October Forecast Youtube


Welcome to the October Youtubes! I’ll soon be on my travels which is why I have posted all of these videos and and October posts earlier than usual. The September ones are on Youtube also. After I come back it will be full on with the 2015 Horoscopes. I want to do a good job of these, but at the same time realise I probably still need to take on atleast some readings to pay the bills. So I’m asking my lovely subscribers to cross my palm with a humble $2 via the donate button below. If enough people do this I should be able to use November purely to concentrate on the mammoth task of writing the 2015 horoscopes for each sign and for all of the 36 decans…

Unfortunately I simply haven’t the time to write the monthly horoscopes for the rest of 2014, which is why they are no longer on the menu bar. Thanks everyone for you continued support. ~ Marina

For all my YouTube videos and the September Forecasts CLICK HERE.

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