Weekly Fixed Stars ~ Birthdays Apr 20 to 30

Taurus Decan 1~ April 20 to 30 2019. The new weekly horoscope runs as an Egyptian week, ie 10 days. It will start as the Sun moves into a new decan and looks at what fixed stars it hits during the decanate week. The star interpretations are written for those born with their Sun on that degree, but the general mood of the day will carry that flavour too.

Raging Bulls & Ravenous Raconteurs

The Sun in Taurus decan 1 makes gifted orators who fight their battles with words. At this time, supreme propaganda is brought to the fore, and the pen really is mightier than the sword. Taurus decan 1 likes dictating so they can make great teachers, but they can also be dictators in the political arena too. At this time then, as this is a bestial sign, directing styles might lack grace or tact, but expression is frank and to the point.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the five of pentacles. Karmically this card means that you may have had many lives addressing poverty and possibly greed. “The Five of Pentacles can be an indication that deep spiritual change is needed and an understanding that money is not everything and, most certainly, not a guarantee of happiness.

Instead of being physically hungry, the hunger may be more on an emotional or spiritual level. You need to evaluate your life to see where the true feeling of deprivation is coming from. You may need to take a look around you, and certainly further than your front door, to understand what true poverty means.” ~ teachmetarot

April 20

Taurus 0º 24’ ~ Mirach in the girdle of Andromeda. 2.4*

Sun on Mirach “Trouble through opposite sex, disappointments in expectations but otherwise favorable.” [1] Mirach is found in the girdle of Andromeda. It is an extremely fortunate star “portending renown and good luck in matrimony.” [1] Andromeda had pay for her mother Cassiopeia’s boastful tongue by being chained to a rock as a sacrifice. This was to appease Neptune offence at Cassiopeia’s claim her daughter was more beautiful than any of Neptune’s sea nymphs. It all ends well as Andromeda is rescued by brave Perseus whom she marries. This is probably why there is fortune here, due to Andromeda’s lucky escape and the fact she bags a courageous, alpha-male husband. Robson echoes the myth saying Mirach “gives personal beauty, a brilliant mind, a love of home, great devotion, beneficence, forgiveness, love, overcoming by kindness, renown, and good fortune in marriage.” The Ebertins emphasise a creative side saying Mirach endows “Many interests, tendency to inspiration and medium-ship as a base for artistic creations, altruism, cheerfulness, happiness, love of company. These people have a stimulating effect on others, they make friends easily and are helped on in life by others.” [2]

April 20

Taurus 1º 31’~ Mira in the neck of Cetus the Sea Monster. 3.0

Mira is a gorgeous deep garnet star in the neck of the not so pretty sea monster. Mira however comes from the Latin Mirus which mean wonderful and someone to be admired. As lovely as that all sounds, the interpretations for Mira are mixed depending to which planet it is configured; “Its nature corresponds to Saturn and Jupiter. Connected well and with a well-placed Saturn and linked up well otherwise, this will mean prudence, perseverance, versatility, a progressive spirit and endurance in solving difficult problems. This star in unhelpful connections, will bring as results failures, fiascoes, enmity..”.[2]

April 21

Taurus 2º 38′ ~ Angetenar in the Eridanus on the bend of the river. 4.8
Taurus 2º 42′ ~ Tyl in Draco the Dragon. 4.0

Angetenar in the bend in the river near Fornax. The constellation of Eridanus as a whole “gives a love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority” . Very close by we also have Tyl in Draco the dragon, interestingly the Chinese gave it the name ‘Kin Yy’ which means goldfish. Draco is a constellation very far up in the poles and its influence in this decan is faint, but I thought it was worth mentioning since we have another “gold fish” further on in the decan in the actual constellation Dorado.

April 22/23

Taurus 3º 11’ ~ Mesarthim in Aries the Ram 4.8
Taurus 3º 58’ ~ Sheratan in the left horn of Aries the Ram. 2.7.

Mesarthim and Sheratan are two neighboring stars found in Constellation Aries. They are known as “the Butters” because they are found very close together in one of the rams horns. Both stars are of the nature of Mars and Saturn, with Sheratan the wilder of the two. Robson says Sheratan” causes bodily injuries, unscrupulous defeat, destruction by fire, war or earthquake.” The Ebertins say of Sheratan that is is a “Daredevil and bold, danger is indicated when acting impulsively and in a foolhardy way.” [3] On the other hand Mesarthim is more likely to show the ministerial, protective, side of the Mars/Saturn qualities. The Aries constellation seems so very antipathetic to the definition of tropical Taurus, but they are both beasts with horns that tend to ‘bully’!

I don’t think constellation Aries is contradicted by being in tropical Taurus, like I said earlier, we just get the steamroller effect. All these stars have a Mars/Saturn quality according to Ptolemy, which makes them fit this decan really well. Manilus says of the Aries constellation as a whole “he will give birth to hearts that are never content with what is theirs; he will engender minds bent on plunder and will banish all sense of shame: such is their desire for venture. Even thus does the ram himself rush forth with lowered horns, resolved to win or die. Not for them the gentle ease of a fixed abode with none but peaceful cares; it is ever their delight to travel through unknown cities, to explore uncharted seas, and enjoy the whole world’s hospitality.” [4] Further on in the decan we get to the main star of constellation Aries. Last, but certainly not least, is Hamal right in the middle of the forehead of the ram.

April 24/25

Taurus 5º 07′ ~ Caph in the chair of Queen Cassiopeia. 2.4

Caph in Cassiopeia has for the star itself, a brief but interesting interpretation, according to George Noonan “A troublemaker as concerns the fortunes of Islam.” (Interestingly Salman Rushdie has his AC 5º away in this decan). [4] The constellation as a whole however according to Robson “ Is said to give haughtiness, boastfulness and exaggerated pride, but at the same time the power of commanding respect.” Manilus says of Constellation Cassiopeia “Cassiope will produce goldsmiths who can turn their work into a thousand different shapes, endow the precious substance with yet greater value, and add thereto the vivid hue of Jewels. From Cassiope come the enhancement of beauty and devices for adorning the body: from gold has been sought the means to give grace to the appearance; precious stones have been spread over head, neck, and hands and golden chains have shone on snow-white feet. …..[..] she bids men look for gold beneath the ground, uproot all which nature stealthily conceals, and turn earth upside down in search of gain” [5] This describes Taurus’s famous possessive and covetous side

April 26

Taurus 6º 52′ ~ Metallah in the Triangle 3.6

Metallah in Triangulum is associated with Ceres who asked that it be put in the sky to represent her island Sicily in the sky as a gift to her daughter Persephone. So there is another Mother/Daughter connection here. Noonan says Metallah “indicates those of a just nature and those whose living is made in the legal profession.” While Robson says Triangulum “is said to give a just, companionable, truthful, righteous and benevolent nature, with interest in architecture and Freemasonry.” [6]

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April 27

Taurus 7º 40′ ~ Hamal on the forehead of Aries the Ram 2.2

Sun on Hamal; “Dissipation, evil associates, loss and disgrace.” [9] Robson warns Hamal generally gives “violence brutishness, cruelty and premeditated crime.” The Ebertins give a clearer description of the double malefic problem “The Mars-Saturn combination appear to be fighting each other for domination, and this influence could be a dangerous one in the material sphere. If connected closely otherwise, life may be repeatedly in danger, for example, if the native undertakes climbing – up or down; or by leap or dive into an abyss. If connected with beneficial stellar bodies, the influence of this star will be lessened. If Mars or Venus are linked and if other factors are equally present, suffering connected with the love life or ill treatment by sadism is indicated.” [7] However if Hamal resists the urge to totally dominate, it can also produce exceptional leaders who defend the social welfare of their community just as Morse states “Headstrong and often aggressive, yet potentially capable leaders and protectors of their community, all qualities of the Ram.” [8] This sector of the sky is packed with so many potent leadership stars that Taurus decan 1 must be especially mindful to use this power and responsibility wisely.

April 28

Taurus 7º 47′ ~ Schedir in the breast of Queen Cassiopeia. 2.5
Taurus 7º 49′ Alpha Dorado in the Goldfish. 3.4

Schedir is the main star in Cassiopeia and “Incorporates serious demeanor with joi-se-vivre. This star is not considered unlucky, but a certain amount of demonic power seems to be ascribed to it. Should good living transgress reasonable limits the results will be disadvantageous.” One can see the temptation for Taurus decan 1 to abuse its position. It is paramount that these subjects act with integrity and resist too much attachment to the material goods Queen Cassiopeia promises. The influence of Cassiopeia along with Alpha Dorado in the goldfish will bring out the typical Taurean love of luxury goods, but most especially gold. [5]

There are no more important stars until the Sun moves into Taurus decan 2 on April 30.

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