June Astrology

The major aspects of month and their zodiac positions. Your love, career and energy horoscopes according to house position and what it means for all the zodiac signs. Links to … READ MORE

new moon june 2023

New Moon June 2023 ~ Good News?

The New Moon 18 June 2023 is at 26º Gemini Decan 3.  Aspect: Square Neptune. Fixed Star: Wazn in Columba the Dove. Tarot Card: 10 Of Swords. Healing Crystal: Dalmatian Jasper. new moon In Gemini Decan 3 … READ MORE


Full Moon July 2023 ~ Adventure

The Full Moon 3 July 2023 at 11º Capricorn Decan 2. Aspect: Opposite Mercury & Trine Jupiter. Fixed Star: Nunki in the vane of the archers hand in Sagittarius. Tarot Card: 3 Of Pentacles. Healing Crystal: Green Aventurine The full post … READ MORE

Cancer 2024 horoscope

Cancer 2024 Horoscope

YOUR CANCER HOROSCOPE BY THE DECAN FROM JUN/JUL 2023 TO JUN/JUL 2024 Welcome to your Cancer 2023 to 2024 year ahead horoscope forecast running from birthday to birthday. These new horoscopes … READ MORE

new moon july 2023

New Moon July 2023 ~ Evil Twin?

The New Moon 17 July 2023 at 24º Cancer Decan 3. Aspect: Trine Neptune. Fixed Star: Pollux in the head of the Immortal Twin in Gemini. Tarot Card: 4 Of Cups. Healing Crystal: Lapis Lazuli. The full post is now available … READ MORE

full moon June 2023

Full Moon June 2023 ~ Monomania

The Full Moon 3 June 2023 at 13º Sagittarius Decan 2. Aspect: Trine Mars. Fixed Star: Sarin in Hercules the Kneeling Man. Tarot Card: 9 Of Wands. Healing Crystal: Coral. Full moon In Sagittarius Decan 2 The Moon in Sagittarius decan 2 … READ MORE

blue moon august 2023 ~ Crystalise!

The Full Moon 30 August 2023 is at 7º Pisces Decan 1. Aspect: Conjunct Saturn. Fixed Star: Biham in Pegasus the Flying Horses head. Tarot Card: 8 Of Cups. Healing Crystal: Blue Jasper. THE FULL POST IS NOW AVAILABLE for members … READ MORE

New Moon May 2023 ~ Demon Slayer

The New Moon 19 May 2023 at 28º Taurus Decan 3. Aspect: Sextile Mars & Neptune. Fixed Star: Miram in the right arm of Perseus. Tarot Card: 7 Of Pentacles. Healing Crystal: Prehnite with Epidote. New Moon in … READ MORE

Full Moon August 2023 ~ Flamboyant

The Full Moon 1 August 2023 at 9º Aquarius Decan 1. Aspect: Square Jupiter & Moon Trine Ceres. Fixed Star: Alpha Tucana in the Toucan. Tarot Card: 5 Of Swords. Healing Crystal: Fluorite. The full post is now available for members … READ MORE


New Moon August 2023 ~ Trailblazer

The New Moon 16 August 2023 is at 23º Leo Decan 3. Aspect: conjunct Lilith square Uranus. Fixed Star: Pherkad in the right foot of Ursa Minor the Little Bear. Tarot Card: 7 Of Wands. Healing Crystal: Tiger’s Eye. THE FULL … READ MORE

Lunar Eclipse May 2023 ~ Grasping

The Lunar Eclipse 5 May 2023 is at 14º Scorpio Decan 2. Aspect: Opposite Uranus. Fixed Star: Zuben Elgenubi in the Southern Scale of Libra. Tarot Card: 6 Of Cups. Healing Crystal: Larimar. Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio Decan 2 There is … READ MORE