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Aries Horoscope 2014The busy month of April starts with the Sun in a decan that it rules in Aries decan 2 which makes it bold, heroic and shining in splendour. From April 1 – 9 we desperately want to shine and be respected. We want to reach the top of our fields and we can be quite ruthless in pushing aside those who stand in the way of the ultimate throne. This zone is hugely competitive. We will also have a horror of being chained down to anything, needing absolute freedom to fly where we will. Sun conjunct Uranus on April 2 will only emphasis this more. Sun square Pluto on April 3 will bring out ruthless ambition. This aspect is serious about secrecy and control and at armour-plating its true emotions. We could feel we need to rule over our domain with an iron will and a steel fist. Sun moves into Aries decan 3 on April 10 ruled by Venus, we start to feel the seasons sap rising as the rutting season takes hold. We need to make love, not war now, or things can get very monstrous indeed. This is the swash-buckling section of Aries with pirates and sea monsters. Either we become vigilantes and take the law into our own hands or we become ardent lovers. If this huge libido is bottled up, it can become massively self-destructive. April 12 is one of those days when it would be much better to indulge in the art of seduction. The aspects are made for it, we have Venus conjunct dreamy Neptune and the Sun conjunct sexy Eris.


The Lunar eclipse on April 15 is at 25º Libra on Spica. This is a double whammy in terms of the Virgo/Persephone archetype. Spica is the star on the sprig of wheat held by the Virgin. This one is extra pregnant with promise conjunct fertile Ceres. Some keywords: Duty to family, sticking with your “pack”, strength in numbers, teetering on the edge, triangular relationships, brilliance, the herd that turns, the “loser” wins, change at the 11th hour. The Sun moves into Taurus decan 1 on April 20 and we are ruled by Mercury for the next 10 days. This period brings gifted orators and battles are fought with words. It is a time when the pen really is mightier than the sword and we love to learn from great conversations. This would be a perfect period to hold a dinner party with intelligent guests for stimulating and illuminating discussions. On April 21 Uranus square Pluto becomes exact. “Pluto’s transformation can fester underground forever, occulted, until Uranus’s lightening bolt hits it just at the right spot. The process is rather like the thunderstruck tower of the tarot. The rebuilding of that which has been devastated can a while. It is not a quick fix. Uranus and Pluto are uncomfortable bedfellows as Uranus craves sudden change while Pluto demands achingly slow and thorough transformation.” On the same day the Jupiter opposite Pluto arm of the grand cross perfects for the second time. The first time was back on January 31. “Power and religion can combine to make a fanatic. … this opposition can bring super success…it also can generate a lot of resentment because of the ruthless tactics used to get to the top…trouble with authorities and the law. Depending on which side is being activated, one can be the judge or the criminal. ” it can also be addiction to religions.


aries3April 22 we have the prelude of what’s to come on with a thunderbolt passion of a quarter Moon at 2º Aquarius on Altair. On that day, a brave Mars square Jupiter makes Zeus’s Eagle even more daring since this aspect is courageous, pioneering and busting with red-hot, sexual energy. April 23 is the Cardinal Grand Cross “My feeling is that this cardinal cross is a volcano ready to explode. There is a huge amount of energy being compressed and baked inside that square. The main problem is this circuit going into overdrive. The energy becomes frenzied as it whizzes around and around, slamming into each corner, desperate to break out.” On this day both Mars opposite Uranus and Mars square Pluto are exact, “But here’s the blessing, it will still be Mars retrograde, so he will be on the back foot and operating undercover… Malefic Mars here operates as the collective’s blackest shadow on the run. The fugitive has nowhere to hide..” The latter half of the month is a spitfire indeed. April 26 is a bonanza of an aspect day. The dark goddesses take to the stage with Sun square Lilith. This aspect creates incredibly strong-willed, feisty individuals who take it upon themselves to become spokespeople for the disadvantaged and speak out about gritty, dark issues that are disturbing for the public in some way. On the very same day same day, Ceres opposes Eris, a Persephone aspect. This is a rite-of-passage, turning around the “victim” mentality through crowning and empowering oneself. April 27 the fairy tale aspect of Sun sextile Neptune paves the way for the mind-freeing Solar Eclipse at 8º Taurus on April 29. Mercury conjunct the Solar eclipse and trine Pluto emphasises the healing power of words. The word “prescription” comes from the same root as scribe. Some eclipse keywords: Mind-over-matter, spin masters, creative tale telling, sorcery, forbidden knowledge, re-membering ancient wisdom, connecting with the maat-erial world, martial arts.

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Monthly Horoscope Aspects

1 Sun square Jupiter. Sun in Aries decan 2.
2 Sun conjunct Uranus, Sun on Alderamin.
3 Venus trine Ceres, Mercury trine Saturn, Sun square Pluto.
4 Sun on Alpheratz.
5 Venus trine North Node.
7 Waxing Quarter Moon at 17º Cancer 9.30am.
8 Sun opposite Mars.
10 Mercury trine Lilith, Sun in Aries decan 3.
12 Venus conjunct Neptune, Sun conjunct Eris.
14 Mercury square Jupiter, Sun on Kurdah.
15 Lunar Eclipse at 25º Libra 8.42am, Mercury conjunct Uranus, Mercury square Pluto, Sun opposite Ceres.
16 Mercury opposite Mars.
18 Venus trine Jupiter, Venus sextile Pluto, Sun conjunct South Node.
19 Mercury opposite Eris, Sun on Alrisha.
20 Jupiter square Uranus, Venus conjunct Chiron, Mercury opposite Ceres, Sun on Mirach, Sun in Taurus decan 1.
21 Uranus square Pluto, Jupiter opposite Pluto.
22 Waning Quarter Moon at 2º Aquarius. 8.51 am. Mars square Jupiter, Mercury opposite North Node.
23 Cardinal Grand Cross. Mars opposite Uranus, Mars square Pluto.
24 Sun on Sheratan.
25 Venus trine Saturn.
26 Ceres opposite Eris, Mercury square Lilith, Mercury sextile Neptune, Sun conjunct Mercury, Sun square Lilith.
27 Sun sextile Neptune.
28 Sun on Hamal 6.49am, Sun on Schedir 9.43am
29 Solar Eclipse at 8º Taurus. 7.14am. Mercury trine Pluto
30 Mercury sextile Jupiter.

Please note I am using the ancient Chaldean rulers of the decanates whenever I refer to a planet ruling anything.
All times in BST +1 hours for CEST, -8 hours for PDT, -5 Hours for EDT, -10 Hours for AEST.

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