Star Of David 2013

Star Of David The Star of David on July 29  and again on September 21 2013 is a rare alignment also known as a grand sextile.  A true Star Of David will have three oppositions, three mystic rectangles and two grand trines encased by 6 sextiles.  I will try to unravel this tangled up mess of a formation, but before we all go ga-ga about this Star Of David being a sign of spontaneous mass enlightenment, I will also refer you to Mary Shea’s site. Mary has been studying this aspect pattern since 1990 and found some of these SOD’s (Yes, that may well be an appropriate abbreviation!) have occurred at the start of wars. Of this current Star of David 2013 she says “The Sun is at the apex of a tight t-square in this chart. (The Quarter Moon). It is difficult to say whether this is a war star or not. Saturn is a malefic squaring the Sun, but the Moon is certainly not a malefic planet. I would tend to think a “middle of the road” interpretation would be best. With the threat from Iran’s nuclear program and terriorist groups around the world, I would call this a silent, unseen war. Saturn is in secrecy Scorpio.”  The Moon sets off this thing and falls in Taurus decan 1, the “Raging Bulls” where there are so many dictators and powerful leaders..

We have the ongoing grand water trine (Lilith conjunct) Jupiter /Saturn/Neptune all at 5º-7º. So far it seems to have been a healing trine, with a tendency to glorify a golden age in the past. Many of us have been reaching back to our ancestors. And we have also had the recent birth of Prince George bringing back the ghost of Princess Diana. The Star of David has a second earth trine of Moon/Venus/Pluto all at 8º-9º Mars opposite Pluto turns it into a powerful Kite. What is special about the Star of David is the amount of oppositions. These will pack a punch, so its not surprising that Mary Shea found that these Star Of Davids can start wars.

As I said in my article about the Grand trine, some medieval astrologers maintained they were “evil”. So looking at the oppositions we see that Venus opposite Neptune can be love delusion, Moon opposite Saturn, depression and disappointment and Mars opposite Pluto can be abuse. It’s more than a little worrying. A very advanced soul could certainly make magic with this one, but it in the wrong hands, those lovely trines could be putting a glossy veneer on top of deep rot happening inside. Those trines will do anything to uphold the status quo, however Mars opposite Pluto may just erupt and burst the trine-tastic bubble. Let’s check out the stars before we start predicting word war three…

Karmic Saturn is on Gacrux the April Lunar eclipse degree in the crucifix still. A holy war? We have enough of those on this planet right now, so I think this is more than that. The Sun on Praesaepe is invoking the spirit of the ancestors, so this could be a spiritual war about belief systems and ancient V modern wisdom. Are we going to wake up to just how “dumbed-down” we have all become? Is it that Garden of Eden moment once again? Lilith is there holding the apple. But the habitual moon and our family programming is warning us off the forbidden fruit. Moon is on Hamal “Patient, slow success through hard work, trouble through love affairs (Lilith the mistress) but favorable for marriage (Eve the dutiful wife)”. This star tends to be a hothead and is linked to “violence brutishness, cruelty and premeditated crime.” I’m thinking violence against single women (ie Liliths), but the wives and mothers are protected and sacred. Venus on Alioth in the Great Bear supports this.

War Of The Roses

Star Of David 2013

I usually give a very tight orb to fixed stars like Alioth so far from the ecliptic, but at 15’ it might be worth considering: “ if Alioth is felt to make an impact, it is Mars like and of a destructive kind. Associated with the Sun, suicidal thoughts will be eminent in female cosmograms.” Not great for women then. Pluto has retrograded to ruthless Facies “It is one of the most difficult, and possibly the most violent, objects in the heavens. It gives a penetration of action that has no regard for others…Facies in a chart will indicate that the planet it touches will be very focused and driven…” On Pluto the abductor? Ouch…

So we have all this in the earth trine opposite Mars. Atleast Mars is on Alhena “Superficial nature, fond of pleasure, ease, luxury, ornament and display.” Let’s hope Mars will be too busy mincing around in front of the mirror to be picking fights. I get the feeling of bitchy words, verbal-fencing, whistle-blowing and poison-pen letters. The war and violence in this configuration will be from the mouth I think. The Lilith conjunct Jupiter part of the Mars stellium are on the announcer star Mirzam. So this Star Of David could bring revelations from a spurned or maltreated lover. Dishing the dirt publicly on any abuse received is possible. It’s not just relationships where this could surface. It could be ex-employers speaking out against a corrupt corporation too. Neptune is on idealistic-in-love Fomalhaut. This star at its highest vibration is pure love. It might just save this Star Of David from being too painful. Will love conquer all? Let’s hope so. I think this aspect pattern will bring us to the brink of revealing something we shouldn’t out of spite or revenge. But in the end compassion will prevent us from going through with it if we truly love the person. On the other hand, if that person really is an utter cad, then they are really going to get what’s coming to them!

Times: The July 29 Star Of David configuration will be in effect approximately while the Moon is between 6º – 9º Taurus and will last from 6pm –12pm BST, 10am – 4pm PDT, 1pm – 7pm EDT on July 29th 2013. From 3am – 9am AEST July 30th 2013.

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