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Virgo Horoscope 2014The September Horoscope 2014 is divided into weeks so you can refer to them as the month progresses.

Week 1 Sept 1 - 7 ~  Victim Or Saviour.
Week 2 Sept 8 - 14 ~ Invincible UFO
Week 3 Sept 15 – 21 Shamanic Healing Crisis
Week 4 Sept 22 – 30 ~ Secrets & Little White Lies

I shall be making videos for each week  for those who want to catch up on youtube. Please subscribe to my youtube channel for the updates.


Mercury will enter the shadow zone of Octobers Mercury Retrograde period on Sept 19, Pluto turns direct on Sept 23 and we get a preview of the Mars/Jupiter/Uranus grand fire trine on Sept 29.

September Week 1

Sept 2 Quarter Moon at 9º Sagittarius on Antares 12.11pm, Mercury into Libra. Sept 3 Sun into Virgo Decan 2. Sun trine Pluto. Sun on Zosma in Leo. Sept 5 Venus into Virgo.

Quite a harsh start to September with a Quarter Moon on Antares. Fixed star Antares is the great anti-hero, is situated in the heart of the scorpion and loves to play devils advocate and the baddy. I have written about him in detail in my Antares post. Antares’s main problem seems to be that it is so driven by high drama, sensation and extremes that it may find it hard be sensitive to life’s subtleties. However if this brave, fearless spirit is channelled in the right way, then this energy can help move mountains. Two days later after this quarter Moon crisis, we get a dialogue between Persephone’s parents and a Hades Moon on ruthless fixed star Facies all at 10º. Looks like some cut-throat discussions related to the care of children. In the media we could hear yet more stories that inflame the fear that something dreadful may happen to our children, which will in turn cause parents to demand more “protection” in order to feel safe. Unfortunately giving into the fear will just bring more surveillance on our movements and less freedom all around. Sun on Zosma can feel victimised and the influence of the quarter Moon square to Antares makes it even more so. The ruling power elite is on the back foot and really needs to flex their iron muscles of control. Maybe leaders themselves are somehow feeling a great welling of energy from the collective (The Moon). If the Sun rules leaders then it will be them who feel victimised so that they feel the need to demonise the Antares public in some way.


quarter Moon 1We may see people taking power into their own hands and taking on more responsibility in their lives. This is a great development because the more that we rely on “Big Daddy” to take care of us (through benefits, big pharma and the like), the less likely we are to trust our own innate ability to survive. This week we learn that we are actually more resilient and resourceful than we realise. Sun trine Pluto brings to a head the weeks Antares/Scorpionic themes of survival instinct and the ability to resurrect ourselves. Sun Pluto aspects are serious about secrecy and control. It may encourage us to keep our personal life a mystery, while armour plating our true emotions. Because of threats from authority figures, we won’t let much slip and could get quite obsessive about controlling just how much access others have to our personal data. We could be tweeking our privacy settings on Facebook or realising just how much Big Brother has our movements “tagged” through our mobile phone.

September Week 2

Sept 8 Sun opposite Chiron, North Node sextile Lilith. Sept 9 Full Moon at 16º Pisces 2.38 pm, Sun on Mizar in Ursa Major, Mercury square Pluto. Sept 10 Venus opposite Neptune, Mercury sextile Jupiter. Sept 11 Sun sextile Saturn. Sept 13 Sun into Virgo decan 3, Mars into Sagittarius, Mercury opposite Uranus, Ceres Square Jupiter. Sept 14 Sun on Denebola in Leo, Venus trine Pluto.

Virgo Horoscope 2014The planets are extremely busy this week with some lighter-hearted moments than the last. However there is still the background of obsessive behaviour and paranoia induced by yet more Pluto connections. It’s also quite a sociable and romantic week as Venus swoons with the outer planets and Mercury in Libra makes some flirty connections too. Before we can go out and party though, we get our annual Sun/Chiron opposition. Astrologer Katie Sweetman, says Sun opposite Chiron is “where our old wounds gnaw at us and ache for healing in a way that crosses time and dimension. Chiron in Pisces is about these wounds that cross all time and dimensions, taking us to the root of our spiritual pain, even if it’s in another lifetime. As we experience annual transits to Chiron…., we have opportunities to tap into a powerful source of healing.”  On the same day Lilith sextile North Node encourages us to use this healing to remove any negative habits that are blocking our path to soul evolution.

The Pisces Full Moon falls on Achernar in the river. It is also conjunct the wounded healer Chiron. This is probably the most liquid area of Pisces, which means it also risks being the most toxic. It makes us extremely absorbent of our environment, so can work positively or negatively of course depending on where you place yourself at this full moon. The healing energy of this Chiron flavoured moon will give hope to those in the most wretched of circumstances, but only of their water is sparkly clean and vibrant.  Mercury square Pluto on the same day could bring out the paranoia I mentioned earlier. This aspect can make one worry excessively but it also makes the mind clever with strategy. Beware of some craftiness around this Moon then. Emotions are heightened and can react rather too emotionally to any perceived deception. Meditation to calm the mental intensity of this aspect will help push it to manifest Mercury square Plutos more positive attributes.


September Monthly HoroscopeA myriad of planetary aspects come together from Sept 9 – 11, where we get a UFO aspect pattern comprised of Pluto, Jupiter, Ceres and Mercury. The Hubers school of astrology say that “The UFO seems to be powered by a mysterious force and to possess energies that provide striking lighting effects…Deep in the heart of this figure there is a powerful store of energy (The squares) and the two intersecting red blades demonstrate its invincibility. This person wants to manage the most difficult things and looks for special tasks that no one else can handle. With this he can achieve anything. He looks for opportunities to develop and checks out all information, gets to the bottom of things and if possible tries things out.” [1] During this time there is a wonderfully romantic Venus opposite Neptune and a supremely inspiring Mercury sextile Jupiter on the very same day. This means we get the good judgement of Jupiter that prevents the over impressionability and languid daydreaming side of Venus/Neptune.

This is a great week for visionary, positive thinking and learning anything artistic or musical. The day after Sun sextile Saturn gives us endurance and patience to see those dreams take shape and gives success in dealing with any limitations that might be placed on us. We will need this focus before Mercury opposite Uranus agitates our minds once again when we might find our utopian visions are challenged by those with less magic in their hearts. Venus trine Pluto sees the disillusioned among us seeking like-minded souls who believe we can help our dreams come true and not make us feel like naïve children. This is important as we have the Sun into Virgo decan 3 also on this day and demonstrates just how powerful positive thinking can be. With this decan, the collectives mind is so white hot that its almost as if we can see each others quicksilver flashing behind our eyeballs. The problem with this strong mind is that our belief program will then control everything so negative beliefs can become a self fulfilling prophecy. Currently, skeptics are very rigid in their thinking and very hard to rewire, so it would be futile to try and change their mindset. Those are able to trust their intuition, and not be influenced by any negativity in the collective will do splendidly this week. Switch off that damn news! Free minded seers will feel the extra prophetic ability that comes from this section of the zodiac until September 23.

September Week 3

Sept 15 Quarter Moon at 23º Gemini in Orions Belt 3.04am. Sept 16 Venus sextile Ceres. Sept 17 Sun on Alkes, Venus opposite Chiron, Mercury conjunct North Node. Sept 19 Mercury enters pre-shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde at 16º Libra. Chiron trine Ceres, Mercury sextile Lilith.  Sept 21 Venus sextile Saturn.

last quarterNothing too hairy this week, only the ominous realisation that we are in for yet another Mercury Retrograde in October. The last quarter moon usually implies a crisis in consciousness and this waning square lets us know what we really need to let go of before we can make a new start with the coming New Moon in Libra. So this quarter Moon on Alnilam brings, according to Robson “Many sudden and unexpected losses and reverses, much help from friends, ill health of family.” Orions belt is supposed to be fortunate in general however, and I think its square to the Sun on Alkes could just mean a little healing crisis. Some kind of water cleansing can be helpful at this time to calm the volatile energy. Healing therapy can be simply swimming in the sea or taking Epsom salt baths. Detoxing through drinking lots of pure mineral water will be beneficial too. Venus sextile Ceres is a gorgeous syrupy and very loving energy that would be great for a family get- together with loads of home baked cakes and tasty goodies. Everyone will go home with happy tummies. Following on with the family theme, this week we could feel particularly connected to our ancestors. Our ancient blood ties might suggest ways, through omens, of how we can share our inherited talents and gifts for the benefit of society.


This week we enter Mercury’s pre-shadow zone so anything brought up at this time will be revised again and again, all the way to November 10. Make sure that whatever you start can handle the scrutiny! It would be good to initiate something that you are quite happy return to. This week sees some very witchy, pagan aspects with Chiron trine Ceres and Mercury sextile Lilith. This pair can help us tune into the sacred world of plants and show us how they can help us heal. This is also a fabulous time for spell-casting (With honorable intention of course!) Shamanic meetups should have extra-potent power for this week and it’s a great time to make yourself a shaman rattle or some other pagan magic tool. Venus sextile Saturn at the weekend gives us a conservative but nice and stable end to the week. This provides a calm environment to forge plans and make business arrangements. People are diplomatic and easy to organise.

September Week 4

Sept 22 Mars square Neptune. Sept 23 Pluto station direct, Sun into Libra decan 1. Sept 24 New Moon at 1º Libra 7.13am. Sept 25 Jupiter trine Uranus.  Sept 27 Mercury into Scorpio. Sept 29 Venus into Libra.

Virgo Horoscope 2014We have an exciting week ahead. It’s all change as some planets move into new signs and Pluto goes direct after being retrograde since April 15. Andrea De Michealis says Pluto Retrograde is “a time of rebuilding when intense situations and outside forces intervene. Be willing to go to extremes and prepared to cut away the useless in those areas of life represented by the house your Pluto is in, releasing what no longer serves you in order to regenerate your life.”  I wonder if more people passed over into spirit during the Pluto retrograde as they realised they had done as much as they could in their current incarnation. I would imagine there have been more than the usual relationship break-ups during this period also and some extreme detoxing during the last 5 months while the Planet of colonic irrigation has been retrograde. Of course Pluto has been forced to purge even more violently as part of the Uranus square Pluto aspect that his been the backdrop of the last few years. When Pluto does direct now, the transformation can ease up a little as we take a breather from the relentless stripping down of the surplus in our lives. Maybe now we can feel more confident in treating ourselves. So go out and get something new to hang in that sad old empty cupboard.


Just before the fresh breeze of Libran fragrance wafts through the ecliptic door, we have to contend with Mars square Neptune. This can make us foggy and indecisive and there could be some deluded actions and leaks in the media. This aspect can bring conflicts in spirituality and at worst a holy war. As I write there are so many scary stories in the news; Ebola, Gaza and ISIS. Hopefully any deceptions should become clear by the  Libra New Moon with Pluto newly direct and the Sun in peace-warrior Libra decan 1. The next ten days could bring out this decans propensity to triangular relationships. We might see a few situations where the person in the middle is desperately trying to keep the peace against all odds. The ironic thing about Libra decan 1 is that sometimes the push for peace can attract the very opposite effect and bring up very mean and aggressive adversaries. We may have a horror of arguing, so not wanting to offend will tell a lot of little white lies. On the back of Mars square Neptune, those white lies could add up to one big whopper of a black lie. It will be interesting to see what headlines are in the papers this week, for the stories will be quite gob smacking in their ability to deceive. Those who are aware of the propaganda of the press will be stunned at how brazenly manipulative the mass media can be and will help awaken others to it.

Grand fire trine previewThe most wonderful Jupiter trine Uranus helps this awakening hugely! This trine thrives on change, novelty and new inventions. Look out for visionaries and inventors who will make impossible dreams come true. Anyone plugging into to this fire trine will have extra strong faith in future rainbows. This will keep them focused on doing whatever it takes to get to that pot of gold. By the end of the week this exciting Utopian vision of an aspect is budding into a grand trine. Mars is now close enough to make this a beautifully creative flaming triangle, and we can get a preview of what to expect next month when the Grand Fire Trine is activated by the Lunar eclipse on October 8. The end of this week wraps up with more stimulating change as Mercury enters Scorpio and becomes investigative and Venus elegantly steps into her best shoes, strong in her own sign Libra. Love is in the air and we are feeling that honeymoon vibe that makes us believe anything is possible.

APOLOGIES: I am no longer able to provide monthly horoscopes as I need time to write up the 2015 yearly horoscopes. This is a big project because I will, as last year, include the forecast for each individual decan too. In the meantime enjoy learning about the decans!
All times in BST +1 hours for CEST, -8 hours for PDT, -5 Hours for EDT, -10 Hours for AEST

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1. Aspect Pattern Astrology Bruno & Louise Huber pg 248

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