationships, but they will often blame their partners for tying them down.

Mad Professors & Visionary Upgraders

Decan 1 Aquarians are visionaries and are forever chasing new horizons. As they hover above the clouds, their mind is free to catch an innovative idea from the ether. Capricorn’s horns work like antennae, picking up insights brewing in the collective consciousness. This is a futuristic decan at the cutting edge of change. The goat and the Eagle here have foresight and can also see far into the distance. The goats influence on tropical Aquarius here is pure ambition and great focus, however it can be so intent on pursing its goals it can suffer from tunnel vision. Aquarian decan 1 can find it quite difficult to live in the here and now. The microscope here is interesting because this is more about focusing on one issue very intently. This time, the “distance” is created by the machine, the process places a barrier between the observer and its subject. This demonstrates the famous Aquarian detachment, hiding behind a lens. It also adds to the nutty-professor feel to this decan.

Sagitta as the arrow, is a weapon that is fired from a distance and the eagle too observes from a great height, swooping down onto its prey only at the very last minute. Aquarius decan 1 are quick to swoop down onto a novel idea too, their fast processing mind can rustle up an article or prototype at a moments notice. These boffins respond well to tight deadlines and working under pressure. Aquarius decan 1 can too often shut themselves away in their ivory towers. There they can create great utopias but often fail to conduct research at ground level. This disconnection with the earth can get them into trouble in relationships because they can fall in love far too quickly, jumping in at the deep end while ignoring practical considerations. They then suffer terribly when their big dreams are shattered. On the positive side, Altair is brave, bold and daring precisely because their high perspective does not allow them to get bogged down or distracted by irrelevant, domestic drudgery.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Alpha Microscopium in the Microscope
    The best description of me really ha ha

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  2. I still wonder in awe why in the world would I have to be born with my Sun and Moon on this Decanate… it feels like a burden sometimes. It is crazy. LOL

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  3. Mad professor? Oh yes! I have an Aquarius decan 2 ascendant, and it influences everything in my world. Nice to see that my hero Carl Jung had the same! Thanks so much for the awesome information, Marina!

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  4. I have Saturn on Prima Giedi and my Moon is at 7 07′ Aquarius. The last part to describe Saturn on Prima Giedi is pretty accurate:
    “Genius but kept down by circumstances, peculiar and occult early environment, birth amidst strange conditions while mother is travelling, many narrow escapes, associated with the stage, rarely marries. [Robson*, p.168.]”

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