The monthly horoscope is back! It will be a page to collate all the cosmic weather of the month featuring the Sun and Mars through the decans. The Sun is the spotlight to the movers and shakers on the world’s stage. Mars tends to ignite aspect patterns and also switch on the fixed stars quite noticeably when it aligns with one of them.

June Horoscope ~ 1 to 10

We start the month with the Sun in Gemini decan 2 the decan of ‘Roller Coasters & Strategists.’ This wild and roller-coaster energy really needs channeling into a cause, for the greater good or into artistic projects. At this time though be careful of those who might want to drive their chariot right over you! In the collective there could be quite a few ruthless individuals driving hard bargains or driving some unfortunate souls over the edge.

June 2/3 Mars is at the tale end of Gemini and meets with red giant star Betelgeuse. This star has a very Mars-like, belligerent character, yet Mars seems to sit well here as Robson says Mars on Betelgeuse is “Cautious, reserved, good leader and organizer, honor and preferment in martial matters.” So Mars in its element and can do Marsy activities like business, fighting and sport without being frustrated too much. Jun 7 Sun on Rigel in the hunter Orion’s foot on Robson says this position is “Bold, courageous, insolent, unruly temper, hasty actions, bloodshed, many enemies, great good fortune, military success.” [1] While Bernadette Brady the Sun here is about “Imposing one’s will on a situation to change the natural outcome, or bring natural reform. A person who wishes to help others by imposing their idea of order. The government decides to reform a situation.” [2]

Full Moon ~ On 9 June 2017 falls at 18º Sagittarius decan 2. “ is great for natural healing, especially when it comes to women’s health, genetics and midwifery. Breeding and DNA are a theme here as the serpents symbol so closely resembles the double helix and the caduceus of Mercury is also highlighted. There is also a certain amount of deception too however… The forked tongue of the snake makes itself felt here in the form of jealousy or spiteful rumors.”

Aspects ~ Jun 1 Sun in Gemini Decan 2. Venus trine Saturn. First Quarter Moon at 11º Virgo Jun 2 Mars on Betelgeuse. Jun 3  Sun trine Jupiter.  Venus conjunct Uranus. Jun 4 Sun square Neptune. Jun 5 Sun conjunct Ceres. Jun 7 Sun on Rigel. Jun 9 Full Moon at 18º Sagittarius. Venus sextile Mars. Jun 10 Jupiter Direct.

June Horoscope ~ 11 to 20

June 11 the Sun moves into Gemini decan 3 which is one of the most stellar-fied zones of the ecliptic. This is why I named the decanMedia Gods & Business Tycoons.’ This is where hungry souls from humble beginnings can easily become fame junkies and end up totally spaced out by their success. This means Hollywood glitterati or idealistic politicians (from their high security ivory towers) will show how woefully out of touch with reality they are at this time. The STS (service-to-self) elites could over-reach themselves, therefore igniting a huge backlash. Political debates could get quite heated at this time. June 12 Sun on Capella makes for “Vacillating, changeable, too loquacious, quick speech, misunderstood and criticized, martial honor and wealth.” [3a] This may bring some such media god into the spotlight who is criticized for their hubris. June 13/14 Sun on Alnilam “ Rash, headstrong, surly. If also culminating, military preferment and gain. ” [4] Sun on Orion’s Belt “Notoriety, good fortune, lasting happiness” [3b]

June Horoscope 2017

June 18/19 Mars on Alhena in the foot of Pollux the immortal, bad twin in Gemini. Mars here is not his usual macho self…. Instead “Superficial nature, fond of pleasure, ease, luxury, ornament and display.” [6] I think Mars will be too busy choosing soft furnishings for his new pad than war-mongering. At this time there is a juicy Jupiter Yod that Mars actually taps into in its theme. Those with anything at 13º Libra might get hit by the thunderbolt of love. Finally on June 19, the big red bruiser of a star Sun on Betelgeuse. ” Interest in and ability for occult and mystical subjects, acute diseases, fevers, honor and preferment ending in final ruin.” [5] Again, those in power need to watch out they don’t bite off more than they can chew.

Aspects ~ Jun 12 Sun on Capella. Jun 13 Mercury trine Jupiter. Jun 15 Sun opposite Saturn. Jun 14 Sun In Orion’s Belt. Jun 18 Mercury opposite Saturn. Sun sextile Uranus. Saturn on Lesath. Jun 19 Sun on Betelgeuse. Jun 20 Venus sextile Neptune.

JUNE HOROSCOPE ~ 21 to 30 

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    On this sad day when we are reeling from yet another attack, you certainly got it spot on in your forecast – literally. We live in troubled times indeed…


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