Sun Square/Opposite Uranus ~ Awakeners


October 31 ~ Sun Opposite Uranus at 8º Scorpio/Taurus. Sun square or Opposite Uranus are confrontational rebels. They are radical in their approach to reform and find it hard to compromise in any way. These folk think the only way to really awaken people is to go to the extreme with their message. Throwing the thunderbolt into the middle of the party is mostly their style, but even the most demure of the type are capable of freezing you with their icy stare.

This hard aspect enjoys being a provocateur. It just can’t help challenging the status quo. This could stem from experiencing a traumatic childhood when they didn’t know if they were coming or going. The father may have had an explosive temper. Parental arguments could have caused sudden exits from the household with the slamming of doors being a constant. This would of course make a small child jump.

Cosmic Awakeners

This jumpiness stays with the native often into adulthood to the point that Sun square or opposite Uranus finds it very hard to relax. This can be even once they have found serenity in a loving relationship, they often find this calmness too good to be true and even un-nerving.

Abandonment trauma from the past is why Uranus has the reputation for being the divorce planet. These folks are simply not used to a stable environment. Even if the childhood home was indeed very loving, there may have been disruptions for other reasons. Maybe there was constant change because parents travelled a lot or they had a father in the armed forces so where uprooted with every post. Another reason relationships can be difficult is the real need for space and independence. This is why sometimes, these folk are very suited to long distance relationships.

Sun/Uranus ~ Hard Aspects


Sun Opposition Uranus

Immanuel Kant was an 18th-century German philosopher who is considered one of the most important thinkers of the modern age. Kant is extremely influential in the field of metaphysics, ethics and political theory. You can see Uranus working in his utopian vision.

Sun opposition Uranus“Politically, Kant was one of the earliest exponents of the idea that perpetual peace could be secured through universal democracy and international cooperation.” Kant was brought up a strict Christian with a focus on religious instruction and Latin lessons rather than mathematics. Kant was said to be religious, but became skeptical about god in later life.

Kant was also a typical Uranian eccentric. Unusual for his time, Kant never married but had a healthy social circle. He also had such a disciplined life that neighbors joked that they could set their watches by his daily walks. At age 46 Kant deliberately isolated himself, despite his fondness for company, and did not publish any philosophy work for 10 years.

Kant did eventually come out of hibernation and continues to exert a profound influence on western thought. Kant died in 1804 and his ideas continue in such diverse schools of thought as German idealism, Marxism, existentialism and social critical theory.

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Sun Square Uranus

Julian Assange is an Australian computer programmer and editor of wiki-leaks. Currently he has no fixed abode and is taking refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, UK. Of course Assange has had a controversial life up to now and qualifies as a Uranian rebel due to his whistle-blowing of state secrets.

Assange is accused of rape, but the veracity of these claims are questionable in view of his risky occupation. Assange married in his teens and had a son, Daniel. The couple split with Assange taking over as primary caregiver to Daniel. The family received death threats and harassment due to Assange’s work, so they have been forced to change identities and Daniel has limited contact with his father.

Assange’s own childhood was also highly Uranian. His mother was an artist and his father an anti-war activist. Assange’s rebellious parents separated before he was even born. His mother then went on to marry and divorce twice more. Assange’s other father figures were a traveling actor and a leader of a New Age group.

Assange said he had a nomadic life up to his teens, living in 30 different Australia towns. He was home schooled and never completed a degree, but he did learn programming and mathematics. When Assange was arrested for hacking and pleaded guilty to 25 charges, he avoided a heavier penalty partly due to him having experienced such a disrupted childhood.

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Image Reference: Mihai Stefan on Unsplash

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5 thoughts on “Sun Square/Opposite Uranus ~ Awakeners”

  1. My natal chart has Sun (Taurus) opposite Uranus (Sagittarius). I recently found out that according to Gretchin Rubin’s four tendencies I’m a Rebel haha. I have an intense need for freedom, and definitely did not have a stable home environment. I felt like a ping pong ball bouncing between my Mom’s house, my Dad’s house, and all 3 of my Grandmother’s houses. I do have abandonment issues, but they were formed due to emotional abandonment even though that parent was still physically present. I do have a hard time relaxing, but once I get out of my head and grounded into my body I can relax.

  2. Today, (4/29/17) you reposted your reading/analysis on Moon Sextile/Trine Uranus. I love the way you decipher the meaning of the stars and was curious what you might have written on the square/opposition; and I was happy to found you had.
    I have Sun & Moon square Uranus. My childhood was traumatic – full of abuse, mental, physical, spirit. My mother was 17 when I was born and she cheated on my “father” and had my sister 13 months after I was born. We were living in Japan, and because of lies and accusations against a Japanese man (which were not true), my mother was kicked out of the country with 2 babies. (International incident – sigh). I never saw my father after that. A 13 month old has no memories, so, I never knew my father.

    Back in the United States, we moved over 20 times, and a particularly traumatic time for me was at 6 years old, moving and changing schools 4 times! (beginner of my school years :'( ). ~ My “baby book”, indicates I walked at 9 months old and was very responsible. I literally took care of my younger sister and I. My mother only had rage – no maternal instincts (narcissistic). With all these moves and school changes, there were men, coming an going and one more sister born, also when I was 6. Her father was absent in her life too – though she knew him. I was more a mother to this sister than a sibling. My Grandmother, the one blessing/respite in my childhood (though didn’t see her often as she lived 100 miles away), always introduced me as “the little mother”. At times she had tears in her eyes.

    Everything about the Moon square Uranus details my childhood/life, but thankfully, I don’t personify the Sun square as much (*traumatic childhood – father) . In no way, am I, provocative, I am actually in most cases, very quiet and timid. (Maybe I have provocative thoughts. LOL). Might be my Sun/Moon conjunction in Taurus and Pisces AS w/Pisces ruling my 12th house.
    I have had a long marriage to a Sagittarius who loves freedom as much as I need “space”, so it works – really well. (He Libra moon and me with North Node in the 7th).
    I never share stories of my life like this, but I felt in doing so, it validates and confirms your work with astrology. Thank you, Marina.

    • Thank you for sharing! I think it is valuable for others with these aspects to compare and contrast. Also useful for me to see the exceptions too. But one size does not fit all and every aspect will also be modified by the sign placement and aspects from other planets too.

  3. The blog is informative,especially the affect of uranus or rahu(dragons head) on sun(the karaka for father), making the nature of father erratic.


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