The Solar Eclipse August 21 2017 falls at 28º Leo decan 3. This is the big one, the Solar Eclipse on one of the royal stars of Persia, Regulus. The famous fixed star in the heart of Leo the Lion. The Sun in mundane astrology signifies the ruler of the country. Eclipses used to be feared as being an omen for the death of a King as the Moon blots out the Sun’s glorious rays. In this case, the Moon will cast a shadow over Donald Trump’s yellow mane because he happens to have Regulus rising in his birthchart, and it is conjunct his Mars too! The Solar Eclipse August 2017 is very important for the American people, as not only does it directly impact their leader, but it will be visible across the whole of the United States. (For the first time since 1979.)

More than 90% of the Sun will be covered in Washington DC, the throne of world power. Like it or not, decisions made in the White House have a huge effect on the rest of the world. (Even if the President himself is limited in the scope of his own power) “The Royal Stars… were also believed to govern events in the world. Major disasters, breakthroughs, and historical phenomenons were seen as caused by the stars… When the stars were aligned accordingly, favourable conditions followed, and when they were negatively aligned, disaster was predicted. Because Regulus was the most influential of the Royal Stars, events that took place while Regulus was in dominance were amplified and grave, foreshadowing destruction.”

In the case of the Solar Eclipse August 2017 I would say the alignment is quite positive, however, you could say that a Solar Eclipse in of itself is ‘negatively aligned’ due to the Moon blocking the Sun’s power. Therefore this Solar Eclipse could have a malefic effect on leaders or elites who connect with it, as Trump does. It will be interesting to test out this eclipses effect as it plays out over the following 6 months.

Solar Eclipse August 2017 ~ Leo Decan 3

Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Eva Peron and Gandhi are great examples of the Moon in this decan. Therefore this Solar Eclipse August will bring formidable commanders to the fore in times of war, when life or death decisions need to be made quickly. The Moon adds a nurturing touch to the decan in general, but we still get tough-love. That means any leaders will have to risk making short-term, austerity measures or unpopular decisions for the sake of the long term prosperity.

A Leo decan 3 Solar Eclipse will not sugar-coat for the sake of popularity. In a sign that seems so ego-driven, it is surprising perhaps that this Solar Eclipse energy is actually more about helping others than itself (Especially now with Regulus in Virgo which is more about service to others). Much depends on the souls evolution of those touched by this eclipse. Harsh aspects from their own chart could twist the energy into a ruthless drive with tyrannical tendencies. Mostly the moon here is admired for generating great courage. Heads of nations, companies or family, become trail blazers and will do whatever it takes to protect those in their care.

The roaring lioness who protects her cubs is the most obvious symbol of this solar Eclipse. At the mundane level this is the great patriot willing to die for their country. It is certainly best to keep these natives as your friend and not an enemy! Loyalty is their number one demand, so woe betide you if you betray them. (especially those with Moon close to fixed star Alfard!) At worst, those touched by this powerful solar eclipse will suffer greatly if they stoop to revenge, and they won’t care who else they bring down with them.

Solar Eclipse August Astrology

Solar Eclipse August 2017



  1. You do not like Donald Trump but when you talk as an astrologer, you must forget it. The truth is this eclipse will make the President stronger than he is now.
    I do not trust astrologers who have political orientation. They give to the public just “fake horoscopes”.
    This is why so many astrologers told H.Clinton would be president even in her natal chart+USA chart was clear she can not win.
    This eclipse will show to the people many dark secrets of the elites. But as I said, it will give more power to the President.
    Have a nice eclipse! Enjoy it!

    • Well I did predict Trump actually. I didn’t like him after Syria, but I don’t think he is any worst or better than most politicians. The press don’t like him that’s all but they are as powerful as the church used to be over peoples minds. I think it will either make or break him!

    • Tara Donald j trump is a fraud and everyone else around him to. The little thing about power is get it is just one thing but the real leader is actually able to hold onto it. President trump has all ready preparing for his 2 ND term in the white house so much so he’s using the $ 106.000.000 million dollar he collected as a private citizen toward his campaign. President trump all ready tapped into those funds to hire an attorney $ 50.000 retainer for his eldest son who is not part of the trump administration that’s against the law if there will be enough evidence for impeachment he have to return that 106 million to the donors that is not his money. Next year when Saturn moves into Capricorn and oppose the president natal mercury things will be very different for him because mercury rules Gemini and Gemini is the ruler of president trump 10th house for him mercury retrogrades will have a special meaning it’s also equally important that his progressed moon will move into the 12 th house witch rules secrets and stuff he hides he’s progressed moon will make 3 contacts to progressed mercury natal Pluto and natal Mars so let’s see how long YOUR president will last in d.c.

    • Saturn on Trump’s Moon didn’t stop him moving into the Whitehouse. Trump is no more a fraud than 99% of politicians. In fact, if he was better at lying the press might like him more!

  2. After the events of this weekend (12 August 2017) I am hoping for a positive return to higher reality. I’m m personally would like to see the Truth come to light.

    • Me too, Tom. Sadly in this day and age so many are not on the side of either positivity or reality. Its all ego and self will.


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