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Scorpio Horoscope 2014We start the month reeling from last month’s eclipses and recovering from the illuminating Mercury retrograde. This months Full Moon on Nov 6 falls in Almach in Andromeda, the very same princess who was unchained by the Oct 8 Lunar Eclipse. This full Moon helps us to be tenacious and ambitious; if this touches your chart then it will inspire you to rise to the top through sheer determination, patience and stamina. This Full Moon makes us mild mannered, ace seducers and extremely persuasive. Taurus rules the throat so if we are making a speech or singing on this day and this touches our chart it could make us powerful orators or singers.. The star Almach  in Andromeda is supposed to give “honor, eminence and artistic ability.”

Trippy Times…

Neptune square Ceres on Nov 8 could make us want to take a whole pot of magic mushrooms! This will be a very psychedelic day indeed, but the square might give you more than you bargained for. Hold only to your local shaman if you do take some mind altering substances because the risk of a really bad trip is high. Full moon November 2014Still, once the nightmare is over you will feel truly exorcised! Mercury is still in the shadow zone of the retrograde period too remember even if it is now direct, it is revisiting the retrograde degrees and stars until Nov 10. We get another day in the underworld on Nov 10 though, with Mars conjunct Pluto. This could be a day of melodrama and melancholia or.. just very hot sex! But this is a great opportunity to channel all that pain and passion into artistic or musical creations if you are on your lonesome.

Nov 11 is yet another tricky day when Mars squares Uranus. Uranus Square Pluto is no longer in tight orb like it was at the Cardinal Grand Cross but there is a similar theme going on. Mars square Uranus is similar to Mars opposition Uranus which has these key words “Risk-takers, adrenaline junkies, fireworks, emergency workers, electrically-charged, explosive, flash.” Yes, once again Cardinal Decan 2’s get a turbo-charged push to wake up and smell the coffee. Transmuting this powerful energy should surely have Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorns rising like the phoenix from the flames by the next New Moon.


Love is cemented or healed with the Venus conjunction Saturn on Agena on Nov 12. Agena is a very bright and important star in Centaurus (Chiron in the heavens.) Elsbeth has and interesting interpretation for Venus and Saturn here “Tied up with Venus however, this star will make for pronounced sensuality; if, in addition to this, it is tied up with Mars, Saturn or Neptune, then the native may be subject of gossip or scandal.” [1] Robson says of Saturn here: “Thoughtful, shrewd, association with medical men, healing powers, abrupt manner, occultism, domestic disharmony through jealousy.”  Maybe this Venus conjunct Saturn is about kissing and making-up after a jealousy-fuelled argument. Sometimes it’s good to get passions out in the open, and even better to kiss and make-up if things have become a bit stale in a relationship.Passions seem to be heightened with Mars making so many hard aspects this month. One of these is a square to the all-important Nodes as well from Mars on Vega on Nov 18. The Nodes steer the souls path. Mars on Vega “Scientific interests, unpopular opinions, moral courage, favorable for gain.” Anyone plugging into this configuration should feel a helpful nudge towards the right direction.

New Moon on Boozy Toliman

New Moon November 2014The New Moon on Nov 22 falls on Toliman, yet another star in Centaurus the healer. This one can be challenging and I presume this is to do with Centuars having a drink problem! Ebertin is more negative in general: “Relationships to female persons often seem spoiled, or an existing relationship is stricken by exceptional circumstances. Disturbances, riots, periods of storm and stress and revolt against curtailment of freedom.” [2] While Robson says about the Moon here “Popular, many friends, diplomatic, secret bad habits, excessive drinking, involved in disputes but emerges successfully.” Toliman is the alpha in Centaurus, so we cant really ignore it. Maybe it can be successful in the end, after it sobers up! The best trine of the month is Ceres trine Uranus. This is an interesting mix of the high tech with herbs. I’m thinking modern solutions to food, like food supplements making up for the lack of nutrients in our overworked soil. It could also be eco-groups coming together on the internet. It could also mean reforms with the use of alternative herbal medicinals as opposed to pharmacuticals.


Nov 6 Full Moon 10.22pm GMT 14º Taurus
Nov 8 Neptune square Ceres 4º Pisces/Sagittarius
Nov 10 Mars conjunct Pluto on Nunki 11º Capricorn
Mercury out of the shadow zone of Mercury Rx 2º Scorpio
Nov 12 Venus conjunct Saturn on Agena 25º Scorpio
Nov 13 Mars square Uranus 13º Capricorn/Aries
Nov 18 Mars square Nodes 17º Capricorn/Libra/Aries
Nov 22 New Moon 12.32pm GMT 0º Sagittarius.
Nov 27 Ceres trine Uranus 12º Sagittarius/Aries


I just wanted to post a little admin update. As you can see I have started writing the 2015 horoscopes. In doing so I have become acutely aware of how important time-management is in my business. I had to turn down a book proposal offer this week due to the deadline clashing with my busiest time of the year. I would dearly love to write more articles that have a longer shelf life! So I’m now questioning how much time I should be putting into monthly and lunar reports when they become yesterdays news in a month. My Lilith/Eris book is still 80% written and no progress has been made on that front. I would also just like to do youtube videos that are more like astrology lessons, again ones that don’t date. Maybe I could talk about certain aspect patterns or topics of interest like fate v freewill, the resurrection of the dark goddess, or what is a soulmate/twin flame etc etc. Let me know what you think dear readers. So this months horoscope is really just an update and an attempt to streamline my cosmic weather reports so that I have time to branch out into other areas. I also want to go back over the decans to add nebulas and much more detail to them, eventually they will also become a book too.

1 & 2. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.68.
All times in BST & PDT  +1 hours to BST for CEST,  -5 Hours for EDT, -10 Hours for AEST

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    Your site is one of the best out there, the asteroid information is fantastic. Understandable that you might not be able to keep up the pace of all that monthly writing although that is probably what helps people through the night more than anything else.

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