March Horoscope 2015

This is a really exciting month as Uranus square Pluto becomes exact for the very last time. To inflame this paradigm-shifting square even more, both Venus and Mars the planets of love and war make contact with electrifying Uranus in Aries. There are also some fateful Yods to Jupiter. We start the month with a mystical, hyper-dimensional Sun in Pisces decan 2. This Sun, followed by Mercury, closes in on Chiron making a very healing guru-esque Yod to Jupiter for most of the month.

handsWe haven’t had a Yod in the sky for a while, but this “Finger of God” as it is sometimes known has been possible because of the slower moving planets Jupiter and Pluto in quincunx with each other while there is now a lot of action from the personal planets in Pisces decan 2. There is so much going on it’s hard to know where to focus, but while the Sun is in blurry Pisces decan 2 we should just learn to go with the flow and trust that the tide will take us were we are needed.

The first week of March is ripe for inventions, it’s an extremely inspiring period with the wonderful innovative Jupiter trine Uranus. “This aspect creates natural visionaries and inventors who often make their impossible dreams come true. It should give us sheer faith in future rainbows to keep us focused on doing whatever it takes to get to the spiritual gold. This will help attract the right people and the right circumstances into our life that help manifest our loftiest ambitions.”

Love Action

After that Venus gets very busy working her charm with the heavy weights Uranus and Pluto. She is not very happy in Aries and is forced out of her comfort zone. This means she has to get tough negotiating with big business and technology. This month Venus realises, attractive though she is, the mountain will not come to her, so she will have to get off her lazy arse. Thankfully she has a really impatient Mars close by, who is Gung-Ho and ready for action in his own sign.

The love action takes place in Aries decan 2, so once more the cardinal decan 2’s will get a lashing, not least because Mar 16/17 is the final Uranus square Pluto. But don’t panic, this could actually mean lashings of good fun! Who can resist the planets of love and sex trine a jubilant Jupiter in Leo? Jupiter’s regal protection should help buffer that cutting edge of change coming to you from Uranus square Pluto. Hopefully, because there is so much cosmic entertainment, you might not even notice it! If you are still standing after the last four Uranus/Pluto squares then this one will be a piece of cake in comparison.

Venus will activate Uranus square Pluto on Mar 4 while Mars conjunct Uranus will really set things alight on Mar 11. Mars\Uranus hard aspects make “fantastic revolutionaries; they can rouse a crowd in their favour and get them to act with speed and efficiency. Mars opposite Uranus is so electrically charged and works like a power battery, therefore they can really inspire and enthuse others into action.” Look out for protests in the news. I have written in great detail about Uranus square Pluto so I don’t need to repeat it here. Although this is the last hit, its repercussions will last for the rest of the year and beyond…

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Marina, I listened to you on U Tube for the first time last night and I thought you were so natural and genuine.
    It was definitely a good move for you to do.
    At the same time I listened to some other mid age women and was also impressed with their sincerity. The styles are relaxed and individualistic i thought.

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  2. Thanks Char – yes and I feel like I’m frequently more than others around me running into destruction of me. I imagine I’m doing wrong and being punished cause for one thing there’s the fighting of the wrongs with Uranus and Pluto. People are suspicious that I’m a wrong doer or ha-e been in the past. Yet there is no past. There s this big accountability thing and yet no one I know has to be accountable to me i gather. First I’m accountable to groups that run things but as if that’s not enough I must account to the general public too and that feels like a total invasion of pri_acy. One letter refuses to work! But I don’t know my neighbours business and what happens to mind your own business.Its a receipe for disaster. It doesn’t make sense.We’re not all on the same page. Then we go the other way and there is no right or wrong – well that’s true on a another dimension in my experience but here perhaps one needs to be balanced before they can do that. Perhaps we need discernment not judgementalness.
    Now I feel like I’m on that treadmill round and round.

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