Aquarius eBooks

Each Aquarius decan is a 8 page, beautifully illustrated ebook in pdf format. The ebook includes interpretations for the Sun, Moon, AC, MC, Mercury, Venus & Mars in each decan. There are also detailed explanations of the fixed stars in the decan. Examples in the links below.

Aquarius Decan 1 ~ Aquarius Decan 2 ~ Aquarius Decan 3

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10 thoughts on “Aquarius eBooks

  1. LOL- First response for all Leo Ascendants.

    This was so me, I was egoless as a child. But, thankfully I grew into to my Decan 2 Leo Ascendant, Leo Aries North Node and Scorpio Moon. & People stopped messing with me. Now they quite fear me, I don’t blame them, with Serpent signs ruling the luminaries and angles, I’ve always felt a watcher. Some kind of karmic-spiritual-litmus-test for people and institutions that had free will in bringing me harm. Indigo? Neptune in the 5th/ 0* Sextile of Neptune and the Sun. Loss of childhood/christlike child.

    Leo Pole Star thing Marina mentioned, People move about, I stay put..

    Taking Aqua Jupiter Mercurian note of for review with my celestial superiors. 🙂

  2. I think you have made a mistake concerning the ruler of the 3rd decan. It seems to me that that would be venus in stead of moon. At least several other astrological books suggest so.

    1. No I haven’t. I just use the Chaldean rulers instead of the triplicities. However I might add in the triplicity meanings later as Austin Coppock (Who considers both), found them to be useful too.

  3. I want to say Thank You for everything you do and this beautiful (and easy to find) website. Thank You : ) !
    I have Always been very intrigued by astrology…And though I’ve always felt relatively confident that a thread of truth exists within it, there’s also always been an edge of fear for altering my truth via projection/over-thinking it all, which has (in part) kept me from embracing it confidently and fully.
    I was having a rough second half of my day, after a rather mixed but cheerful beginning… I don’t remember why but I decided to check out my horoscope, and after hitting a few links I looked back to google and clicked on This site, and started to read.
    I have never before experienced such correlation between astrology and relevant/current life. I don’t want to sound overzealous because I truly mean this; I am in Much Higher spirits and slightly in awe at the whole thing. Your way of writing (especially comparing to other online sources) is beautiful, meaningful, clean, and I am so very grateful for this brief experience of insight. I will continue to come back when I feel the need, and would certainly recommend you if the conversation came up among friends. Also your friend at has that wonderful Free Horoscope Chart, and I’m learning so much that was previously gibberish to me.
    Thank You (and your team who made this all possible) Again, and God Bless!

  4. As an Aquarian born February 10, I’ve always believed I was part of the 2nd decan. Reading both your 2nd and 3rd decan, have to say, I still identify with the 2nd decan more than with the 3rd. How do you divide the Decans?

  5. I haven’t seen weekly horoscopes here on Aquarius for two weeks now. Perhaps I missed some memo that there wouldn’t be weekly horoscopes for awhile? It makes me very sad though since this is my favorite horoscope

    1. Yes, Sorry about that. I have now got the job of writing the monthly horoscopes for ELLE Australia. So I just don’t have the time anymore. I will continue with the general weekly horoscope. I think I will probably do Horoscopes for the year ahead though, so keep an eye out for them around November time.

    1. I’m not, but Jamie who used to do them here still is. He has been busy setting up the new website dedicated to horoscopes, so this months are a little late He has done up to Virgo so far. The rest should be done in the next few days. Here is the link: ASTROLOGYKING.COM

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