The Moon


Symbolically, the moon in astrology represents our primal needs and subconscious. Lady Lunar represents motherhood and how we relate to women. In most cases, the moon represents our relationship with our mother or primary caregiver. A man’s moon sign can indicate the type of woman he is most likely to settle down and have children with!

The moon moves the fastest and is the most changeable of all the planets. The moon has many phases and characteristics, so I’ve written a separate post ” Birthday Moon Phase Meaning” with all the definitions. The moon is important despite its transience. Humans are 60% water, and the moon regulates all water on earth!

We Are Water

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer which follows the sign of Leo. A full moon is the brightest orb in the sky after the Sun, which is why it is also called a luminary. The moon’s metal is silver which requires darkness for it to transmute. The photographic film contains silver bromide, which is a light-sensitive material.

 “Astrologers associate the Moon with the faculty of imagination, of fantasy, as for example in imaginative writers or dreamy poets. The same property is seen in the way silver is able to create images. In photography, it creates a memory-image of the past, in mirrors it gives an image of what is in present time before it. Today, most mirrors are made by coating glass with silver. When looking at a mirror we never feel we are looking at a sheet of silver. “ [1]

Since silver is used in the film process, the cinema industry is known as the “Silver screen”. Creating dreams and fantasies is an incredibly lunar profession. Silver also purifies. To keep their water fresh American settlers would leave a silver dollar inside their flasks as they travelled.

The Silver Screen

As you can see in the significators below, there is a certain distrust of the lunar energy. The world lunatic comes from the same root for a reason. So those more negative interpretations are probably because the moon has so many faces. Like Mercury, faster planets tend to be less steadfast and therefore less trustworthy.

A waning moon is considered more unfortunate than the growing waxing moon. The black moon Lilith facet of the moon lures many towards the forbidden fruit and into misfortune. Many nefarious deeds are committed under the cloak of night! And of course witchcraft is always associated with power of the full moon.

Having said all that, no one can deny the romance and enigma of the full moon. It is the only planet we can see up close so it carries with it a certain magic. When you look up at the moon on a clear night it is very hard not to become entranced by it.

The Moon as significator

Queens, countesses, ladies, all manner of women; the common people, travellers, pilgrims, sailors, fishermen, fishmongers, brewers, barmen, postmen and delivery, coachmen, huntsmen, messengers, mariners, millers, alewives, drunkards, oisterwives, fisherwomen, charwomen, tripewomen, and generally such women as carry commodities in the streets; midwives, nurses. [2]

Places & Colours

Fields, fountains, baths, havens of the sea, highways and desert places, port towns, rivers, fishponds, standing pools, boggy places, common shores, little brooks, springs. Colours: White or pale yellowish-white, pale green, or silver. 


Those which have soft and thick juicy leaves, of a waterish taste, they love to grow in watery places, and grow quickly into a juicy magnitude; and are the colwort (kale), cabbage, melon, gourd, pompion, onion, mandrake, poppy, lettuce, rape, the linden tree, mushrooms, endive, all trees or herbs who have round, shady, great spreading leaves, and are little fruitful.

Animals & Birds

Dog, Bear, Elephant, Fox, Goat, Horse, Rabbit, Reindeer, Cuckoo, Crow, Heron, Ibis, Nightingale, Owl, Snake, Frog, Turtle, Crab and Dolphin.

Manners when well placed

Composed manners, a soft, tender creature… and delighter in novelties, natural propensity to flit and shift habitation, unsteadfast, wholly caring for the present times… however loving peace. If a mechanic (Tradesman) the man learns many occupations, and frequently will be tampering with many ways to trade in.

Manners when badly placed

A mere vagabond, idle person, hating labour, a drunkard, delighting to live beggarly and carelessly.

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2. William Lily’s Book Christian Astrology. Pages 80-83