Weekly Fixed Stars ~ Birthdays June 21 to 30

Cancer Decan 1 ~ June 21 to 30 2018. The weekly horoscope runs as an Egyptian week, ie 10 days. It will start as the Sun moves into a new decan and looks at what fixed stars it hits during the decanate week. The star interpretations are written for those born with their Sun on that degree, but the general mood of the day will carry that flavour too.

Persuading Pirouettes & Rabid Loyalty

The Cancerian traits such as loyalty to the family, tenaciousness and grasping are made stronger by the overlay of Canis Major (The Great Dog) here, with its loyal, devoted and faithful nature. This decan is extremely opinionated and has to have its say. It’s impossible to put a muzzle on them. Try to gag them and watch out for a rabid fit. Disagree with them if you want to see them roll the whites of their eyes. This decan houses uncompromising activists, the brave, the fearless and sometimes… the barking-mad.

June 22/23

Cancer 1º 12’ ~ Yildun in the tail of Ursa Minor the Little Bear 4.4 *

Delta Yildun in Ursa minor is a little green star in the middle of the little bears tail. It was part of the set known as “The Dancers” which rotated around the Polestar right on the tip of the great bears tail. “This “dancing” of the stars generally, as well as of the planets, was a favorite simile, and in classical days specially gave name to delta (Yildun) and epsilon of this constellation, as well as in Hindu astronomy. The Greeks had for delta, “First Dancer”

June 24

Cancer 3º 26’ ~ Propus in the right foot of Castor in Gemini 3.3

Propus (Tejat Prior) is found in the right front foot of the mortal (Or ‘Good’) twin Castor. Propus is supposed to be highly fortunate and gives a life of eminence. In Greek the word ‘Propus’ means ‘forward foot’. William Herschel discovered Uranus close to this star, there in fact used to be a constellation called Telescopium Herschilli around this area too. This star probably has bright intelligence and ingenuity from the Uranian association and Ptolemy associated stars in the legs of the twins as being very Mercurial too. While Eris Morse says that Propus has “The ability to express ideas in reasonable and acceptable ways which win because of their manifest intelligence.”

June 25

Cancer 4º 15’ ~ Gamma Monoceros in Monoceros the Unicorn 4.0

Gamma Monoceros is one of the brightest stars in the mysterious constellation of the Unicorn. “The unicorn’s horn was said to have the property of being able to neutralize poisons. The picture of a Unicorn was the apothecaries’ symbol. The powdered root of the ‘unicorn horn’ was believed to be a panacea for just about all illnesses.” It makes these people mysterious, but also natural healers. Most people can’t make how how these folk do heal and will often call the ability miraculous. Sometimes of course this ability to cure will be called witchcraft.

June 26

Cancer 5º 18’ ~ Tejat Posterior on the right heel of Castor in Gemini 3.2

Tejat Posterior is the star just behind Propus in the right heel of Castor. It is a double star coloured crocus yellow and blue. It is also intelligent and Morse says it has the same meaning as Propus. Robson however lists under another name of Dirah which means “Seed” or “Branch”. He says that it Tejat Posterior is “Symbolically called the Abused or Beaten One”. maybe this has something to do with it being the heel. The Achilles heel meaning one’s weak spot or the chink in ones armour.” However Robson goes on to say that Tejat Posterior is “Of the nature of Mercury and Venus. It gives force, energy, power and protection.” So maybe if one accepts ones weakness and protects it, one can rise above the abuse and become stronger, like the phoenix from the flames. The weakness could then be a soft spot emotionally, where you feel pity for someone who would do you harm.

June 27/28

Cancer 7º 11’ ~ Mirzam in the front left paw of Canis Major the Greater Dog 2.0

Mirzam is a bright white star found on the front left paw of Canis Major. It is one of a pair of stars that are known as the announcers “ This star Mirzam…. was often combined by the Arabs with the star Gomeisa (In Canis Minor in Cancer Decan 3), and these two beta stars together were titled “The Announcers”, heralding the coming of Sirius, the biggest star in the sky, because they rose before Sirius in the night sky. In Arabia they were imagined as two dogs. One can imagine barking dogs announcing the arrival of visitors, or barking dogs bringing something to people’s attention: Many radio and TV announcers are influenced by either of these two stars.”

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June 28

Cancer 7º 23’ ~ Furud in the left hind paw of Canis Major the Greater Dog 3.1

Furud is found in the left hind paw of Canis Major the Greater Dog. It is bright orange. Furud has no specific meaning but it is another verbose star since Canis Major as a whole seems to be quite yappy! Manilus says “Words run ahead of the speakers: the mind is too fast for the mouth [translator’s note: the impetuosity of the speaker causes him to utter words before he has time to adapt them to grammar or logic]. Their hearts start throbbing at the slightest cause, and when speech comes their tongues rave and bark, and constant gnashing imparts the sound of teeth to their utterance. Their failings are intensified by wine, for Bacchus [meaning alcohol] gives them strength and fans their savage wrath to flame.”

June 29

Cancer 8º 26’ ~ Delta Columba in Colomba the Dove 3.9

Delta Columba is found in the constellation of the Dove. It used to be called Noah’s dove and generally represents good news since it returned to Noah with an olive branch symbolising land ahead and a decrease in the flood. “Doves are notable for both their devotion to their mates, and also their fidelity in marriage…Pliny said: “Though most amorous, they have a great sense of modesty and do not know adultery. Fidelity even after death, because once its companion is gone, this bird never unites with another”

June 30

Cancer 9º 06’ ~ Alhena in the left foot of Pollux in Gemini 1.0

The largest star in Cancer decan 1 is Alhena, in the left foot of Pollux, the immortal (Or bad!) twin. Alhena means a brand or “mark burnt in”, Bullinger says this means “hurt, wounded or afflicted.” Similar to Propus, it conveys the same meaning as the Achilles heel. Even though these crabs are so talented and skilled at getting what they want in life, they do have that soft centre and makes them surprisingly vulnerable. There can also be a tendency to self-sabotage. Alhena gives imminence in art, skill with writing and speech and the ability to settle disputes peacefully. They certainly have the gift of diplomacy and this star must contribute to their incredibly persuasive personalities. The mix of the twins sharp minds and writing skills in sensitive, imaginative Cancer combine poetically to make great art here. Eric Morse observes that when each of the Gemini stars in this decan moved into Cancer Alhena in 1349, Tejat Posterior in 1621 and Propus in 1755, that around these dates there was a significant flourishing of European philosophy and literature. [1]

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* Magnitude and star position for the year 2000.
1. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.44.
* Magnitude & star position 2000