36 Ascendants By Sign

I am taking a break from the monthly Horoscopes for a while. Below you can find links to information about your rising sign.

Your Rising Sign


To get the best out of your yearly horoscopes, use the horoscope maker to find your rising sign and sun sign decan.

See more aspects of the year in the Astrology Of 2019.

Current Aspects, Ingresses & Moons

June 2019

June 3 New Moon at 12º Gemini
June 12 Mars conjunct North Node at 27º Gemini
June 14 Mars trine Neptune at 18º Cancer/Pisces
June 14 Mars opposite Saturn at 18º Cancer/Capricorn
June 16 Jupiter square Neptune at 18º Sagittarius/Pisces
June 17 Full Moon at 25º Sagittarius
June 18 Saturn sextile Neptune at 18º Capricorn/Pisces
June 19 Mars opposite Pluto at 22º Cancer/Capricorn

July 2019

July 2 Solar Eclipse at 10º Cancer
July 3 Mars trine Ceres at 0º Leo/Sagittarius
July 4 Saturn conjunct South Node at 17º Capricorn
July 4 Mercury Retrograde at 4º Leo
July 11 Mars square Uranus at 6º Leo/Taurus
July 16 Lunar Eclipse at 24º Capricorn
July 25 Mars trine Jupiter at 14º Leo/Sagittarius
July 31 New Moon at 8º Leo

Image ref: Photo by Andy Brunner on Unsplash

29 thoughts on “36 Ascendants By Sign

  1. Marina, The Aldebaran is interesting as F*ck!!!!! I want to know how or what do I look for to find the Aldebara placement in my personal chart!!!! It will definitely help to detec the Murderers from the Good Guys. lol . Thanx in advance

    1. Hi Cheree, look for planets or points in your chart between 7º and 11º of Gemini. It’s a major star so I’d give it this wide orb.

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