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Each Virgo decan is a 6 page, beautifully illustrated ebook in pdf format. The ebook includes interpretations for the Sun, Moon, AC & MC in each decan. There are also detailed explanations of the fixed stars in the decan. Examples in the links below.

Virgo Decan 1 ~ Virgo Decan 2 ~ Virgo Decan 3

Virgo Horoscope 2019


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13 thoughts on “Virgo eBooks

  1. As a 2nd decan Virgo, Sept 7th, 15 degrees, this makes me really happy to stumble upon.

    I’ve always made EVERYTHING I have every worked for exponentially more difficult for myself because I would otherwise feel undeserving. It baffles me to see others act self entitled after putting forth a fraction of the blood, sweat and tears I have. I have never wanted anything I haven’t earned. Its just not the same. Recalling any and every assignment ever, if I couldn’t execute it the best way I knew how, I wouldn’t do it at all. Couldn’t. Can’t have my name on something below my own standards. I also have venus and moon in Leo, so there is a pride factor there, as well. I absolutely understand the subconscious making us ill to force us to give ourselves a break and as for some help! This is so hard to do sometimes with our neurotic, high standards but that is our own lesson to learn.. Not to sweat the small stuff so much. But who would take care of the little things if we didn’t?? The unsung heroes of the zodiac, I say. 🙂

  2. Hello I am Shei Ka Star…
    My response to this as a Virgo 2 and an astrologer…
    I know many virgos and have done my observation of every sign and I believe the interpretations are just focusing on the darker aspects and possibilities of the signs under the fixed stars.. I can give a lot and I care a lot too and have suffered quite a bit that does not take away the fact I am a very creative sparkling philosophical dancing joyous musical loving generous light to many of my friends and family who see me in magical ways… I think it is hard to describe everything in a character just by focusing on one aspect of astrology in an interpretation, it can become general… I realise that’s why a lot of people are afraid of astrology because for some it always speaks nicely about them and they feel it’s not completely the full picture and for others it points out all the darker aspects that can make you feel helpless… I am a big believer in having the full picture, strengths and weaknesses and solutions… And moving into what these energies are communicating to us now, astrology is a progressive science and is always moving evolving and changing and the way man viewed the glyphs historically would also need to evolve. There is always a deeper purpose to everything and most of it has a positive intent..:)
    Being a Virgo 2 I am very practical and spend a lot of time honing and toning my craft and creations, I have 3 planets in Leo and also love getting out there and sharing my creations with the world, with love and light when I’m ready to rock… Yes a lot of energy running through these systems of a mercurial flavour, a strong intention to find the best and serve it up fresh and feed the needs of the world 🙂 that’s me thank you

    1. Dear Shei, I hope you had a terrific holiday with family and friends. Regarding my comments, it sounds like you thought I was putting down Virgos from other decans which wasn’t my intention. I know Virgos from the September period that are terrific and talented individuals. Two females I know are highly creative international personalities and creators of events whose parties are incredibly respected and successful for their originality. Charlie Sheen is another who comes to mind. He’s talented, crazy, whimsical, caring and helpful to those in need. I think it’s great you have three planets in Leo. It must give you a lot of bold energy, drive and confidence. As you may know many Virgos aren’t. As confident. They end up holding back which I. attribute to Mercury’s energy. Virgo artists will often not show enough of their work. If they see that a painting of theirs has an imperfection they can get so lost trying to correct the detail that they get exhausted and frustrated. And if it iisnt what they envisioned, a Virgo would rather show nothing than something half-baked. I was only trying to point out that September Virgo’s seem to be better organized and better at business oriented activities than August born ones. That’s not meant as a put down by any means. My original comments concerned August born Virgo’s who are often relegated to being the tail end of the sign. In addition I really do see a difference between August and September Virgos. Doesn’t mean one is better than the other in my book, both have their shortcomings. Actually as a sign, I think it’s a complex sign yet more evolved than most other signs. I have a feeling my comments will keep getting me into hotter waters,

  3. Dear Marina,

    I never meant to suggest that you were in any way responsible for the signs afflictions. If it came out sounding that way, then please accept my apology. I can get a little impassioned without realizing the tone it’s taken until afterwards. For the most part, It is meant with honorable and spirited intentions.

    Actually I did enjoy reading the apt, mystical key words and phrases you used to highlight sides that are rarely expressed by others in the astrological federation when they’re describing Virgo. My desire was only to point out that from my own encounters with Virgos as well as observations, some traits appear to manifest in either, another Decan, or in the two different months the sign spends with the sun

    I also read some of your other works on other signs’ Decans. For example, Aries Decan 2 you’re sadly right. For all the charismatic and exciting energy they can emit and achieve, those individuals can have a tumultuous life path. They’re often at the mercy of the lower based needs of their Egos.

    While I clearly don’t have the knowledge, training or experience that you or others have, my impressions and assessments mostly do come from a subjective perspective. By happenstance, I do meet a fair share of Virgos. The rest comes from blog written articles and a few personology books that fueled my curiosity even more cause I didn’t know anything about that angle. But the real catalyst for mehhhthose publications and sites that write over generalized descriptions of people’s sun signs.

    Like you, I’m aware that we all go way beyond the sun and even ascendant and moon sign. However, most people just know the sign we all start out with. Between seeing that more often than not, their descriptions didn’t really fit and actually reading posts on forums of people wanting a new sign because its basically regarded as the dip-shit sign of the zodiac (excuse my language,) something has been pushing me in the direction of trying to give Virgo its overdue makeover. I think that others who read about it being a sort of chastised-indentured-middle child-servant, makes them feel even crappier. It’s like one more thing to add to a Virgos issues with confidence or self esteem. As you know it exists with this sign. If in some way, I’m able to give folks like that a better outlook and raise their spirits, while still including the potential shortcomings, then perhaps I’m doing my part.

    From reading what others have written, I am somewhat aware of Virgo’s “crossed” stars, but don’t know enough yet about Fixed Stars to make any kind of assessment. I’m also familiar with the myths associated to Virgo.., Astraea the Original Goddess of Justice, Isis’ Taming of the Beast, Ceres(don’t recall too well) and of course Persophone, and do see the correlations olto the signs and Spica. Does this also play into the star only shining its light between March through September approximately, then goes dark, just like Persophone, who spends half the year on earth providing for humanities growth, and visiting her mother while then, the other half… is ad mistress of the Underworld. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll share with you that such a place may well exist from a dream I had two days before my biological mother unexpectedly passed away last year.

    I do sincerely appreciate you responding to my post. I always appreciate gaining more knowledge especially in this area. If you don’t mind, one question: Do you have any thoughts about Mars having moved into Virgo back in 2011 for an almost unheard of whopping 8 months and its purpose? My early impression was that either something not working, had to be realigned, or that it’s being reformed (perhaps Pluto is rewriting Virgo?)


    BTW, you were astrotutely correct in presuming I’m a Virgo 1 :).

  4. Hi Marina, I wish to offer some additional information as well as address some issues concerning the information about Virgo Decans, especially, Virgos 1. It seems that some portions can apply to a different decan from where it’s been placed under.What I am unsure of is whether the information is from the sources listed or not.

    First, I think entirely unfair and incorrect, is the suggestion that because early Virgos don’t fit the Virgo “mold” that astrologists created- that they have to be like Pisces, which they aren’t. Any one who knows Virgos, knows that they don’t like being compared to others. Also, let us agree that an incredible amount of restlessness (mentally and physically) runs through this sign, so it should be included to each decan.

    Second, I’ve noticed that there is a significant difference between August and September born Virgos. There’s almost child-adult dynamic with this sign. While neither Virgo will likely appear as the ear-to-ear, clappy, toothy, smiling type, September Virgos tend to be more business oriented and act more serious.

    That’s not to say by any means that they are boring people.On the contrary, many have interesting, entertaining, likeable characters; some with even completely original and unique personalities. They also tend to be big chatterers when engaged.They just seem to present themselves in adult like ways.

    August Virgos are the opposite… very childlike and like children, they’re charmingly warm and affectionate, with a slight awkwardness or shyness to them. And when they feel they’ve been offended… they can become as indifferent as parts of the earth can be, removing themselves from others. They also usually also tend to have an enigmatic aura to them that can be infectious, capturing other’s attention and curiosity about them.

    Additionally,whether related to… Profressional, Social, home life, whatever they do, has to stimulate their hearts and minds. If not, they grow very weary and anxious. I’m convinced that these Virgos will inherit overt or under the surface characteristics from the sign of Leo. These aspects may well account for the opiate-like and luminosity to their personalities that you mentioned.

    Third, the descriptions of August Virgo 1s about being dour/miserable, martyrs with an excessive pleasing nature, doesn’t seem to apply to them from those I personally know even. Where I have observed those traits more is with those beginning in September and into the second decan. Some astrologers have actually coined this nature of extreme pleasing and its effects as “TheTranspluto Syndrome”. Even though, I believe it can actually apply to anybody in any sign.

    Fourth, concerning the possibility that Virgo 1s attract people with darker personality aspects, I don’t discount it, but that can run a broad range from the mild to the extreme. Those with such aspects, can become a bit possessive with them, such as jealousy if they’re innocently paying attention to others and not to them, as an example.

    My final point, is in regards to the last interpretation in Decan 3: ” The stars in the Crater here are gifts passed down through generations of healers, the healing can be in the form of art, film, song, music, poetry as well as medicine, traditional or alternative…” At least, the artistic part, can be applied to Decan 1 as well. Consider well known figures… Dinah Washington, Ingrid Bergman, River Phoenix, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Leah Michele. In addition to their art, some are/were involved in humanitarian causes as well.

    I hope you will take and consider the comments in the well-intended spirit they are meant to be because I do believe this sign has been given a bad rap and it’s unfair.

    1. Yes Virgo has been given a bad rap. I hoped that by writing these decans I had found the magic that lies here. The Persephone myth is very strong for Virgo. Ceres is a Virgo archytype, but the fixed star Spica, the main star of constellation Virgo actually falls in tropical Libra. The point of me writing this was to show that the fixed stars DO influence the signs. These decans are based on the fixed stars that are found there. Fixed stars are not actually fixed, they move. (Well actually we move in relation to them) So we have to look at precession. Regulus is in the process of moving to Virgo decan 1 which will add to its meaning as more babies are born with Regulus in Virgo.

      I can’t help the fact Virgo decan 1 has pretty difficult stars. But before I discuss this further I would like to ask you what you are basing your research on? I am grateful for any subjective experience of Virgo decan 1 (if that is what you are?) But subjective it is. In order to find the truth of Virgo we need also to look at it empirically.

      Also like I have said before. We are more than just the Sun. I take an aggregate of the Sun, Moon & AC to get a quick assessment. But there are also aspect patterns and the strength of each planet to consider. I do think its Virgo stelliums (or indeed any Stellium) that can sometimes flip over to its opposite. But I have seen it more marked with Virgo’s though for some reason.

  5. ?zz? am i doomed?i was born august 30th and i have never attracted any guys who arent dark and abusive…but how do i change this please

  6. Marina, just found your website. You are really on point. I’m born Sept15 and Decan 3 is very accurate. I’ve always wondered why I’m so different than fellow Virgos born earlier in the Month.
    I found this site because I have to close on a coop during Mercury retro (The process was started in June). The approval process caused seveal months wait. The coop board just approved me and I was estactic until realized….Mercury Retro timeframe… I hope my dream apt won’t give me too many problems…

    1. omg… I am in the same boat as you, only that I was supposed to finalize my paper work at the end of Sept. but due to the seller, it’s been postponed. I am looking at maybe sometimes next week… I really hope this does not mean I shouldn’t be purchasing…

      I am a decan 2 virgo here, aquarius rizing.

    2. Hi MJX, Dave got back to me on the “Mercury Retrograde October” page (on this site).

      This is what Dave said:
      ” I checked both Dell Horoscope and Horoscope Guide for possible home closing dates for a relative that also must do in October. 10/28 seemed best, 10/25 2nd best.which combine buying real estate and signing papers, 10/26-27 is a weekend but also good as is 10/30. 10/31 is also good for legal matters if the others don’t fit.”
      “In addition Horoscope Guide lists 10/13, 14, 19, 20 for buying real estate.”

  7. Very true on the first decan. I was born on August 26. I always thought I had a knack for helping people. Also, my boyfriend is a Scorpio so that explains the last part.

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