2019 YouTube Horoscope Videos

Here you will find some 6-minute promos of all the 2019 horoscope eBooks. Please bear with the visual production! I’m still new to this and aiming to get hold of a higher resolution camera and a daylight spotlight (rather than my old tungsten which gave off a yellow hue!) The plan is to present my moon posts in this manner and I hope to get better at ad-libbing and reading off the posts too!

I would love to focus on presenting more videos if that’s what people want. If you want to support that project, please become a Patreon. You can donate per video or set a limit each month. If I get enough Patreons I would like to present a monthly forecast too with a summary for what the cosmic weather means for each sign as some of my followers have expressed an interest in that. Thanks, Marina

3 thoughts on “2019 YouTube Horoscope Videos

  1. Hello, Marina. Thanks for these videos and all of your hard work. I have to note your wonderful portrait at the top of this page (“2019 Horoscopes” header). You exude beauty and wisdom out of that nice ‘cameo’. It definitely conveys your personal sincerity and openness.

    I look forward to 2019, although this year is certainly not over, especially in American politics. But my Sagittarius Ascendant is ready for Jupiter to arrive, and for new horizons. Thanks again for your interesting writings and webcasts. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Greg. I’m getting used to the video format now. God the lighting in these videos was awful, so unnatural and washed out compared to what I have now. I’ve almost finished the decans book so I can throw myself into video in 2019.

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