The Sun


The Sun in astrology and in our birth chart represents the very essence of our being. It is our true, spirit-self before it gets cloaked with layers of traits, masks and coping mechanisms for 3D life. In traditional astrology, the Sun is always the sovereign, the leader and the god of all gods. It is where we claim our sovereignty. The Sun functions as our higher self, and sometimes it is something we have to grow into. I believe we start life behaving more like our rising sign, but as we mature we start to show traits commonly associated with our sun sign.

Sun As Creator

The Sun is our creativity, it is often how we behave when we are given authority or when we have children. The positive traits of our Sun sign are often our superhero-self. Here we rise above habits and ancestral karma. The sun is our godhead and the third eye. Its glyph even looks like an eye. So it is the I and the eye!

The Sun is at its strongest in the heat of summer, majestic and high in the sky infusing the flora and fauna below with its life-giving rays. The Sun rules Leo and this sign showcases the best attributes of the Sun with its drama, its radiant, warm personality and fiercely protective attitude to its subjects.. ahem, I mean kids. 

The Sun & Gold

The Sun’s metal is gold which is the only metal that never tarnishes. Sunlight is an anti-depressant and burns away mold. “Until very recent times gold was used as a heart remedy, this being the organ associated with the sun. Homeopathic doctors still use it in this manner in high dilutions and regard it as a remedy for depressive or suicidal conditions: a ‘total eclipse of the heart’. Its distribution within the human organism reaches its highest concentration in the region of the heart. “ [1]

The Sun as significator

Sun as significator

Kings, princes, emperors, dukes and all nobility, magistrates, gentlemen in general, courtiers, justices of the peace, majors, high-sheriffs, high-constables, great huntsmen, stewards of noblemen’s houses, the principal magistrate of any city, town, castle or country village, Goldsmiths, brass worker, pewterers, coppersmiths, minters of money. [2] In modern-day probably we would include SEOs of large companies and probably very famous celebrities.

Places & Colours

Houses, courts of princes, palaces, theatres, all magnificent structures being clear and decent, halls, dining rooms. Yellow, the colour of gold, scarlet or clear red, some say purple.


The plants subject to the Sun smell pleasantly, are of good flavour, their flowers are yellow or reddish, are in growth of majestical form, they love open and sunny places, their principal virtue is to strengthen the heart and comfort the vitals, to clear the eyesight, resist poison, or to dissolve any witchery, or malignant planetary influences; and they are: saffron, the laurel, the vine, Saint John’s wort, amber, musk, ginger, marigold, rosemary, cinnamon, eyebright, peony, barley, arsenic. Trees include the ash, palm, the myrrh tree, frankincense, the cedar and the orange and lemon tree.

Animals & Birds

Lion, Deer, Jaguar, Monkey, Wolf, Chameleon, Bee, Lizard, Peacock, Eagle, Falcon, Rooster, Parrot and Swan

Manners when well placed

Very faithful, keeping their promises with all punctuality, a kind of itching desire to rule… industrious to acquire honour and a large patrimony…usually speaks with gravity, but not many words… great confidence and command of his own affection… speaks deliberately, and notwithstanding his great heart… affable, and very humane to all people, one loving sumptuousness and magnificence, and whatever is honourable; no sordid thoughts can enter his heart.

Manners when badly placed

Arrogant and proud, disdaining all men, restless, troublesome, domineering; expensive, foolish, no gravity in words, a spendthrift, wasting his patrimony, and hanging on other men’s charity, yet thinks all men are bound to him, because a gentleman born.

1. Nick Kollerstrom
2. Christian Astrology. William Lily. Pages 65 To 68