New Moon December 2014

New Moon on December 22 at 0º Capricorn

New Moon December 2014

This New Moon falls in Capricorn Decan 1 ~  I summarised this as Crystallising Dreams & Venerating Loved Ones. 
Decan rulers: Jupiter & Saturn. Deity: Asklepios, (God of Medicine)
“They have a strong and honorable work-ethic and are so religiously dedicated to whatever path they choose in life, that every business deal they make is sacrosanct. Everything in their life is a crusade, no matter how run-of-the-mill the situation might be..”

Moon on fixed star Acumen in constellation Scorpio. Mag 3.2 and is a star cluster known as the Ptolemy Cluster “there is a tendency to be either the ‘hellfire and damnation brigade’ or to take up a fierce anti-religious and even anti-God stance. But at their best, well aspected, they can have very sharp minds and a perception well above average as though, perhaps ‘blind’ to what we see and take for granted, they see what we do not, at levels where eyesight does not reach.” ~ Dr Eric Morse

New moon rituals are perfect for planting new seeds and starting afresh. We are essentially working on the blank canvas of the dark moon where our ideas can gestate in the new moon soil. These thought-seeds are slowly awoken by the growing crescent moon as the days progress towards the illumination of the full moon. The darkness of the new moon gives peace and tranquillity while our seed intentions slowly take root and sustenance form the fertile earth below. This period cannot be rushed and it is a great time to have some quiet dark-moon time to compose our goals and plans for the month ahead. Any wishes made at this time carry great force.

The moon is waxing (growing), so we are working in tune with nature if we are setting in motion things that we want to expand or blossom. This is also the best time to write a list of cosmic orders, which can be big or small. Large-scale projects can bare fruit in 6 months time when the full Moon is the same sign again. Smaller wishes have a two-week timescale to be birthed at the next full moon. The manifestation spell will be that much more powerful if the subjects that you want to birth resonate with the mood of the current new moon. Every month I will present the influences surrounding the current new moon and suggest ways of utilising its energy in order to make a powerful spell for manifestation or impregnation.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Your site looks better all the time..the daily aspects I check everyday …now I’ve another source. Have a good day!

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  2. I just want to ask about cancer decan for birthday of 12 th.
    You talked about it in October and its really effecting me negatively!
    Suffice to say all parts of my life. When does clear the decan ,and I am not sure if it was 2 or some other number. I am sure you understand what I am meaning. My 7/12/53 birthdate.

    Appreciate any insight to this struggling time.
    Seems overwhelming for sure. Help!


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  3. 7/28/66 16:36p Chicago IL – New moon 12/22 coming up – need income but do I do what I always do or is there something new that allows traveling – always a starving artist even played for the president – but a real good business person for others but not so good for myself – marriage on the rocks over finances and religion – I really want to live somewhere warm and magical but here I am a prisoner of love forever just one man 30 years- 19 years on and off career, last five years graduated college finally and breast cancer survivor too same time as graduation (joy killer). I have powers of magical projection and now almost everybody knows and fears me and I do too recently had a clearing with tuning forks kabbalah style-no where to hide but in plain sight –family disowned me and I cannot seem make any money since 2008 financial collapse…feeling like I am doomed hoping to fall into some money or run away. Help need answers — can’t wait much longer ??? I Love your stuff, I always give people free readings and massages. I just cannot charge anything—I do not know what is wrong with me–the goddess within will not let me. The only thing I charge for is my music now… Listen to my song “Around the Corner” or “Mr. Sun” download on I-tunes I have been stuck there since 2004, ten years later lost the yogi within and all my friends moved away. There’s got to be something better–Thanks in advance :| Love and light! SHE Studios

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