Mind-Parasites, Archons & Sorcery

Hi there, welcome to another week of meta-historical revelations. I wrote this originally in January 2015, when I started getting into the question of hyper-dimensional realities. Here we are in Aquarius decan 1. the decan of Mad Professors & Visionary Upgraders. For myself I can only say that this Mercury shadow period, (which is igniting my Aquarian stellium and Altair Sun) is pretty mind-blowing. Thanks to the interactivity of the internet, I have been led to various youtube interviews which have filled in the missing pieces between subject matter that has always fascinated me. One of the leads was to John Lamb Lash, a meta-historical researcher and mythologist whose work centers around the Goddess Gaia-Sophia myth, which to me has a lot of similarities to the biblical Lilith myth also. Apparently John Lash is also a sidereal astrologer, though I haven’t got that far into his work yet. Which takes me to the next point. I have also been feeling uncomfortable with using the Lunar mansions with the tropical zodiac so I have decided to use the sidereal zodiac positions for them.

 Weekly horoscope“The Mansions of The Moon by Christopher Warnock.” gives both the tropical and sidereal positions for the Lunar mansions. Explaining why he uses the tropical system and referring to the traditional astrologers of the past he says;

“ These astrologers saw the Cosmos as one great unified being. They considered the cosmos to be composed, like man, of body, soul and divine spirit. All three levels were interconnected and interpenetrating. Each material thing on earth was ruled by one or more of the stars and planets, which embodied the reflection of the divine ideas or archetypes of the celestial world. Both the Zodiac and the Mansions reflect and reveal this fundamental divine order and harmony. As we move from the archetypal, to the celestial, to the material worlds, things become progressively less perfect. Thus the constellational mansions, being closer to the material, were actually considered a less accurate reflection than the tropical mansions of the archetypical order and the true ideal essence of the mansions” [2]

Mmmmm. The first part of the quote I don’t have a problem with. I myself use the tropical zodiac framework and find it very useful in helping us cope with the various archetypes working through us in our natal chart and then as the archetypal energies test us by transit. But what is an archetype? An Archangel or an Arch-on perhaps? The etymology is interesting to say the least. I’m beginning to think an archetype is something the collective subconsciously agrees on. So that thoughts become things and these things, or archetypes, (or archons) float around in the ether like viruses. They even say things go viral on the internet don’t they? A mind-parasite could simply be a meme. If we all believe in it then it lives.

Fate V Free Will

It is important that we realise that astrology is not 100% fated, we have freewill and we Astrologers and those who use it as a guide would be naïve if we thought the mind parasites/archons/illuminati have not high jacked Astrology just like they have every other belief system. The New Age movement is rife with archangel/archon infection and I refer you to a weekly post from December 2013 where I was questioning the “whole aliens are the new religion” thing. I think John Lash’s explanation of such 21st century phenomena such as psychopaths, mind-control, indigo kids, ascension, light-workers etc etc.. is the one that most resonates with me. I cannot stand any new-age belief system that divides us into thinking some of us are special ones descended from superior alien races come to rescue “fallen” mother earth. How f***ing arrogant is that?! As Gemini rising I do like to turn everything on its head and play with the etymology of words. Matter, Mater, Mother is NOT a thing that becomes “progressively less perfect” as it turns into matter. And although I like a lot of Laura Eisenhower’s work I really object to the term “meat suits” as she sometimes describes us.

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  • January 27, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    I would like to comment on your statement, “I cannot stand any new-age belief system that divides us into thinking some of us are special ones descended from superior alien races come to rescue “fallen” mother earth. How f***ing arrogant is that?!”

    Many abuctees have reported being paralyzed by aliens and taken into spacecrafts against their will where they are subjected to unwanted medical procedures. The main focus of these procedures is the creation of a hybrid race. Most abductees find these events to be terrifying and violating. They wish the aliens would go away and leave them alone. Their wishes, however, are not granted. It is a humbling experience. The aliens, arrogant as they may well be, are the ones in control.

    Humans have had and still do have a similar orientation towards animals. We have arrogantly done as we wished with them. It makes sense to me that like would eventually attract like. Now it’s our turn to be on the receiving end of arrogance. If we don’t like it, then I would assume the correction would come when we look at our own behavior and attitude towards “inferior” species and make the adjustment there.

    • February 25, 2015 at 3:53 pm

      Marina, have you looked at the Flower of Life books by Drunvalo Mechizadek? He covers not only the human remains found in gold mines that are 200K years old but the pulls together information about the various alien influences from the very beginning to the present. This outpost of our galaxy has been very busy!!

      all the best to you.

  • January 29, 2015 at 10:36 am

    ONA – Here is my take on abductions… it is just an opinion, I have never been abducted so take it for what it is.

    Intense “visions” or auditory hallucinations have been recorded for thousands of years. In the west we might think of the biblical prophets like Isaiah or saint John. Common themes are getting “swept away” by celestial creatures, brought in front of a “supreme being,” visions of “fiery chariots” etc etc. Bodily tampering is also a factor, as in the case of Jacob who supposedly wrestled with an angel and had his hip dislocated. If you go on youtube and listen to people who speak about their experience being “raptured,” they have similar themes. Naturally the visions are going to be colored by the beliefs or cultural influence of each person. For instance many Christians claim they have daily conversations with the “Lord” as if it were perfectly normal and they are relating to us what “He” told them in these conversations. In clinical language they would be called “schizophrenic,” which has a bad connotation but really they can be totally functional, healthy people. Maybe some of them are making it up but on the whole I think these are psychosomatic experiences that are simply not understood.

    It may be that humans formerly had the ability to experience “visions” more often. We were more in tune to our subconscious, and often we had no choice but to listen to the voices in our head, which guided us. Over the course of history humans have gradually lost that connection. Mass migration, famine and constant war forced people to become more rational and left-brained. In a sense we became “deaf and lost,” and that vacuum was eventually filled by patriarchal religion. Worship of idols (often combined with drugs) was one method of inducing visions, when humans began to lose the ability to actively hallucinate. But even idols became less effective, and eventually with the invention of Judaism, Moses put down his foot and forbade “graven images” punishable by death. Not a surprising choice, as the subconscious is not a pretty place anyhow. Those who can handle it will be empowered by it, but others will be driven mad. I am rambling here but Julian Jaynes writes about all this in “The Origins of Consciousness.”

    As for tampering with DNA, there is probably no need for physical splicing of genes. The majority of the human genome is not coding for any known proteins, they seem to be just “sitting there” and some geneticists have gone as far as calling them “junk DNA.” Probably more reasonable to think the vast majority of our DNA has simply yet to be activated. So are the abductions triggered / accompanied by activation of new DNA (?) that is a possibility. The fear of being turned into hybrids could have many possible roots, first and foremost the awareness that we are treating animals disrespectfully.

  • February 22, 2015 at 6:01 am

    The three “wise men” followed the north star…sirius…to find the birth of a new king because christ had sirius conjunct his ascendant. He must be the biggest alien of all if he really did become invisible after he was crucified and his dead body walked out of that cave unseen. Hmm. Cave, womb, BOTH mother Mary and disciple Mary seeking to recover his dead body after his crucifixion? The unknown woman who anointed his feet in preparation for his betrayal and future death. Why women and, at the very end, two women of the SAME NAME: Mary? I see a pattern here. Matter merging with SPIRIT; The immaterial, unknowable, ethereal realm. Alienation might be a tool used to refocuses our attention away from matter and our knowable world but it is just a tool. The finger that points at the moon is not the moon. I agree that we are in a fight for our minds and free will. I, for one, am still trying to figure out how to quit a job i hate and still put a roof over my head and food on the table. There seems to be a select few controlling our access to resources, and therefore, behavior.


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