Aquarius Decans

Birthdays January 20 – 29 

Aquarius horoscopeAquarius Decan 1 is ruled by Venus. They seem to represent the quest for scientific knowledge and advancement, but also can over reach itself. These folk are a focused, bold, aspirational and quirky. They are forever chasing new horizons, and as they hover above the clouds their mind is always open and free to wonder and catch an innovative idea from the ether. They make great humanitarians, but are often accused of lacking compassion. This is because of their tendency to keep such a distance from those they are trying to “upgrade”….

STARS ~ Sham in Sagitta, Altair in Aquilla, Oculus & Gieda Prima in Capricorn.

Aquarius Decan 1 Horoscope 2014

Birthdays January 30 – February 8 

Aquarius Decan 2 is ruled by Mercury. This is a gentle breed of water bearer, things are a little more mellow here. In Decan 2 we find the brooding and sometimes insolent Aquarians. These are the folk who dig their fixed-sign heels real deep if you try to push them. These people are quietly alluring, peeping at you coyly with an inviting twinkle in their eye. These Aquarians have something very stately about them, they are proud and hold their head high through the most traumatic of situations. They are the ice kings and queens of the zodiac, if you dump them there will be no drama. They will simply glide away without a fuss…..

STARS ~ Armus in Capricorn, Alnair in Grus, Sualocin in Delphinius.

Aquarius Decan 2 Horoscope 2014

Birthdays February 9 – 18 

Aquarius decan 3 is ruled by the Moon. It brings the confrontation of the old with the new, this is the most revolutionary and edgy decan of Aquarius. These people are the innovators, the breakers of moulds and societies catalysts for change. A restless, experimental, inventive mind will bring success in their career but inevitably their personal life suffers. It is very hard for these subjects to get excited about mundane, domestic matters and they are often accused of being cool, distant and distracted by their family. They get bored very easily and need constant novelty…..

STARS ~ Sadalsuud in Aquarius, Deneb Algedi in Capricorn, Sador & Gienah in Cygnus.

Aquarius Decan 3 Horoscope 2014

More Horoscope Decans

The decans above are as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. But for a detailed exploration of your birthchart and a please refer to the READINGS page.

NOTE: I am using the ancient Chaldean rulers of the decanates. Click on the links above for a more detailed interpretation of each decan using the fixed stars and celebrity examples. You can also apply the decan character traits to your Ascendant or Moon using these zodiac positions:  Aquarius decan 1 0° – 10°Aquarius decan 2 10° – 20° and Aquarius decan 3 20° – 30°.

10 thoughts on “Aquarius Decans

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  2. Ethan, another aquarius

    I want to say Thank You for everything you do and this beautiful (and easy to find) website. Thank You : ) !
    I have Always been very intrigued by astrology…And though I’ve always felt relatively confident that a thread of truth exists within it, there’s also always been an edge of fear for altering my truth via projection/over-thinking it all, which has (in part) kept me from embracing it confidently and fully.
    I was having a rough second half of my day, after a rather mixed but cheerful beginning… I don’t remember why but I decided to check out my horoscope, and after hitting a few links I looked back to google and clicked on This site, and started to read.
    I have never before experienced such correlation between astrology and relevant/current life. I don’t want to sound overzealous because I truly mean this; I am in Much Higher spirits and slightly in awe at the whole thing. Your way of writing (especially comparing to other online sources) is beautiful, meaningful, clean, and I am so very grateful for this brief experience of insight. I will continue to come back when I feel the need, and would certainly recommend you if the conversation came up among friends. Also your friend at has that wonderful Free Horoscope Chart, and I’m learning so much that was previously gibberish to me.
    Thank You (and your team who made this all possible) Again, and God Bless!

  3. Florian

    I think you have made a mistake concerning the ruler of the 3rd decan. It seems to me that that would be venus in stead of moon. At least several other astrological books suggest so.

    1. Marina Macario Post author

      No I haven’t. I just use the Chaldean rulers instead of the triplicities. However I might add in the triplicity meanings later as Austin Coppock (Who considers both), found them to be useful too.

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