Kali Subdued

The death of a young girl a result of a brutal gang rape has India in mourning. The psychiatry student was pronounced dead at 4.45am in a Singapore hospital Saturday 29 2012 from severe internal injuries. Sadly this is not uncommon in a country that reveres its Goddesses, but yet, up until 1983 it was still legal for a man to rape his wife.

Rape cases in India have doubled between 1990 and 2008 according to official figures and a high percentage of these are underage. Samar Halarnkar for the Hindustan Times states “Men abuse women in every society, but few males do it with as much impunity, violence and regularity as the Indian male.” The title of the article is “Death Of Kali” where he also details that if women do not stay within their male prescribed humble limits then they are become the perfect prey for abuse “If Kali – the goddess with the big attitude – lived among us, she would be an especially tempting target.”

India Horoscope

If one looks at the chart for the Independence of India it’s very interesting that Eris, the western Kali archetype is rising and conjunct the North Node. Mars opposite on India’s south node. The male/female polarity, and a fair deal in marriage is obviously something that India needs to address in order to evolve. Eris in the mix just highlights the importance of equal rights and the discord which is surfacing as a result of the imbalance. Mars is strong on the marriage house, at worst this is
violence towards spouse on self-sacrificial, dutiful fixed star Porrima in constellation Virgo.

It is also poignant that Vivian Robson has this star as listed as Caphir “An Atonement Offering” and “The Submissive One”. Referring to this title, Eric Morse says; “The Arabic title Caphir (infidel) no doubt springs from the Islamic revulsion of pagan goddesses”. Mars on this star also gives trouble with the opposite sex and marriage partner. This area of the zodiac can demand that the female make a personal sacrifice in order to benefit her husband.

India HoroscopeThere is a Yod to Ceres from a wide Moon conjunct Lilith ” This combination has to successfully merge the paradox of the virgin and the whore or the very worst manifestation of Lilith can surface. There will be a glorification of the feminine. In unenlightened men this can veer to the misogynistic, as they detest feeling so beholden to the devouring mother. They can alternate between worshiping and then abusing females”.

Ceres is of course the ultimate Mother and amplifies the mother/whore complex, and the quincunx from Moon/Lilith shows this country has to work on some karmic adjustment in this area. Uranus is the final piece of the jigsaw, freedom and liberation in the domestic environment (conjunct the IC) is called for. Last but not least we have the Sun square Moon which very obviously shows in plain terms the challenging dynamics between the men and women of India.

Delhi Gang Rape Horoscope

Delhi Gang RapeWe have a precise time for the the horrific incident. On December 16 2012 we still had the Lilith conjunct Jupiter in a boomerang Yod which has already claimed the deaths of young children around the world. Jupiter/Lilith extra powerful on archangel star Aldebaran. We looked at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting chart and the MC of that chart was conjunct the Solar Eclipse degree 22º Scorpio. Unbelievably the IC of this chart is also on the eclipse degree which was on the Kundalini/Lilith star Unukalhai. Some of it’s key words ” controversy, activists, feminists, protesters, vehemently pro or against, shocking deaths, abduction, domestic violence, wife beaters”

Mercury (Children) is in the heart of the Scorpion on the intense and sometimes vicious star Antares while the Sun is on the poisonous stinger of the Scorpion Lesath which I classed as one of the Psycho stars. That toxic Sun opposite Ceres ” There can be an over-idealisation of the mothering role, in extreme cases this can lead to misogyny in men. Ceres opposite the sun can be ripe for exhibiting the virgin/whore syndrome in certain men. In the case of women, the whore is projected onto another woman”. It was also the day of the Venus square Neptune which is another aspect that can put women on a pedestal. Venus was on Toliman, “Relationships to female persons often seem spoiled… Disturbances, riots, periods of storm and stress and revolt against curtailment of freedom.”

Wherever you turn there is something nasty in this chart. There is a build up of intense and powerful aspects, that on their own would probably not do too much damage, but together and in the wrong hands are a recipe for disaster. Pluto as part of the Yod was on Facies. The South Node on Algol and as I already mentioned the IC on Unukalhai, all stars we have covered here at Darkstar astrology due to their notoriety. Lastly Sedna on the MC, The Magi Astrologers regard Sedna to be the epitome of evilness

” Sedna symbolizes.. products that promote violence and or emotionless sex. Sedna is so insidious that it helps nobody.. Sedna will eat the person alive.”  There is possibility for this life not being lost in vain. For Sedna I wrote “The lesson here is not accepting being the victim, turning the situation round and turning an extreme negative into an extreme positive.”

Delhi gang rape horoscopeMoon trine Lilith “brings an abundance of charm and charisma to the personality that is extremely persuasive. This is witchcraft of the highest calibre” and Moon trine Jupiter “Within the family they are the big protector, the bosom that everyone runs to…They will get on the Jupiter pulpit if they see injustice in the world” points to recovery and healing from this terrible crime against women.

The fact that this act had galvanised such strong protests and created such mass mourning, points to this incident as being another symptom of Uranus square Pluto. In fact when we look at the transits to the chart for the chart for India, we can see that transiting Uranus by precession at the time of the gang rape was conjunct the Independence Of India chart AC by only 12′.

Delhi Gang RapeIt is ironic that India is the place so many westerners go for spiritual enlightenment when its treatment of women is so very “unenlightened”. Despite Hinduism being a polytheistic religion that gives respect to Goddesses, it doesn’t make it any less immune to the same Goddess/Whore problems that we in the west suffer with monotheism. This Jupiter/Lilith Yod is harsh, but it is forcing humanity to address its human rights and to realise that in many countries across the world “witches” are still being “burned”.

152 thoughts on “Kali Subdued

  1. I know! I read about both cases.

    Overhere, there seems to be a tendence also to have a revenge. Now, men are violating spanish women (the wound of conquer is still there, in spite of the almost 500 years elapsed).

    So many dark emotions on the bottom.

    I, myself, also! I have these nasty emotions. People I *hate* the most, are those glorifying themselves being so *good* and making all aothers feel like imbecils. On the top, those so many have to be thankful… They have been helped (ironic: they harm, they glorify of being good and, at the end, they make lots of paralyzed victims! No wonder the kind of hatred they seed).


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