Sagittarius Decan 2 ~ Dec 3 to 12 (10º-20º)

Sagittarius Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Sagittarius 11º 51’ ~ Beta Triangulum Australis in the Southern Triangle. 3.4*
Sagittarius 11º 58’ ~ Alwaid in Draco in the Dragons Eye. 3.0
Sagittarius 12º 41’ ~ Gamma Norma in Norma & Regula, the Carpenters Square. 4.1
Sagittarius 14º 46’ ~ Sarin in Hercules the Kneeling Man. 3.2
Sagittarius 15º 26’ ~ Alpha Apus in Apus the Bird Of Paradise. 3.8
Sagittarius 16º 09’ ~ Ras Algethi in Hercules the Kneeling Man. 3.5
Sagittarius 17º 14’ ~ Grafias in Scorpius the Scorpion. 3.8
Sagittarius 17º 58’ ~ Sabik in Ophuichus the Serpent Bearer. 2.6
Sagittarius 19º 02’ ~ Delta Octans in Hadley’s Octan. 4.1
Sagittarius 19º 54’ ~ Maasym in Hercules the Kneeling Man. 4.5
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Sagittarius Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Sagittarius decan 2 is ruled by the Moon and Mars (Aries Triplicity). The Sun undulates through the constellations of the Kneeling Man, the Serpent Bearer, the Bird Of Paradise, the Octan and the Southern Triangle from December 3 to 12. This decan seems to be about hidden knowledge and the importance of using it with integrity. It is vital for these subjects to keep in contact with nature and to respect natural law, because it seems if they do not they will suffer grave consequences. Nature seems to take a very dim few of these folk abusing the great power that they so obviously have.

9 of WandsSagittarius decan 2 have come to this planet with a mission to remind us of the gnosis we have buried in our subconscious. They serve to tempt us with the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge. This could result in wonderful revelations or it could equally send us mad. It’s easy to see why this decan is one of the most feared of the zodiac. It has shades of Eris written all over it. One bite from her golden apple and you could start a Trojan war. Too many greedy bites and you could have a Kundalini awakening that you couldn’t handle because you were inadequately grounded.

The 13th Fairy & Gnosis

Those who have become entertainers in this decan have that extra magical allure that, added to their talent, makes them super-famous. Check out the list of ascendants! Some of them had so much power over the public that the dark side took them away from us before their time. Princess Diana was a good example of this. Souls that pick this decan to work with pick a very difficult, but ultimately the most rewarding, path. Sagittarius decan 2 probably agreed to work for the greater good, as guardians of humanity and enlighteners. But they also knew that there would be danger of being condemned, vilified and even killed for their attempts to bring occult knowledge into the public domain.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the nine of Wands.“you are committed to a cause and prepared to do anything for it. You are going to take this all the way and nothing or no one is going stop you.  You are determined to be the last man standing, the lone soldier, and know that you have the stamina it requires to resist and overcome all opposition.  Stoic and enduring, your strength and beliefs are admirable indeed.” ~ teachmetarot.  This card describes the feeling of being willing to stand alone and be exiled if the cause is a rightious one. It shows the positive side of Sagittarius decan 2 in that it would rather be ethical and honest, than popular.

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Sagittarius Decan 2

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Sun Sagittarius 2

Ras Algethi 16º “ Seeking the natural order of life; looking for a balance in diet and life habits. A person sensitive to the environment, a lover of the natural world. The need to restore balance to a situation, laws or the economy.” [2]
Sabik 18º “Sincere, honorable, scientific, religious and philosophical interests, unorthodox or heretical, moral courage.” [7]

Here be heretics! It is quite difficult for these folk to find fame and fortune because most average people just don’t ‘get’ them. They are seen as being the most eccentric of all the Sagittarians and can lose the plot totally if they don’t keep their connection to the natural world strong. It is vital for Sun Sagittarius 2 to eat good quality food, exercise and get plenty or fresh air and sunlight. If they consume too much plastic and EMFs they very easily fall into a deep depression. Losing their spiritual connection to nature is absolutely fatal for them. This is not an easy position for the Sun in a world that is constantly conspiring against these natural druids and the wisdom they hold. So what you might get here is a very genuine materialistic soul, or conversely, a hyperplastic person who doesn’t appear to even have a soul!

These folk can be moral crusaders and have great courage of their convictions. But in order for them to achieve anything at all they need to have a clear target. The most successful Sun Sagittarius 2’s will have a mission in life or will usually have a great passion for one topic. These are not multi-taskers and are quite blinkered in their vision. Austin Coppock calls this decan ‘The Bridle’ which is very descriptive of the energy of this decan. The horse of this centaur really needs steering down a specific avenue, because it is quite hopeless if left just to wander about aimlessly. I believe that is why the list of famous native is actually quite small compared to other sections. These folk can so easily fall down rabbit holes or lose their way. Usually, Sun Sagittarius 2’s failure is due to letting others confuse them so much, that they lose connection to their own, superior and very wise guidance system.

SUN SAGITTARIUS 2 EXAMPLES:  Francesco Franco, Osho, Walt Disney, Jean-Luc Godard, Carl Ponti, Maria Callas, Sinead O’Connor, Britney Spears, Ozzy Osbourne, Little Richard, Nicki Minaj, Tom Waits, Tyra Banks, Kim Basinger, Julianne Moore, John Malkovich, Teri Hatcher, Jeff Bridges, Daryl Hannah, Kenneth Branagh, Kirk Douglas, Jim Morrison, Frank Sinatra, Tom Waits, Jose Carreras, Robert Hand, Anna Freud, Noam Chomsky, Ann Coulter, Douglas Fairbanks, Diego Rivera, Edvard Munch.

1. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.11-12.
2. Star & Planet combinations Bernadette Brady. P 203
3. The fixed stars & Constellations in Astrology. Vivian Robson pg 199.

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21 thoughts on “Sagittarius Decan 2 ~ Dec 3 to 12 (10º-20º)

  1. Hi Marina.

    I was wondering if I should consider myself Sag Decan 2. My ascendant is 16 Sag. I also have a question about orbs. In a natal chart a conjunction would have an orb of 8. Does this same 8* orb apply for a transiting planet conjuncting a natal point on my chart. On the 1st of December the Transiting Sun was on 8* Sag. Would this be considered a conjunction at 8* because my natal Sun is at 16 Sag? Or, should I halve it, let’s say use a 4* orb instead? I have some major aspects coming up and I want to make the most of it: Transiting Sun conjunct Natal Sun, Transiting Mercury conjunct Natal Sun. Any thoughts?

    1. For transiting planets the orbs come right down to 1º. (for me that is, some use a wider orb) The faster planets are triggers for the slower moving ones. I also use precession correction which you can set your solar fire to use, if you have it, otherwise you have to do that manually. It roughly means for someone aged 40 that they will experience transits 30′ later that in the ephemeris states, which doesn’t really affect transits from the personal planets as they are so fast, but can make the difference of months with Pluto.

  2. Thank you again Marina for the work you do & all the knowledge you share on this site.

    Recently you have posted about the Nodes & how they are interacting with planets. For instance Mars trines the North Node on 24 December. How do we relate a sign’s degree in our North Node?

    Similar to how the Sun, Ascendant, Moon read & flavor the essence of self? Or does the degree only speak or a persons Higher Self/ Evolution / Destiny one is meant to fulfill?

    Example:My North Node is at 19:26 Sag in my 7th. Since Mars is trining the N.Node on 24 December would that mean an energetic pursuit of my High Self? Or the Higher Self calls one onto the path of destiny with a forceful voice?

  3. I’ll help you out with that one. Congrats its the Fall. Everything you dream up will work out for you. You have the face don’t you. But you lack the tools. Use what you have, do what you want. Just be good and mindful of the people around you. I’m experiencing the same thing except I understand everything. Be lucky your not me… That’s all I can say to a fellow me. P.S. Is the book reeling you home? You have 3 choices, red, middle and blue. Choose blue, and stay out of the night. That about the best advice I can give anyone.

  4. Hey Marina,

    I’m a decan 2 Sagittarius. Life has been…interesting. I know you’re busy with the 2015 horoscopes, but could you please tell me what you mean by “natural law”. You mention it several times, and it sounds somehow exactly what I should be doing.
    Could you please help?

  5. Hey Marina,

    1st I really enjoy this website, you have wonderful sense you teaching. For someone who has always been fascinated with astrology your site is an extremely treasured Treasure Chest of understanding. Thank you for helping many of us connect the dots!

    Can you explain to me how the specific Decans apply to the Nodes?

    I understand that the North Node calls attention to our Higher Calling, the South Node to traits that can be overexemplied or our comfort zone. ( I think of the south node as over active lower chakras).

    But how do the Decans of the Nodes interact with the personal planets? Does the North Node act as a Trinity? Or a lighted path leading to integration of self?
    Sun/masculine + Moon/feminine = North Node/ Divine Balance?


  6. Hi Marina
    I am a decan 2 8 dec sag and I really apreciate this post. I feel truth in your words and I honestly would just like to thank you. Your monthly posts never cease to amaze me. This post shed some light for me on why the decan 2 forecasts are always so significantly different, even weirdly out of place compared to d ecans 1and3. Thank you for confirming that sense of purpose for me that I knew was there all along. Keep an eye out, this one has some magic to show the world 🙂 im looking forward to the change to leo, its been a tough one. Thank You once again. steve

  7. …and Donny Osmond 9th December I believe, sun on Sabik?
    I have great affection for this decan as 3 of my favourite people have sun or moon on Sabik, maybe because it’s trine my moon. They are very loyal, to the point of martyrdom, screamingly funny, curious about everything, nervous but adventurous, very, very private and capable of firing lethal arrows when upset. They never forget a slight. They are healers and more psychic than they know, being far too practical to believe in that sort of nonsense, but I wonder whether their extreme sensitivity accounts for why they have to take to the hills to be alone having reduced me to helpless laughter. Very humane, but tricky.

  8. several examples here, the serpent is lucking, just as Sagittarius applies a fresh coat of paint, or gallops off to another cameo appearance, believing in the surface, not the slimy monster, like the amazing cruelty my sister’s in law played on their parents, my children’s paternal grandparents, stealing their inheritance fully aware of grinding, skimping existence, while they enjoyed huge incomes, they tied it up in a bow of clean legality, the great-grandfather changed his will, pay no attention to lawyer brother in law and the old guy, no longer ambulatory, was living in their house. It fueled a extravagant life style, second homes, entire summers abroad, and there was never a chink in the armor, the down cast looks belonged to my mother and father-in law.
    I had a wonderful friend, cancer moon man, we had fun generous, he had this gorgeous immaculate condo so I assumed his real home was the same right? Outside appearance was ordinary, over looking a beautiful lake of loons and pines, but rounding the corner his yard was all packed tumble down sheds, metal car parts, the house was like wise jammed.
    Together We created a weird atmosphere, people wanted to show off for us, vying for attention and he was a pet owner animal lover, like wise other 2nd decon sag I know

    I was just reading last night the VERY SAME topics you discuss here on the structuring of “time” in a book titled “Astrology Encyclopedia” by James R. Lewis, on the subject: “Calendar”. In it, the writer describes the history of how the marking of time was decided.
    How timely your post!.
    As I see this, the “structuring and controlling” of time came about, fundamentally, during the Age of Aries, and the rise of a patriarchal (i.e. masculine energy, inherently separate from Divine Creation) ruling structure.
    The ‘trauma’ of which you note (in your section above, ‘The13th Fairy & gnosis’), is the trauma of the change from a matriarchal (i.e. feminine energy, inherently OF Divine Creation) “UN”-ruling structure, that was the previous Age of Taurus. (I say “UN”-ruling to describe that era’s respect for the deep knowledge and power contained within the forces of life and nature, the wisdom of the divine, i.e. that which is not to be controlled or fully known. Hence, Ophiuchus, (Divine knowledge) that which has a ‘foot’ within the other 12 signs but remains ‘above’ them).
    In other words, basically speaking, within the Age of Taurus, people valued, worshipped, and respected the Creative forces, which are feminine by their nature (life-giving, nurturing, etc).
    With the Trauma-Shift to the Age of Aries, people ‘separated’ themselves from nature and then tried to control it.
    (But nature is “She Who Cannot Be Controlled”.)
    With the Age of Pisces, one would have hoped for forgiveness, compassion, and a re-uniting of the masculine/feminine duality that had emerged from the previous split brought about by the societies in the Age of Aries overtaking those in the Age of Taurus; but since the ruling structure in this Age of Pisces is still patriarchal, that cannot be achieved. In essence, the world religions that have emerged in this Age of Pisces are a ruse. Controlling, dominating, not respectful of the feminine half of humanity’s nature.
    It is apparent in our environmental destruction (among other things).
    Interestingly, this separation from a feminine to a masculine “frame of view” is also apparent when one studies our Greek & Roman mythologies. It is clear to see within these stories that the (Ophiucian, ‘serpentine’ AKA DNA, divine feminine wisdom) was something that man feared and felt a compulsion to control and alienate.
    This over-powering of the feminine nature is also apparent when one studies the evolution of our naming of the constellations, and the mythologies we have attached to them.
    Additionally, this ‘shaming’ of our feminine half of our nature is inherent in our current version of astrology in the naming as ‘good’ geometric aspects to the trine, sextile (which are masculine, energetically), and the naming as ‘bad’ geometric aspects to the square, opposition (which are feminine energetically).

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