Aries Decan 2

Aries decan 2 is ruled by the Sun and it firmly leads the way through this decan from March 31 to April 9. This is where Aries gets regal, for here we have the King, the Princess, a Sea Monster, a Dragon and a Star Measurer. These people follow no leaders and work best as their own boss or taking commandeering others. Aries decan 2 desperately wants to shine and be respected for rising to the top of their field. They can be seen as quite ruthless in pushing past those they perceive are holding them back from their ultimate throne, but that is a misconception! This decan simply lacks the charm to sugar-coat its instructions and doesn’t bother to conceal its ambitious manoeuvres like more sneaky minded decans. What you see is what you get.

Aries Decan 2 This decan can be brutally honest which can get Aries decan 2 into trouble even if its in the best interests of those they are trying to direct. Despite the rulership of the Sun, this decan is not so ego-driven as you might think, but they do have to be their own sovereign. In traditional astrology the Sun is exalted in Aries. Austin Coppock calls this decan “The Crown” and says “Applied magically, this decan has tremendous power. It is the power to generate the world of your choosing, and to be its sovereign. It is the key to creating realities that do not obey the laws of the collective reality field in which the exist.” [1]

Aries decan 2 have a horror of being chained down to anything, needing absolute freedom to fly where they will. If you try to restrict them in any way, you will experience some of this decans flaming hot temper. The Furnace and the Sea Monster here can bring rages out of nowhere; usually triggered by someone trying to restrict their movement in some way. Controlling Aries decan 2’s whereabouts is a huge “no-no.” Try telling your teenage ram she is grounded, if you want to witness an exploding oven (Fornax!). They will do anything, anything to escape, so daring feats like breaking out of a second floor bedroom window is not unknown. Aries decan 2 is the ultimate in being oppositional to prove a point, no one is going to take away their sovereignty! They will rally round the troops to defend their rights and have the uncanny knack of getting everyone on their side at a moments notice.

Jail Breakers & Simmering Queens

Aries decan 2 make efficient bosses, activists and fund raisers, winning respect and support easily. People feel that their cause is safe with them since these rams ooze such capability and assurance. Aries decan 2 do keep a close eye on their competitors though, always checking to see how they measure up to their rivals. Sometimes this makes them very self-conscious, other times they can get accused of being egoistical. However it does mean that the quality of their products are excellent. The combination of Aries fire-cracking enthusiasm and the Sun’s creativity ensures they are high achievers, if they can stick at a project long enough. The only danger is that these sizzlers might burn themselves out too quickly. The Sun ruling this decan can make them seem similar to their fellow fire biddies in Leo, and in fact this is the Leo decan of Aries in the triplicity system. However there are no refined pussycats here, these “cats” are raw, sometimes crude and can even be downright vulgar. They don’t put on airs and graces and they don’t really need to be worshipped and adored either. They do expect you to respect their authority however and do not like to be “dicked around”.

The constellation Cepheus here is a bit of a dour king, and can be a bit brusque. Its influence insures Aries decan 2 doesn’t suffer fools, it just doesn’t have the patience! Constellation Andromeda connects with Papa Cepheus being the unfortunate daughter whom Pops tied to a rock in order to save his kingdom. Efficient yes, sympathetic parent, no… Aries decan 2 tends to believe in the Spartan school of parenting. Aries decan 2 will experience wilder teenage years than most. However when their own children “play-up” they come across as super-strict, probably because they remember only too well what frolics they themselves got up to. Those with planets placed close to the whale stars may be a little more laid back than their neighbours, but are still liable to spout off on occasion. Two monsters here and the chemical furnace or Fornax could mean that there is the tendency for these folk to project their inner rage onto others and they may come across as passive-aggressive. Aries decan 2 can sometimes attract violent reactions to their peaceful but firm leadership, while some of Aries decan 2 have a very steamy sexuality brimming under cool, aloof exterior. Simmering is the word.

Aries 2 Fixed Stars ~ Aries 2 AC, MC, Sun & Moon 

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. A good article , spot on thanks .
    I’d say that Aries 2 is definitely better than rest of all 35 decans !
    Decan 1 – Rage
    Decan 2 – Regal
    Decan 2 – Rascal

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  2. The simmering queens.. how appropriate :)

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  3. haha oh my god. i jumped out of more than one car as a teenager and hit the ground running. because i was grounded and wanted to go see my girlfriend.

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  4. I was wondering about Mercury to Mars segment, because my venus is right on Alpheratz.

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    • Yes I started doing those, but found out it’s taking just too long to keep up with the decans as they go through the year. So I will have to add those next year. It’s a big job! I want to be completing these decans in sync with whats going on in the skies. I’m still behind as we are already in Aries decan 3 now.

  5. I laughed out loud so hard reading this. My ascendant is Aries 9 degrees(with Saturn retrograde @8 degrees Aries), and my Sun is in Libra 18 degrees (decan 2). You are quite right, I really don’t appreciate being “dicked around”. This is by far the most accurate description of my ascendant I have ever read.

    Thank you for what you do Marina

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