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My name is Marina. I am a self taught Brit-alian astrologer and illustrator based in the UK. 30 years of working with symbols and archetypes form the foundation of my astrological approach. I started Darkstar Astrology back in 2010 with my then husband. In January 2014 Darkstar astrology became a solo journey.

For reading natal charts, my technique uses the tropical zodiac divided into decans and incorporates the fixed stars. I blend that with modern approaches to aspect patterns from the Huber school. In 2015 I completed an Horary course with Deborah Houlding, owner of the amazing site Skyscript.  I have moved to using more traditional techniques since they are based on natural law and make use of the fixed stars. Read more about my transformation…. Re-Learning Astrology.

Darkstar Mission Statement

The name of the site Darkstar, is an oxymoron and describes my approach to astrology and life in general. You can only see the stars in the dark of night and we can only become enlightened by going through the nigredo (Blackening) stage in alchemy. This means facing our shadow. Persephone’s journey to the underworld describes the alchemical process very well. The fixed stars take us away from the earth and into another dimension, but it’s important to keep a balance between the heavens and the earth.

I continue to research for my future book on Lilith , Ceres and Eris. I am glad now that I did not rush to complete it because I realize that the Dark Goddess archetype is far greater than just Lilith. It is really all about the Persephone myth and what that means for humanity. In 2015 I was red-pilled about the negative effects of feminism on Western civilization. I realised there is a concerted attack on both the divine feminine and divine masculine by the mainstream media and educational institutions which is hugely destructive to Western family life. 

My aim to remove ads from this website all together and focus full time on fighting this information war for our souls. Freedom of speech and total ownership of the health of our bodies is extremely important to me. In that way we can we insure a safe future on planet earth for our children.

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38 thoughts on “Your Astrologer”

  1. I just bought four e-books. I am so happy with the writings, and the illustrations are spectacular. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  2. Hi Marina,
    I was wondering if there was an option to buy an e-book that included interpretations of all the decans for sale?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Stacy, there will be once I finish the interpretations for Mercury, Venus and Mars for all of the decans. (I’m about half way.) But then after that there might have to be another version that includes Saturn & Jupiter!

  3. I remember when I asked for a reading from you and Jamie in 2011 when I was 26… I loved your reading but was never satisfied. I subsequently sought 2 solar return readings from you b/c I wanted to learn your systems and found you contributing information and wisdom far beyond the fray. I know a great deal about myself asto-wise at this point. I have studied every method, including Huber in search of clarity (however, I still don’t agree with his house system). To mince my chart… I’ve multiple conjunctions including sun/mc 0’01, venus/mean lilith, mars/ceres, mercury/chiron, moon /neptune and nadir/uranus. Herein is a chart of dreaming and domination; this reaffirms my victorian bent between self-indulgence and isolation… the past-life aspect is interesting to me, with regard to whether it may or may not coincide with ancestral issues. Just wanted to say, I am so impressed by the fact that you are evolving in time rather than resisting, Marina. While many others have conveniently caved to comfortable, predictable or welcome ideology, you have not. I love your work and am grateful for what you do. Thank you : )


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