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Libra Horoscope 2014The October Horoscope 2014 is divided into weeks so you can refer to them as the month progresses. I shall be making videos for each week  for those who want to catch up on youtube. Please subscribe to my youtube channel for the updates.

Week 1 Oct 1 – 7 ~ Angels Calling
week 2 Oct 8 – 14 ~ Breaking Chains
Week 3 Oct 15 – 21 ~ Slinky Sextiles
Week 4 22 – 31 ~ Easy Skanking..


The big news this month is of course that it’s eclipse month. The Lunar eclipse on Oct 8 in Aries and the Solar Eclipse on Oct 23 in Scorpio. To start with though we get Mercury Retrograde on Oct 4. During this time we also have the Sun close to Mercury and Venus, which makes them combust. In traditional astrology this means these planets are not seen and are quite secretive. They lose some of their power to the almighty Sun. This is good for leaders, bosses and those secure in their sovereignty, but not so good for those who depend on the good graces of those in power. Therefore it’s always good to consider when planets are combust when you have to deal with authority figures. I am a great believer that if we are grounded, centred and focused on our path then our free will will override fate. (And such things as combustion!) But if you like to be extra sure and if you do need to ask a big favour from someone in higher status than yourself, check out the dates below. Try to time your meeting for when the Sun is within 17’ of Mercury or Venus depending on which planet is pertinent to your issue.

For communication, commerce, exams, medical matters ~ Sun combust Mercury from October 13 – 20 (Cazimi from Oct 16 7.04pm BST, 11.04am PDT – Oct 17 2.04 am BST, Oct 16 6.04pm )
For love, the arts, decorating, women’s issues, beautifying ~ Sun combust Venus all of October (Cazimi from Oct 24 6.04am BST, Oct 23 10.04pm PDT – Oct 26 1.04pm BST, 6.04 PDT)

October Week 1

Oct 1 Quarter Moon at 8º Capricorn 8.32pm BST, 12.32pm PDT. Oct 2 Sun on Diadem. Oct 3 Sun on Porrima Oct 4 Mercury Station Retrograde 6.02am BST, 10.02pm PDT. Sun square Pluto, Mars square Chiron Oct 5 Mars trine Uranus, Ceres conjunct Saturn. Oct 6 Grand Fire Trine, Sun on Algorab. Oct 7 Sun opposite Uranus.

This whole week is blessed with the glorious grand fire trine. Hopefully this will inspire us with wonder at how fantastic the world can be. So for this week switch off the news about the Ebola virus and ISIS in the middle east and try to connect with what these “can do” planets are saying to you. The Fire trine comprises of Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries all around 14º of these signs. This aspect is super zesty. Yes I know its also Mercury retrograde too this week, but if you read that post you will also see that the retrograde journey is actually rather brilliant because it will take you on an inspiring voyage to Spica, the very fertile sprig of wheat that Virgo the angel holds.

I prefer to think of Virgo as an Angel, rather than an uninspiring and sterile Virgin. I say that because the true meaning of the word Virgin has lost its magic over time, but Spica the star retains much of what this sign is truly about which is… practical magic and herbalism. But first this week the Sun touches the star Diadem, which is in the tiara found in the constellation of Berenice’s hair. Berenice chopped her flowing locks off to ensure that her husband returned safety from war. Could this be about sacrificing our spiritual purpose in the name of love, or I think this can work the other way where we might have to sacrifice love to become a chaste priestess or priest, at least until some important work is created. This choice will probably be highlighted just around the Quarter Moon on Oct 1 which is conjunct the planet of hard knocks, Pluto. The dark lord could force us to be quite ruthless with what we amputate from our lives. If we make the right choice on what needs pruning, then we can really enjoy the inspiration flowing from the Grand Fire Trine that peaks on Oct 6.


But before we can make use of the spiritual flames we have to contend with the Sun on Porrima on Oct 3. Astrologer Vivian Robson interprets Porrima with the Sun as follows “ Involved in an intrigue, some difficulty of short duration leaving native in unpleasant position.” I think then this day before Mercury goes retrograde, which is quite a wobbly day anyway, could bring up the “intrigue” if this touches your chart. I think it maybe something in the collective that debases the divine feminine, or literally a female spiritual leader could come up because this is also a prophetic star. I think it is interesting that this star is sometimes listed as “An Atonement” or “ The submissive one” and Robson lists it as Caphir which actually means infidel. Eric Morse says; “The Arabic title Caphir (infidel) no doubt springs from the Islamic revulsion of pagan goddesses”. This revulsion of female divinity, and with that the ability to prophesy is s similar to the Diadem theme of subjugating one’s prophetic powers to appease a relationship.

This all doesn’t quite square with the general meaning of the Porrima as being “courteous, refined and lovable character with prophetic instincts.” It’s strange then that this star only becomes a tad negative when combined with the Sun, which we could read as these Angel/Virgo powers becoming dangerous in the hands of the elite, or that they shouldn’t be used for ego or in a left brain fashion..I suggest if you are touched by Diadem/Porrima’s influence this week (That is you have planets or angles in your chart at 9º/10º Libra), that you hold your head high and don’t rise to any inflammable bait. Remember you have the option to glide away gracefully, you don’t need to take on whatever is being thrown into your energy field.


week 1 Merc retroFunny I mentioned ISIS, (The jihadist state, not the goddess!) before I saw the connection with Caphir and Porrima. I just feel with some of the aspects this week there is such a sharp contrast between beautiful possibilities but also really dark shadows of terrorism and ill treatment towards the sacred feminine. I don’t want to go into a political rant, but I suggest you look into the origins of this extreme movement “reports have surfaced of ISIS soldiers slashing women’s stomachs and burying children alive” ~ foreignaffairs.com. I myself am suspicious at how ISIS has managed to gain such a grip in the Middle East who is funding it? Events in the world seem to be targeting the sacred feminine, just when it is becoming so powerful.

For me ISIS is a very strong manifestation of Uranus square Pluto aspect which we have had on and off all year. Its not exact right now, but on Oct 4 the same day as Mercury Retrograde we do have Sun square Pluto which brings up power struggles, competition, survival instincts and hidden motivation, but through all of this is the absolute necessity to trust and not allow our soul families be divided. In our personal lives there is a great sexual tension here and there could be jealousy too. The build up to this grand trine will be extremely intense. However on Oct 5 the exact Mars trine Uranus gives us the iron will to push forward revolutionary ideas and to force change. It could bring out a feisty leader, maybe a female, but they will be very unusual in their fighting methods. Oct 6 the Grand Fire trine finally peaks and at the end of the week the Sun opposite Uranus could make us feel extremely wired by all the electricity and euphoria in the collective. Adrenaline is pumping as we feel we are on the crest of a wave. The cardinal signs, especially could experience a quite a surprise on Oct 7 with a sudden reversal of fortune. Have faith!

October Week 2

Oct 8 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aries 11.50am BST, 3.50am PDT. Mars trine Jupiter, Venus square Pluto. Oct 10 Mercury into Libra. Oct 11 Mars sextile North Node, Venus opposite Uranus, Sun sextile Jupiter. Oct 12 Sun conjunct North Node. Oct 14 Venus sextile Jupiter..

Libra Horoscope 2014There is an abundance of electrical vibes in the cosmos right now and they all come to a crescendo with the Lunar eclipse at the start of this week. This Lunar Eclipse effect will last for three months, and mostly effect those with important placements at 15º of the cardinal signs (That is Aries, Libra, Cancer & Capricorn). I’d use an orb of up to 3º. The eclipse is in Aries and will fall on the fixed star Alpheratz in constellation Andromeda. Alpheratz is a very important star of liberation and used to also be part of freedom loving Pegasus which is Andromedas’ high flying neighbour. Freedom seems to be the theme of this eclipse as the Moon is also conjunct the enlightener Uranus. For this Lunar Eclipse then, in order for the collective’s souls to evolve, we must address our own personal shadow sides. But somehow this will feel much less daunting than usual as great courage is available to us if we consciously connect to the brave Mars trine Jupiter aspect in the sky this week. Although I believe this is a thoroughly positive, liberating Lunar Eclipse, cutting through Andromeda’s steel chains could leave us with a few cuts and bruises, but we still won’t care as the cosmic adrenaline rush will numb us to any pain.

This Eclipse is a harvest moon in the pagan calendar. The symbol of the harvesters scythe is quite apt for a moon that will cut through any karmic binds.  I believe that the stress and trauma of Aprils Cardinal Grand Cross will be healed by this glorious Grand Fire Trine. I mean, just look at the way the great blue triangle turns what could have been a really fraught Lunar eclipse into a beautiful, flying Pegasus Kite. Yes there is Venus square Pluto which shows the initial bondage of Andromeda and also highlights possibly being too chained to our obsessions and desires. However I believe the drive to liberty is just too strong for this eclipse to keep us in bondage any longer. Mars trine Jupiter on this day gives us great confidence and energy to rise above any obstacles and create win, win situations for everyone. There is a great enterprising spirit this week and a quite feeling of crusading.


week 2 eclipseOct 11 is another exuberant day when with Sun sextile Jupiter, this gives us the urge to grow and become bigger than just our little physical 3D bodies. We will want to reach a larger audience with our ideas, or with our business and there is a great urge to become international. We are so optimistic and confident we are prepared to speculate and take huge risks even. This weeks energy inspires us to be pioneers and experience different countries and cultures in order to expand our understanding of our fellow man. These aspects are all part of a magical minor grand trine with Mars, and on Oct 13 to cap it all, at the apex of this triangle we have glowing Sun conjunct the North Node. This will allow people to come together to accomplish a common goal, we will naturally elect the right teacher to guide us at this time. Wise mentors show up and no-one need take power by force.

Venus opposite Uranus also on Oct 11 brings in social excitement, eccentric behaviour and some wild, liberated expressions of our feelings, probably as a result of the eclipse loosening us all up. There maybe some artistic expression of rebellion and some imaginative flash mobs. Mars sextile North Node also activates cooperation and group activity. There will be a strong urge to do something constructive as a collective. We certainly wont feel it’s enough to just navel gaze, we really want to bond with others and make some sort of stand. Of course inner work is vital too, but the energy of this week is definitely to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Diplomatic Venus joins the minor grand trine at the eleventh hour and shines her glorious rays of love over anyone who is still feeling quite wired and she will also help calm the more nervy, sensitive types who might be feeling a bit frazzled from all the excitement.

October Week 3

Oct 15 Last Quarter Moon at 22º Cancer 8.12pm BST, 12,12pm PDT. Venus conjunct North Node, Mercury sextile Lilith, Sun sextile Mars, Oct 16 Sun conjunct Mercury Rx, Ceres square Lilith. Oct 17 Mercury sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Venus. Oct 19 Jupiter sextile North Node, Sun sextile Lilith. Oct 20 Mars trine Lilith, Venus sextile Mars, Venus sextile Lilith, Mercury sextile Jupiter. Oct 21 Mercury conjunct Nodes.

Libra Horoscope 2014This is superb week for recovering from all the planetary bombastic-ness of the last two weeks. We are in an eclipse month so we need to be consciously working with the planets to ignite positive change in our lives, but we also need to relax and pamper ourselves too. It’s important to be proactive at these times, but in order to give out we must also be able to allow our bodies to receive. For those of you who give to the point of exhaustion this can be a challenge, but do try hard to allow this. Because this is THE week for receiving and allowing energy to do what it will to your chakra system. Just lie back on the current of life and see where it takes you. There are so many sextiles this week due the triple conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Venus around 22º Libra connecting to Mars trine Lilith. This will be felt as quite a sexual surge for those fire and air signs at 22º. Those who want to get tantric with this should not waste this great opportunity for some healing sex magic. The best day for this would be Oct 20 when Lilith tingles both Mars and Venus and a very slinky Kundalini raising minor grand trine.

week 3You can see from the quarter Moon chart that so many planets are hovering between 22º to 25º. This an extremely potent quarter Moon because of that cluster of aspects while the Sun is still within orb of the very fortunate star Spica too. There is much witch doctor energy afoot due to Mars being on Ras Alhague, the star found in the head of Ophuichus (The snake charmer) and Saturn being on Unukalhai in the throat of the serpent that this snake charmer is holding. Astrologer Vivian Robson says that Mars on Ras Alhague gives “Trouble through writings, public censure in connection with religion, science or philosophy.” But now brace yourself for what he says about Saturn on Unukalhai, well you have to gasp at this one “ Secret insanity, drug taker, secret crime and poisoning often for no reason, shrewd, cunning, intelligent, studious, often physician or nurse, usually unmarried, may commit suicide or be confined in an asylum or prison.” I have a rather different take on the constellation Serpens, of which Unukalhai is the main star. You can read what I say on the Lilith constellation here – Serpens.


Saturn on Unukalhai, makes me think of someone like the serial killer Harold Shipman who was a British doctor and got away with killing over 250 patients. Anyway that’s obviously the most negative manifestation of this placement, but who knows there may be someone out there that does gets flushed out by this powerful quarter Moon. To cap it all the Moon will be closest to Pollux the dark, immortal twin of Gemini too. So yes we do start the week with quite a grim quarter Moon, but things do get much better as the week progresses. I believe that these poisonous stars will be transmuted into good healing medicine by brilliant Spica later in the week. One good aspect within this Quarter Moon is the exact Sun sextile Mars which generates positive action, decisiveness, great initiative and best off all, (bearing in mind the toxic potential of the stars, the ability to handle stressful situations. Also on this quarter Moon day we have Venus conjunct North Node which unites and bonds people together, so its not all bad news.There will be a strengthening of GOOD karmic bonds and the willingness to co-operate for the greater good no matter how tough it gets.

The magic can start to kick in around Oct 16 with Sun cazimi Mercury. I mentioned the importance of how to play this very close conjunction in the intro, so do recap if you don’t know what cazimi means. But basically cazimi allows Mercury to mind-meld with our crown chakra so we can demonstrate mental strength and powerful unity of right and left brain. Mercury is functioning in left brain mode anyhow with the retrograde, while the Sun can help ground the more poetic, dreamy side of the retrograde vibe. There should be a great need to communicate through writing, with spells and prescriptions having extra strength today. Of course with Ceres square Lilith be careful what sacred herbs you take today, because there is the possibility of poisoning. Those fixed signs at 22º with delicate stomachs should avoid alcohol and rich foods at this time because you will get the hangover from hell the next day if your are not careful. If you want to go for some colonic irrigation however, toxins will be easily dislodged and erm flushed out… Oh yes, you will definitely purge!

I would then wait for Oct 17 to party because Mercury sextile Mars ensures lively conversations at social gatherings. There should be great camaraderie and sense of humor all round. On the same day Venus sextile Mars could play cupid and stimulate romance between guests due to heightened cosmic serpent energy stimulated by the stars. The sexual magnetism in the air is certainly palpable on this day. I would perhaps lock the upstairs bedrooms if the teenagers are having a rave… Oct 19 Jupiter sextile North Node could mean wedding bells for some! If this aspect touches you then the people you connect with at this time, will seem to have a soulmate quality and they could effect your life for years to come. Do take advantage of the opportunities and offers that come your way on Oct 19 because they will be important for your souls evolution. Wow, this looks like a wonderful week for couples getting together . Because the magical Lilith energy I mentioned at the start peaks on Oct 20 while Mercury Rx sextiles Jupiter at the same time. This blossoming of the mind make us yearn for exotic shores and be inspired by ancient cultures. If we can’t take this blissful trip in the 3D world we shall certainly do some amazing shamanic journeying within and to the 4D world and beyond… This week we plant the seeds of our most daring desires as we anticipate next weeks transformative solar eclipse in Scorpio.

October Week 4

Oct 23 New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 0º Scorpio. 10.56pm BST, 2.56pm PDT. Venus into Scorpio, Sun into Scorpio Decan 1. Oct 25 Mercury Station Direct, Sun conjunct Venus Oct 26 Mars into Capricorn. Oct 27 Venus trine Neptune, Ceres into Sagittarius Oct 28 Sun trine Neptune. Oct 30 Mars sextile Neptune, Mercury conjunct North Node. Oct 31 1st Quarter Moon at 7º Aquarius 2.48am BST. Venus sextile Pluto.

libra4This week starts with the big one. The solar eclipse at 0º Scorpio which will be in effect for the next six months. This will hit you most strongly if you have anything important around 0º of the fixed signs in your birthchart. I’d use an orb of up to 3º. I really like the look of this week because all the aspects are harmonious, plus Mercury goes direct also. So yes, our soul will get bashed by the Solar Eclipse, but we can recover in a jacuzzi of yummy sextiles and trines. But first lets have a look at the eclipse chart. This eclipse will be conjunct Venus the planet of love and falls on Miaplacidius a star in Argos the ship. Eclipses can have the power to “breakdown” areas of our lives which can make us feel quite fearful of them, but if we are aware of where they are likely to hit us, we can attempt to transmute the eclipse into a “break though” I tend to think the solar eclipses have more of a “breakthrough” quality about them, since New Moons do generally herald a new start. Plus you have to understand the quality of the eclipse itself and each one is different, some being more challenging than others.

ONE LOVE (People Get Ready)

So this eclipse, as I said earlier, falls on the the star Miapacidus. found in the keel the ship. The keel holds the whole ship together like a spine and is always built first, so this star can help us build a strong backbone. This Solar Eclipse then calls on us to be sturdy and robust, like the wood in the keel of Argo the ship. Those of us plugging into this eclipse carry a great deal of responsibility to make things right. They have the opportunity to end a cycle of family karma once and for all. It’s not about making the decision that makes the least waves, it’s about looking inside and feeling what is right deep in your gut. So as you steer your ship ignore any “monsters” wailing at you from either side and look straight ahead through the rocks and fix your eyes to the horizon. I suggest you read the Solar Eclipse post to see exactly what I mean by “Monsters” and to explore the meaning of the eclipse in more detail.

On the day of the eclipse both the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio and there will be a shift in energy towards the deep, dark psyche, the hidden and the taboo. We are also moving into the part of the year where the veil between dimensions is thinner and we have Halloween coming up. How lovely that we don’t have any scary aspects for this week then. Mostly the cosmic weather has a fairytale and even angelic quality about it. First I have to mention the exact Sun conjunct Venus. (Cazimi ) on Oct 25 the same day Mercury goes direct. Venus maybe a little shy in her detriment but she still can wield a lot of power behind the scenes. Generally we should be feeling affectionate and friendly towards humanity, have the need to see beauty and feel extremely appreciative of the arts. Life has a glowing rose-tinted aura and everything is pink and fluffy. The world seems like it has Bob Marley’s song “One Love” as its sound track as we all get together and feel alright…as it was in the beginning..


week 4 sol eclipseThe “Easy now” vibe continues as on Oct 27 we get Venus trine Neptune, now we can really get into enjoying a fantasy life. With this influence we can build a beautiful artistic creation. It may just stay in our brain or we can let it spill out onto the canvas. The temptation at the moment though, really is just to dream our desires rather than act on them. That can come later because on Oct 28 the Sun trine Neptune gives another romantic day where we can come together with like minded souls and enjoy music or the arts within a festival setting. At this time I do think it is important to bond together with similar vibration souls for it will feel very life affirming. The loved-up atmosphere caused by such beautiful aspects this week will be healing and energising for those who let themselves open up enough to receive it. Spending time in places of great natural beauty and museums filled with sacred objects will also help tune in to this otherworldly, ethereal vibration.

Oct 30 Mars sextile Neptune brings us out of the floaty zone and inspires us to get physical again. This makes us think about the power our beliefs hold over us and how we can change them. There is a desire to take more risks again, but we can be more sensitive than usual when pushing people forward towards realising goals. We naturally feel more patient with those souls who are still a little slow to wake up. We suddenly realise a gentle nudge towards what makes them feel happy is far more effective than over-zealous political ranting about what they should or shouldn’t be doing. Oct 31 It’s Halloween and aptly on this day Venus sextile Pluto brings some intensity back and also a quarter Moon in Aquarius. Sharing and trusting will be important and will make us feel strong amongst our clan wether they be family members or a spiritual group. You can chuck all the fall-out from the Eclipses on the Samhain fire and start preparing the soil for winters hibernation.

All times in BST & PDT  +1 hours to BST for CEST,  -5 Hours for EDT, -10 Hours for AEST

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1. Aspect Pattern Astrology Bruno & Louise Huber pg 248

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