7 Health Tips For Self Isolation


What I have learnt about health over the years and new findings for this current situation. Seven planetary related remedies to get us through this difficult time.

I’m going to bring you something that is kind of not really astrological but kind of an astrological so this is seven planetary health tips for self-isolation so

Number one the Sun and that will be vitamin D and K three drops now these are just really really brilliant and I mean it is better to get vitamin C sort of D directly from the Sun so that will be at least 15 minutes of sunlight on your face or as much skin as possible even if it just means because you can get it through you can get some of the UV through the glass but you you don’t get the full spectrum so even if it just means opening a door or a window and just sitting there and getting that 15 minutes really important and failing that if you really can’t get out and were you live in an apartment where there’s no direct sunlight on your face yes vitamin D and K 3 drops really really good.

Number two is moon which is sleep so that is make sure I mean the good thing that we have at the moment is we don’t have to get up for work so you don’t have to put the alarm on hooray and you just get up when you get up and I’ve been getting up really late and having lots of nice sleep so that’s a good thing if you’re anxious I think CBD drops before we go to bed is really really good so get the strong ones and also deep breathing meditation now I must admit I’m a really rubbish person when it comes to things like meditation I like to move so I do yoga instead but when I read this I thought this is a really good motivation to actually meditate because apparently deep breathing turns your body alkaline and that fallacy about drinking bicarbonate and soda in water and having alkaline water is actually not good for you at all I think that’s what gave me the acid reflux actually so so know if you want to turn your body alkaline don’t don’t drink or don’t even do the alkaline diet I did the stupid alkaline diet which doesn’t kill bacteria in your gut you need to… See Video for More