Weekly Fixed Stars ~ Birthdays Aug 13 to 22

Leo Decan 3 ~ Aug 13 to 22 2018. The weekly horoscope runs as an Egyptian week, ie 10 days. It will start as the Sun moves into a new decan and looks at what fixed stars it hits during the decanate week. The star interpretations are written for those born with their Sun on that degree, but the general mood of the day will carry that flavour too.

They are always right, their rule is absolute, any challenge to their authority is seen as betrayal. Loyalty, loyalty and more loyalty, this is the number one demand of their loved ones. In return for their devotion to you, (and by golly are they devoted), they expect you to defend the values of the pride to the nth degree. Any deviation is a sign of rebellion and must be crushed.

Divine Right Of Kings

August 13/14

Leo 20º 42’ ~ Ras Elased Australis in the head of Leo the Lion. 3.1 *
Leo 21º 14’ ~ Tania Australis in the right hind paw of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 3.2
Leo 21º 26’ ~ Ras Elased Borealis in the head of Leo the Lion. 4.1
Leo 21º 36’ ~ Pherkad in the right foot of Ursa Minor the Little Bear. 3.1

Tania Australis is a red star in the paw of the great mother bear. These stars in Ursa Major have a Mars quality. According to Ptolemy this great bear. ” is said to give a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger and revengefulness when roused. “

 Ras Elased Borealis and Ras Elased Australis are two stars in the lion’s head. The Ebertins say these head stars can give rise to mental illness and depression in a primitive person, depending on how they are configured. While Noonan says they “are said to indicate those with an appreciation for language and a power of expression, but also those who may be heartless and cruel.”

Ras Elased Australis has its own interpretation from Robson “It gives a bold, bombastic, cruel, heartless, brutish and destructive nature, but artistic appreciation”  Pherkad is found in the Little Bear, Ursa Minor. The constellation gives “indifference and improvidence of spirit, and to lead to many troubles.” Though ancient navigators looked upon them as guardians and guides since they are close to the poles.

August 15/16

Leo 24º 15’ ~ Subra in the right knee of Leo the Lion. 3.8

Subra is in the right knee of the Lion and has no interpretation only that the stars in Leo’s “thighs resemble Venus, and, in some degree, Mercury.”  This adds charm and an acid wit on top of some of the more raw traits.

August 18

Leo 26º 31’ ~ Alpha Pyxis in Pyxis Nautica the Mariner’s Compass. 3.7

Alpha Pyxis is in the mariner’s compass, so we have another guiding star. Pyxis is a small box and the mast of a ship. The Latin for mast is Malus, which also means apple tree. So together we get the voice box and Adams apple. “Folklore has it that the ‘forbidden fruit’ offered by Eve, got stuck in Adam’s throat, hence the prominent voice box in men. The forbidden fruit was from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Pyxis is a compass. The expression ‘moral compass’ is the notion that prompts people to choose and behave in certain ways.”  It is imperative then, that Leo decan 3 leaders and law-makers have a strong sense of right and wrong.

August 19/20

Leo 27º 17’ ~ Alfard in the neck of Hydra the Watersnake. 2.2
Leo 27º 34’ ~ Adhafera in the crest of Leo the Lions mane. 3.6
Leo 27º 54’ ~ Al Jabhah in Leo the Lions mane. 3.6

 is in the neck of the Hydra the watersnake. Like Unukalhai in the neck of Serpens, there are a good few singers with this and I have already mentioned Adam’s apple with Pyxis. Alfard “gives wisdom, musical and artistic appreciation, knowledge of human nature, strong passions, lack of self control, immorality, revolting deeds…”  Oh dear it’s that snake problem again.

These folk are ultra sensitive to poisons, so they need to keep away from intoxicants which is another price Leo decan 3 has to pay if they want maintain their authority. They must demonstrate purity and virtue, or risk loosing respect if they spew out a drug-induced rant. “Particularly matters connected with ‘poison’ are accentuated badly, e.g. blood poisoning, murder by poison, attempts of poisoning, poisoned hatred in women, gas poisoning, danger to life by wrong use of drugs and over indulgence of good living…..A ‘poisoning’ is also possible in a relationship between man and woman in marriage. This is especially true in a male chart.” 

The Hydra was a particularly loathsome creature, cut off one of its heads and three would grow in its place. The only way to stop it would be to burn and seal the stump. This could refer to deep-rooted treacherous karma that needs slaying. This of course takes great courage, which takes us back to the Lion.

The next set of stars in the lion’s mane seem to pick up on the toxic nature of their serpentine neighbour Alfard. Adhafera “is connected with suicide poison, corrosive acids, liquid explosives, liquid fire, lying, stealing and crime.” But rising it gives success in the military or in sports and gives wealth. Al Jabhah is militant “It gives loss and many dangers, a violent and intemperate nature, and to a military officer danger of mutiny and murder by his soldiers.” especially when rising.

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August 21/22

Leo 29º 37’ ~ Algieba in Leo the Lions mane. 2.6
Leo 29º 50’ ~ Regulus in the heart of Leo the Lion. 1.3

Algieba is the brightest of these mane stars and falls in the star pattern that resembles the sickle in Leo’s head and looks like an inverted question mark. This star has no interpretation. Also within this sector fall some of the stars of a now defunct constellation called Felis the cat which sat in between Hydra and Pyxis, so this adds to the feline theme. Last but certainly not least, is Leo decan 3’s jewel in the crown, Regulus! This bright triple star flashes white and ultramarine. Regulus, Cor Leonis (Lionheart) is one of the four royal Persian stars and archangels that guarded the cardinal points in the heavens (circa 3000-2500 BC). It is also lies directly on the Sun’s ecliptic path making it extra powerful.

I have an an updated post about Regulus which talks the fact that Regulus has now precessed (As of November 2011*) into Virgo decan 1. Traditionally Regulus has mixed reviews, verging from giving one great fortune, status, honor and fame to the less glorious; scandal, downfall, disgrace and ruin. Much depends on how Regulus is configured in the chart. “On the Ascendant, it will give a courageous and frank character… Positioned on the MC, Regulus will raise the native to high positions in life, positions far exceeding the environment the native was born into… Jupiter conjunct Regulus is one of the best configurations for success… Regulus in the 10th house ‘makes astrologers to kings. people in high positions and noble men’….” But in a mundane chart “when Mars or Saturn are in conjunction with Regulus… assassinations, coup d’états, revolutions, revolts, demonstrations, overthrow of heads of state and similar events.”

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* I am keeping to the year 2000 positions for the fixed stars because most readers will be born with Regulus while it was still in Leo decan 3.