Lunar Eclipse September 2015


The Lunar Eclipse on September 28th 2015 is at 4º Aries and falls in Aries Decan 1
To Boldly Go & Red Ambition. Decan Ruler: Mars & Mars (Aries Triplicity). Deity: Aidoneus. (Aides, Hades.)

In terms of the decan in which this lunar eclipse falls, everything feels fresh, new, shiny and bouncy. This eclipse brings out our leadership qualities and makes us passionate trail blazers. ‘To boldly go’ is this moon’s motto, especially in relationships. Jump first and think later, this is why we could see many scandals, accidents and the consequences of rash decisions in the news around this time. Lunar eclipse september 2015Thankfully the Moon is trine Saturn which might help rein in some of the more impulsive tendencies of this decan. Putting a muzzle on this impulsive and dare-devil Moon is strongly advised as the fixed star Deneb Kaitos (to which the eclipse aligns) is quite a wild card. The Moon on Deneb Kaitos is said to be a ‘Pioneer, reckless, headstrong, violent temper, many quarrels.’  In my research I found some extremely successful people with the Moon Aries 1,  This is because these folk can be pretty ruthless on their way to realising their ambitions. This is a risk-takers eclipse which could mean we gamble everything on investments or a relationship. So this is one of those all-or-nothing eclipses that could shoot us sky high or cause disaster for us. Since Lunar eclipses are extremely emotional, if we do fall flat on our faces, we can expect a lot of tears and drama while we try to get back onto our feet. As I said earlier, the salty tears are purification, bathing in the salty sea might be a way to connect and then transmute the raging tears of the sea monster Cetus.

26th Lunar Mansion
Al Farch Al Mukdim  ~ Forespout Of The Waterbucket

When the moon is in this mansion, take your journey in the first part of the day, the remainder is not good. Wed not. Buy servants (Take on an employee in modern terms.). Build. Enter into ship. Take no fellowship. (Friendship) Beware that you shall not be seized (Mugged!).

Aspects: Moon opposite true Lilith. Moon trine SaturnFixed Star: Deneb Kaitos in Cetus the Sea Monster.

Harmonious Days: October 2 Moon trine Sun October 7 Moon sextile Sun.
Disruptive Days: September 28  Moon opposite True Lilith.  October 4 Last Quarter. 11º Cancer.

*Medieval Lunar Mansions taken from Ashmole 396 a medieval manuscript. Using the sidereal positions.