March Horoscope & Astrology ~ Ostara

Happy Ostara! March sees the perfect balance of day and night as we reach 0º of Aries and the beginning of the Pagan new year. The promise of Imbolc is fulfilled, the sap is rising as the natural world is coming alive again. Night and day are in equal length at the Spring Equinox and slowly we will notice that the days are getting longer. 

Ostara takes its name from a Germanic fertility goddess.  You can also clearly see the name has influenced the word ‘Easter’ in Christianity with much of the same themes carrying through. Of course the Greco-Roman traditions also have Aries as the first sign of the zodiac. The spring lamb no less. So we celebrate fertility, the return of our mojo and wanting to roll in the hay once more 😉  The cardinal, urgent Aries traits start to make themselves felt more and more as Aries season picks up momentum. We should all be feeling a little more frisky by now. So let’s shake off those winter cobwebs!

The Goddess Ostara is associated with the hare which is also a lunar symbol. The hare is a major symbol of fecundity as it can even conceive while pregnant. They don’t say “F*** like rabbits for nothing…” This hare eventually became the Easter Bunny who brought yummy chocolate eggs to the children on Easter Sunday. 

The Christian tradition has resurrection happening on Easter Sunday. The day that Jesus Christ ascended into heaven after his crucifixion. Easter is always celebrated on the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the Equinox! So the lunar theme continues. It is thought that Jesus was crucified on a Friday during the week-long Jewish festival of Passover. (Another holiday tied to the lunar calendar and the Equinox.) Mary Magdalene was thought to have discovered Jesus’s empty tomb early on a Sunday morning hence Easter Sunday.

So lambs of gods, fluffy looney bunnies and egg symbols make sense and are potent symbols for Spring. Ways to celebrate Ostara: Plant seeds in your vegetable or flower garden, spring clean the house, paint eggs, make egg-based dishes and yes go on..  eat copious amounts of chocolate! (As long as it’s egg and bunny-shaped you’ll still be in keeping with tradition, kinda.) Ostara crystals are Aquamarine, Amethyst and Rose Quartz and will not affect your waistline.

I have brought the monthly horoscopes back. Starting this month, they are in audio form taken from the yearly horoscopes. I decided to make the transcripts free in the end!

The March Monthly Horoscopes

Spring Equinox Horoscope

The spring equinox horoscope is known as the Aries ingress chart. Mundane astrologers will predict how the next 6 months will pan out based on this one chart. It will however have different ascendants depending on location, so I have drawn out an Aries rising chart here. It’s a pretty hopeful and optimistic horoscope with the squares being offset by harmonious soft aspects. I like the minor grand trine with Mars on brave dragon slayer Aldebaran. Mars is also trine Saturn which is a good balancing air trine. They both sextile fertile grain goddess Ceres also in passionate Aries. It looks like humans will want to get out into nature and do what humans like to do… lockdowns or not.  😉  God knows we need some frolicking!

March Astrology Report

March Astrology

1 Sun Into Pisces Decan 2
3 Mars into Gemini
3 Venus sextile Uranus
4 Mercury conjunct Jupiter
5 🌗  Last Quarter Moon ~ 15º Sagittarius
5 Sun square Nodes
9 Venus square Nodes
9 Sun Into Pisces Decan 3
10 Sun conjunct Neptune
13 Venus conjunct Neptune
11 🌑  New Moon ~ 23º Pisces
15 Mercury into Pisces
16 Sun sextile Pluto
18 Venus sextile Pluto
20 Sun into Aries Decan 1 ~ Spring Equinox
21 🌓  First quarter Moon ~ 1º Cancer
21 Venus into Aries
21 Mars trine Saturn
25 Mars sextile Ceres
26 Mars conjunct North North
26 Sun conjunct Venus
28 🌕  Full Moon ~ 8º Libra
29 Mercury conjunct Neptune
30 Venus sextile Saturn
31 Venus Trine South Node
31 Sun sextile Saturn



Happy Imbolc (Or Candlemas.) The first stirrings of spring are upon us! On February 4  this year the Sun is technically on Imbolc point at 15º Aquarius (Though it is often celebrated on the 1st or 2nd.)Here are 5 small ways to celebrate Imbolc. No T-squares this month, but Venus the planet of love will meet up both with Jupiter (Nice!) and with Saturn (Nice, but not in an obvious way!). 

So relationships are up for review especially since Mercury is also retrograde in Aquarius from February 1-21. Issues of commitment versus freedom are of concern on February 6 when Venus makes a square to Uranus. So a very busy few days for romantic Venus.

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Love affairs will be on people’s mind anyway with Valentines day coming up. Decan 1 fixed signs will get the most juice out of Venus this month as she dances between serious Saturn and jovial Jupiter from 5º ~ 11º Aquarius. You may have to choose between two very opposite suitors. I have brought the monthly horoscopes back. Starting from March, they are in audio form taken from the yearly horoscopes, but the transcripts are available for all level memberships on the post itself.


The Monthly Horoscopes Are Back!

February Astrology

Crystal Of The Month

February’s crystal is the AMETHYST. It is known to help with sobriety and clearing brain fog! Amethyst is the perfect remedy therefore for any nasty hangovers induced by Neptune square the nodes. (Was exact on Jan 28).


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Mercury Retrograde joins in the Aquarian ball when he meets up with Venus on Valentines day, of all days! Be prepared for some trickster surprises. You might find you have a secret admirer if you have any personal planets around 14º of the fixed signs. Look out for omens or who texts you on Valentines day. There could also be some love-bombing too with Venus square Mars on February 19 at 22º Aquarius/Taurus, so keep your shields up until you are sure this person is solvent. That’s what discerning Venus conjunct Saturn is for!  Last but not least, we get our first shot of what Saturn square Uranus will mean for humanity on February 17 at 7º Aquarius/Taurus. I have written about it in detail and called that aspect a ‘Techno Tyrant’. There are two more hits of this in June and December 2021. So beware of GM0 anything during those months especially and live as organically as you can.

Major Aspects

1 Mercury Retrograde ~ 26º Aquarius
1 Venus into Aquarius
1 Sun square Mars
4 🌗  Last Quarter Moon ~ 16º Scorpio
6 Venus conjunct Saturn
6 Venus square Uranus
8 Sun conjunct Mercury
11 Venus conjunct Jupiter
11 Mars sextile Neptune
9 Mercury conjunct Saturn ~ 1º Aquarius
9 Sun into Aquarius Decan 3
11 🌑  New Moon ~ 23º Aquarius
14 Mercury conjunction Jupiter
17 Saturn square Uranus
18 Sun into Pisces Decan 1
19 Venus square Mars
19 🌓  First quarter Moon ~ 1º Gemini
21 Ceres into Aries
24 Mars trine Pluto
25 Venus into Pisces
25 Sun sextile Uranus 
27 🌕  Full Moon ~ 8º Virgo


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