Grand Fire Trine 2014

Grand fire trine octoberOn October the 6th there will be a Grand Fire Trine in the sky. We have had Jupiter trine Uranus since September 13 already. But when Mars in Sagittarius jumps into the ring, we should expect to see it ignite some of the promises of Jupiter trine Uranus. Grand trines can sometimes be a bit of a disappointment because they are essentially passive. This is not always the case however because much depends on the planets and the element involved. A fire trine with Mars, Jupiter and Uranus? Chilled? Not on your nelly! This is a grand trine of inspiration and change.

I have already looked at Jupiter trine Uranus:
“This aspect thrives on change, novelty and new inventions and will often generate this for themselves and for others. These people are natural visionaries and inventors who often make their impossible dreams come true. Their sheer faith in future rainbows keeps them focused on doing whatever it takes to get to the pot of gold.”

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to complete a post on Mars trine Jupiter or Mars trine Uranus, but a list of some of the celebs who have these aspects may help us understand the elements of the Grand Fire trine a little better.

Mars trine Jupiter:
Julian Clary (02′), Roseanne Barr (02′), Mia Farrow (13′) Ferruccio Lamborgini (25′), Stephen King (38′), Yehudi Menuhin, Robert Hand, Princess Anne Of UK, Oklahoma Bombing, Leonard Di Caprio, Jack Bruce, Helen Keller, Heinrich Himmler, Gregory Peck, Chrissie Hynde, Brian Eno and myself!
Mars trine Jupiter gives great courage. It is similar to Mars square Jupiter “ Bawdy, go-getters, pushy, competitive, conquistadors, adventurers, heroic, dashing knights, irrepressible, winners, persistent, rollicking rollers, hot-blooded, enthusiastic, dare-devils, reckless.” The trine may tone down some of the more impulsive and fiery tendencies, but not by much in this case since this is a fire trine anyway.

Mars trine Uranus:
Antoni Gaudi (00′), Brad Pitt (03′), Charles Atlas (15′), Christopher Ingrassia (10′), Phil Collins (19′), David Icke (25′), Houston/Brown Davison (13′), Marshall Applewhite (31′), John Cage, Lynn Redgrave, Jim Jones, Eva Braun.
Mars trine Uranus give an electric sex appeal. It is similar to Mars opposite Uranus “ Risk-takers, adrenaline junkies, fireworks, emergency workers, electrically-charged, explosive, flash.” Again the trine should make the aspect easier to work with, but we have Jupiter amping up the wattage here.


I see this Grand Fire Trine as having the potential to heal what was crucified around the time of April the 23rd. All three of these planets were involved in the Cardinal Grand Cross April was an eclipse month just like this one, so there is a development happening. Translating the dynamic cardinal square energy to fire trine energy is similar to progressing from the Knight of Wands to the King of Wands in the Tarot. The trine has matured the swashbuckling and almost naively brave Knight energy, into something more wise and focused. It’s still fiery, but more contained, like a laser. So here we are, six months on, hoping that the April wounds have healed. To me it feels like the big moment of taking off the bandages after plastic surgery. Will it be shock or awe, or maybe a bit of both? The cardinal signs have taken the biggest battering this year and Aries in particular (Especially Aries decan 2) will probably feel this fire trine the most strongly. Anyone with any planets at 15º fire or to a certain extent 15º air will feel this trine go into them like acupuncture needles. If you have ever had acupuncture you may have experienced that feeling of the skin almost sucking the needles into it when one really needs healing. Well that’s how this trine will feel.

On a mundane level, as I said in the 2014 Horoscope “ The generational healing aspect of Jupiter trine Uranus could manifest a great discovery or invention that revolutionises the way we look after our young. I think it will benefit mothers most of all and give them liberation. Both Uranus and Jupiter are about freedom. Jupiter as traditional religion could also benefit from Uranus’s enlightening influence. This trine may bring a reinterpretation of what religion means for us, which could shatter our belief systems perhaps. The October 8 Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aries falls right in the middle of this and is conjunct the Uranus part of the fire grand trine. This turns it into a high flying kite. This could be the great day of revelation.”


Mars on Ras Algethi: “If in good aspect, it is supposed to give much enjoyment and favors from women. However, if unconnected with helpful planets, it is said to cause much irritation, especially in connection with the female sex. But, by its very Mars nature, Ras Algethi corresponds to boldness and a drive to gain power.” ~ Elsbeth Ebertin

Jupiter on Dubhe in Ursa major, the constellation “ is said to give a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger and revengefulness when roused.” ~ Robson

Uranus on Alpheratz: “Just, honorable, good speaker, domestic harmony if male, but not so fortunate for female, benefit from practical application of ideas, interest in occultism, considerable psychic power if female, favorable for gain.” ~ Robson

I’m personally very excited about the force of this wondrous grand trine. From October 11 – 14, the Grand Trine turns into a Kite. The minor grand trine part of the Kite is activated by the Sun/North Node at 18º Libra at the apex with Mars trine Jupiter at its base. Those with this plugging into their chart (18º Cardinal) can expect creative gifts and inspiration, which will help align them with their true life-path. Mars trine Jupiter gives the courage to push forward ones talents and dedication to ones art. If 100 critics rubbish your creations they are wrong! You are just ahead of your time. Those whose lives took a lightning bolt in April can use the inspired enthusiasm of this trine to get back on track again. This trine can re-invigorate you with confidence and give you the determination to succeed no matter what, despite any nay-sayers around you. So go on, get on your cosmic high-horse and reach for the stars!


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16 thoughts on “Grand Fire Trine 2014

  1. So excited about this!! I have my sun in Aries 17″, natal Mars in Leo 25″ and Neptune and Moon in Sagg 22″ and 28″ respectively. My plan for next year is to travel around the world and don´t know exactly how I’m going to do that… but I feel like a mysterious hand pulling me. Although in my next solar return I will have Saturn in my 3rd house. Would that matter?

    By the way, I love this website! Awesome work!
    Cheers from México

  2. I understand water. I understand earth. I’ve learned what air is. But fire I just am not sure. I have no personal fire planets. But I do feel this energy. Lazer is the best word I’ve heard to explain this sensation.

  3. I have a natal grand trine with two legs in fire. I think the fire to fire part of the trine has given me a some sort of confidence that everything will turn out OK – probably because it involves Sagittarius. With Mercury in Aries I can shoot from the hip – talk before I think kind of thing, or fall over my words because the mind goes faster than the mouth. The trine to the Sagittarius Moon is an ease in expressing feeling and a fiery enthusiasm, perhaps too much so ! Fire is inspirational and visionary and not very grounded so the fact that these transits are making a kite pattern is so fun because soaring is just so perfect for fire. I am hoping that a 5 d orb with this will still have a nice influence as I have Sun and N Node in that orb. Mars and Jupiter I assume be still have an affect but not sure about that Uranus. Some astrologers use 2-3 deg orb with the outer planets.

  4. My son has Venus right where Jupiter will sit, on his 7th H. He complains that he has not been able to hold any close relation with a woman more than 2 or 3 months. And now, he is jumping this mark and has already had a relation for 5 months. I wish him well.

    Curious and observing!

    Thanks Marina.


  5. Yay for me!!! The grand fire trine is applying to my ascendant at almost 18 degrees of Leo!

  6. I am anxious for the fire energy to flow. Lot’s of people indicate their displeasure with the status quo. It’s high time they stood together and said. “No more business as usual.” Mars had plenty of time to learn “fair is fair” last year. We need action now! Put the various governments on 2 weeks notice. They’re sacked. Alert the media. They’re too big for their britches and no longer necessary. Replace the Corporations with online business to business, peer to peer. The money has no power over us. It’s our Monopoly game and we are the bank, we make the rules. Nations are old and in the way. I didn’t incarnate to be stopped at the border fought over by ancestors: all meaning lost and the reasons forgotten.
    I have a Mars – Pluto – Jupiter – Uranus stellium in the Ninth House. The Sun on Oct. 6 opposes Uranus and is conjunct my Mercury and while Mercury Rx is conjunct my Sun.
    Monday, they said that a twin flame solar flare aimed at Mother Earth was the largest energy surge in recorded history. Lowered the strength of the magnetosphere and caused freaky weather globally. Wake up, people. It’s time to take the planet back and make the pirates walk the plank. As above, so below. Time to strike back against the Empire. “Freedom!” – William Wallace

  7. the person, Libra sun, in aspect to trine, can’t escape it….sat/cerces/conq scorpio , punished by the past, while mercury/scorpio/trine/Neptune/pisces longs to escape, great days to self medicate

  8. I also have a stellium in Ninth house: I’ll have five oppositions, two squares and even two incunjunctions that day, one of which messes with my 18′ Uranus+Neptune in Capricorn. In two weeks I’m moving to another continent after many months of thorough planning, I’m prepared mentally for a rough couple of weeks and that’s ok 🙂 I’m so excited for the completely different lifestyle I’m ready for all the changes I must make!

  9. I agree with what you say, but fear Mars god of war showing who is boss at the moment. World events happening as forecast so aptly by our astrologers
    ( Pluto in Capricorn as related to – world structures) World and earth planetary events so disturbing. Everything in flux. EVERY THING.

    1. Mars can only bully if we buy into the fear. Don’t watch the news. I only ever do rarely, to check if its reflecting whats happening in the sky. Usually anything important is relayed back to me via facebook or these comments. There is absolutely no point in watching propaganda designed to dis-empower you!

  10. I’m glad to head this could bring some healing to those affected by the Cardinal cross – I took quite a hit – nervous breakdown almost and had a stutter (my ascendant was that infamous 13 degrees, although gemini) for almost a week after. I have a lot of cardinal energy (sun moon merc, jup,uranus mars nodes saturn) and with a moon conjunct saturn at 17/ 18 Aries I nearly selfcombusted. Gained a promotion then and now my co-workers are pushing me to take the top job – I need this post not for selfish ego reasons but to push ahead the changes needed for social change – long-term projects that are much needed in my field and area of work. Hope in my heart that that what I am trying to implement, despite the many enemies and false fiends hanging around, that they will have a large impact…in time, well beyond my implementation. Grand trine energy here I come! Thanks Marina for a very inspiring and heart-warming post.

  11. I always usrd tto study post in news paoers but nnow aas I am a user off internet thus frm now I am using net ffor content, thanks tto web.

  12. With my Pluto at 15 leo, 4th house which has Jupiter visiting… I’ve been wondering if this will be powerful. Mostly because my Jupiter 11 capricorn has Pluto visiting at the same time. I could use a dash of brilliance having just
    come out of hurricane in southern Baja. Perhaps this Fire Trine will awesome… Thanks for your all your work, J

  13. this grand trine occurs on my mars return in Sag 10th house. just waiting on whatever positive influence it may have for my 10th, 2nd, and 6th houses. I started a 2nd job (part time) on Sept 29 and it’s been great, and it came out of the blue. it’s adding much needed funds to my bottom line and the job is neither stressful nor tiresome, and it’s just a few minutes from my home. I don’t know if that’s the benefit that the lunar eclipse (in my 2nd house) or the grand fire trine is bringing to me but it certainly feels good right now to have the right amount of income.

    hoping that there’s more good news to come for my career, income and daily routine.

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