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Each Gemini decan is a 8 page, beautifully illustrated ebook in pdf format. The ebook includes interpretations for the Sun, Moon, AC, MC, Mercury, Venus & Mars in each decan. There are also detailed explanations of the fixed stars in the decan. Examples in the links below.

Gemini Decan 1 ~ Gemini Decan 2 ~ Gemini Decan 3

Gemini Horoscope 2019


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15 thoughts on “Gemini eBooks

  1. I wondered same thing about the ruling planets for each decan. Two of my Astrology texts say same thing as you: Ruler of 1 – Mercury. Ruler of 2 – Venus. Ruler of 3 – Uranus. Am curious if it is diff. on this site because it’s a diff. branch of astrology. If so I’d like to know more because aside from the ruling planets, it’s a very fitting description. Great read!

  2. I’m a Gemini Decan 2 and yes I easily accept abandoned things. I also hate being abandoned. Getting older I realized how my upbringing is affecting me in the now, and my too-independent streak and outspokenness often leads to hurtful situations. I get hurt more but I also realize the type of person one is. I still stay cool and act friendly with them because of social etiquette, but there is no way in hell would I ever want to keep contact or keep them as a friend. I like animals better though especially the stray ones. We seem to forge a better relationship than those that try to keep me as contact due to work or school reasons.

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