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Leo Horoscope 2014August looks set to be a month of frolics and love battles. Yes there are some hairy moments between the sexes, but also some great opportunities for excitement and pleasure. We can have all the fun of the fair with its thrills and spills. The planets are roller-coasting, driving dodgems and there is even a bit of a ghost train towards the end of the month. This is because so many planets making steamy conjunctions and dynamic connections with each other. Watch your candy floss doesn’t blow into your hair. It all starts bang on August 1 with the return of the Tele/Microscope! But this time, the planet of love Venus steps into Mercury shoes. Last months fresh-faced cub has grown into a spotty and hormonal teenager. It has learnt to roar now the sun rocks into Leo decan 2. This is shown by the punky Venus square Uranus and emo Lilith square Saturn having a riot within this Tele/Microscope. You know that thing teens do, obsessively analyse everything to the nth degree and continually ask “But why”, until you feel like throttling them. Well, as a collective, some of us will indeed behave like pain-in-the-butt adolescents while the other half will be holding themselves back from throttling. The Sun in Leo decan 2 is typically mouthy. So we feel more outspoken, fearless in our reasoning and dive into debates with gusto. 


See last month for a fuller explanation, but basically depending on where the Tele/Microscope aspect pattern falls in your chart, you will tend to see small things as huge, with a tendency to blow them out of proportion. Or, you are able to see the interconnectedness of life in the bigger picture and have grand plans, but will avoid small, day-to-day tasks. Because of the aspects high focusing energy, examinations and post mortems will continue with yet more analysis and inquiry. This time the planets involved are Lilith/Venus on the Tele/Microscope 2microscope end and Uranus/Saturn on the telescope end. Lilith/Venus goes deeper into the child abuse of last month. It delves into the underworld to look at the effects on those women who had been abused. Uranus square Venus = shocking revelations from women, Lilith square Saturn = The oppressors try to shut these brave survivors up. In our own lives this could be the discovery of a love secret or a partners affair. It doesn’t have to be a terrible thing though. The revelation could also be a confession of love, someone who finally has the courage to reveal strong feelings they have had for someone for months, or even years.

There is more intense study when the Tele/Microscope melts away and leaves a learning triangle that lasts from August 8 – 11. The focus of this triangle is a stunning stellium of Sun/Mercury/Lilith which will square Saturn on one side and trine Uranus on the other. Uranus however is retrograde, so he is not as strong as we might think, even with the trine. This is a typical teenage-angst aspect. Uranus on Alpheratz longs to break free from her chains, but is not quite ready to cut the umbilical just yet. Uranus on Alpheratz has great potential though, we just have to wait till Uranus is direct for this promise to come through I think, Robson says  Learning Triangle“Just, honorable, good speaker, domestic harmony if male, but not so fortunate for female, benefit from practical application of ideas, interest in occultism, considerable psychic power if female, favorable for gain..” Saturn direct here is trying to chain that misbehaving stellium but he is on Zubenelginubi the Libra scale of loss. “Dishonorable, often escapes justice but finally suffers, jealous, quick-tempered, domestic disharmony, bad for marriage, gain and legacies.” He may succeed for a while until more drama comes in the shape of Venus and Mars who then join the learning triangle party and heat things up into a war of the roses. The Sun and Mercury break away from the action leaving Black Moon Lilith holding the reins to both Saturn and Uranus from August 13. On this date the Sun happens to step graciously into the most regal Leo decan 3. Home of Regulus who thinks he has the divine right to rule. Any divorces this month could get quite messy as egos battle with the planets of love and sex. And when these two lovers do get their claws into this juicy feast of an aspect, boy does the blood start to boil. The simmering starts when Mercury sextiles Mars/Saturn to make a Yod to Uranus on August 24. Where this Yod points in your chart could show where you are busting to break free, but there is fear in letting go of the umbilical I mentioned earlier.


OscilloAttached to the Yod is Venus/ Lilith in tight square to Mars/Saturn. A battle of the sexes? This Hubers call this pattern an Oscillo and it lasts from August 23-25. “An Oscillo could be a mythical creature that possesses unimagined powers….is definitely a very sensitive being who only rarely defends itself…he is patient and far-sighted, a lone researcher who to the amazement of others, manages to achieve his goal nevertheless.” Eventually however, the learning triangle dissolves away and we are left with this great fat square at the end of the month. How this will play out for us personally is hard to predict since it depends how it is wired into ones chart. But in the collective there could be yet more sex scandals and revelations, but these may not be genuine. Some embittered ex lovers could throw some eggs and even some crimes of passion could be committed. But nevertheless it those on the receiving end of the sticky yokes will handle it all with a quiet dignity. August 24 the Sun goes into Virgo decan 1 and there is less diva behaviour all round. There are many stars from the great nurturing bear here and her looming presence instils respect and obedience without the need to shout.

The Saturn/Mars on Zubeneschemali could prove interesting as Robson says with Mars it brings: “High ambitions, success through energy, influential position, forceful writer and speaker” and with Saturn “Cautious, reserved, studious, economical, analytical, good chemist or detective, good judge of human nature” Both the Goddesses are greatly empowered by the star Merak in the heart of the great bear. Merak brings command and domination but is also empowering. I think the mix of fiery goddess energy plus quiet caution and sound judgement mean that through conflict, understanding is found and it all ends well and amicably. So yes, there could be a lot of broken plates and shepherds pie dripping from the ceiling in August, but in the end, the whole family pull together and clear up the errant potato. It needn’t be a kitchen sink disaster and you may even enjoy a bit of a food fight. Squares don’t have to be aggressive either. This racy planet stew could be passionate and exciting too. Remember the famous food scene in “Nine & A Half Weeks” ?  Just close your eyes and open the fridge…


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All times in BST +1 hours for CEST, -8 hours for PDT, -5 Hours for EDT, -10 Hours for AEST 1. Aspect Pattern Astrology. Bruno & Louise Huber. Pg 251

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