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Pleiades Constellation

The Pleiades ~ Birthdays May 19/21

Fixed star Alcyone is the major star in the famous Pleiades Star Cluster. The Pleiades are found in the shoulder of Taurus the bull,...
Hyades cluster

The Hyades ~ Birthdays May 26 to 30

The Hyades ~ Is the infamous stormy star cluster in the face of Taurus the bull spanning 5 to 9 degrees Gemini. Some include Aldebaran here, but

Fomalhaut ~ Birthdays Feb 20 to 25

The fixed star Fomalhaut is positioned at 3º 52' Pisces in the southern fish. It is situated in its eye and the fish itself,...

Aldebaran ~ Birthdays May 29 to Jun 1

Fixed star Aldebaran is found at 9º 47’ Gemini in the right eye of the bull in Taurus. It is probably the most famous...
Algol Fixed Star

Algol ~ Birthdays May 16 to 18

The head of Medusa from Greek mythology is represented by the infamous Algol fixed star at 26º Taurus. As part of constellation Perseus, Algol was regarded by...