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State Of Matrix #4 ~ AstroNews

State Of Matrix #4

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State Of Darkstar/Matrix #3

An update to what I intend to do with regards to the Darkstar Website V the YouTube channel

A look at the current planetary weather and a chart of someone in the news. This week it’s Joe Biden.

This week it’s Bill Gates.

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Artwork: Felix Mittermeier

8 thoughts on “State Of Matrix #4 ~ AstroNews”

  1. Hi Marina,
    Thank you for your videos and insights, they are always such a treat but even more so right now – you are like a virtual friend (one of those rare friends you can have an intellectual conversation with).
    I’ve never looked for love online before, always in real life. However, because of this lockdown I’m tempted to look for a potential new love on the web. Are there any good days for setting up an online dating profile in the coming week or two? Or is it best to forget about it until after the Venus retrograde (and post shadow – which seems eons away)?
    Love Sally

  2. Marina,

    Biden is not just “slightly senile”, he has Dementia/Alzheimer’s, and it is not early stage.

    My mother has been suffering from Dementia for the last 5 years. So unfortunately I have become an unwilling expert on all of the symptoms and stages.

    There is no way Biden will make it to November, and the self-serving sociopaths in the DNC are fully aware of that reality. So they just want him to somehow make it through the convention in July (major challenge) and pick his VP running mate.

    After that occurs he will allegedly suffer some sort of major physical health problem (possibly death) that will force him to drop out of the race, and his VP running mate will become the Democratic Presidential candidate.

    But the Democrats have already conceded the Presidential election to Trump. All they desperately wanted to do was get rid of Bernie Sanders in order to avoid the down ballot (House, Senate, & Gubernatorial) carnage that would have occurred had a self-avowed Fabian Socialist won the nomination.

    As to Biden’s #MeToo problems. The MSM will only continue to ignore those. Just as the MSM has ignored the obvious fact that old Uncle Joe obviously has Dementia.

    If you thought the 2016 Trump-Clinton clown show was bad, wait till you see how the 2020 clown show turns out. It will make 2016 look mild by comparison.

  3. Trump” suspended “funding until further investigation into the handling of the virus. The strictly audio is a nice break from visual. I like it.


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