Natal Chart Reading $199

An in depth natal reading using the fixed stars. I discuss your natal chart and its potential on MP3 (40 – 50 mins). This reading uses a unique combination of esoteric and ancient techniques to examine the souls geometry and planetary strength. I also look at the progressed chart. I will bring in Ceres, Lilith and Eris if relevant and will look at the Nodes and IC for past life clues. Current transits are referenced. You can choose to have more of an emphasis on the future promise (transits & progressions) or focus more on the past and its karmic influence (Nodes and IC) otherwise both are considered equally.

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14 thoughts on “Natal Chart Reading $199

  1. Hello Marina 🙂

    Still very very happy with the natal reading you did for me in August. It’s really helping me keep focussed on which direction I must keep looking in and has given me confidence in what I have to offer. You really hit the nail on the head for me. Previously I think I was a little scared of what lay at my core but you shed light and now I see I can use it to transform and become truly fulfilled.
    Am now considering a Dark Moon reading (when finance permits) as I find your interpretation so valuable and also inspiring.

    Best wishes to you and your kin x

  2. Hi Marina,
    Just want to let you know how much I appreciate you and your reading. I’ve had personal natal chart readings done before. But none them could compare with your reading. Your reading has a different angle and much more depths and I love every bit of it. I like the archetypes “ the Jupiter man / the god” and it is easier for me to understand & feel the energy associated with it. The more I listen to the reading, the more amazed I become. I was like, “ wow that’s spot on, how does she know that! “ yeah, why I never thought about it, it all makes perfect sense now! “ Also the part about my past lives, I’m constantly getting vivid dreams about my past lives and my dreams seem to match perfectly with what you discovered in the reading.
    I’m very thankful to you and your knowledge, accuracy, openness and humor. Thank you for offering me this opportunity to better understand myself from a unique and deeper level.
    I will report back in a few months’ time and provide feedback about the 6 month forecast reading.
    Thanks and regards

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