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Full Moon October ~ Raging Bull

The Full Moon on Oct 27 is at 2º Taurus in Taurus Decan 1
Aspect: Quincunx Saturn. Fixed Star: Sheratan. Dignity: Exhalted.

Harmonious Days: November 5  Moon sextile Sun.  October 31 Moon trine Sun.
Disruptive Days: October 26  Moon opposite True Lilith. October 20 First Quarter. 27º Capricorn.

Full Moon October 2015

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  1. Hi Marina
    Moon rituals are similar to interpreting dreams, there are many layers of interpretation, and whilst all interpretations are relatively true, the wiser and more in relationship we become with dream metaphor, archetype, and symbolism, then the more we’re able to step into wholesome and nourishing outcomes through our associations. There are many childish and ignorantly fear based ways of deciphering our foundational truth, which we could call truths, ultimately though these pathways eventually resonate in mature integrated life! …there is no such a thing as evil, or aliens, or even other(them), not in any ultimate sense! (there are a lot of immature entities on the path though) Fear interpretations lead to fear interpretations ad infinitum, like when we get tetnia during breathwork(re-birthing), if we don’t keep breathing through the process it becomes a dangerous experience! Keep breathing, don’t settle for the interpretations of those who have philosophical challenges to work through!


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