Vladimir Putin Horoscope

An example of how I read a natal chart using President Vladimir Putin. Does this chart show eminence, and if so is it honorable or corrupt? Can we even see corruption or psychopathy in a chart? What makes a good leader?

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  1. This to me is very right on. Thank you, been waiting for this!!!! Love it!!! Lets see if the time is anywhere near accurate, and if things come out true!

  2. I’ve seen serious comments online that claim that Putin’s birth astrology info ( as offered to the public ) may be
    flawed…it is suspected that his published year of birth may be falsified by as much as 2 full years ( on either side of wingspan ) and, it seems to be generally accepted that his reported birth city is also incorrect, although a heated debate among fellow comrades concerning the correct birth city has yet to be satisfactorily resolved, as every distractor cites convincing and sensible data..
    His 2 daughters, and ex-wife ( of 30 years ) are intensely private, flying under the radar…
    I’m of the mind that Lilith figures predominately in his chart, as he has a cruel mindset, while maintaining a public countenance of easy, breezy peaceful ( facade )
    Putin recently introduced his black Labrador into a private meeting room with German ( female ) President, knowing full well that she is frightened to death of DOGS…there is a photo of this online…
    Hillary Clinton is not the only one who has made it her personal mission to hide her correct birth data from the public, but Putin has outdone Clinton, as we do not even know for certain what year he was born…
    Putin is likeable on the surface, although no one would dispute Ted Bundy ( mars on south Node ) was charming, too..
    Using correct natal charts is imperative..I suspect if astrologers would use ( 02 July 1776, 10:59 am. EST, Philadelphia, Pa. ) ( vote through Congress passes, Independence) instead of the 7/4/1776 natal chart
    widely accepted, there might not be so many incorrect predictions, with regards to USA prophecy..but, it is only my personal opinion..
    In short, whenever I see anything posted online, concerning Putin, based upon his public natal birth info, I do not even take the time to read it, as we may never know the truth, unless….
    someone can rectify his correct birth info….using events of his life, children’s birth info, marriage info, rise to power, etc.
    GianPaolo DiCoco has proven ( to my satisfaction ) both Hillary Clinton’s correct birth time, AND Barack Obama’s correct city/country of birth…( both public records were falsified or unknown )
    Do not trust public records/sources, folks…don’t believe what your eyes see, nor what your ears hear..
    That’s how ( they ) fool you…

    1. Sorry, but I had to laugh at the dog thing… I trust Putin’s dog would run Germany better than traitor Merkel.

      I don’t blame Putin for being secretive, especially for his family!! The deep-state/media elites that are against him are treacherous. If the rectified chart works with important events then that’s the best we have got. The fact the Full Moon today falls on this 4.10pm time’s ascendant is very convincing for me.

      Yes, Putin’s time is defo flawed, it clearly states on astrodatabank that 9.30am is questionable. And yes don’t believe what you read and that includes the whining US media and its ridiculous dog stories!
      That time Putin brought his dog to a meeting to scare Angela Merkel
      This is not serious journalism. “her fear of dogs couldn’t have escaped Putin, who sat back and enjoyed the moment, legs spread wide…” Really?!?

      World peace more important. US and Russia equal in Nuclear weapons. I’m glad if US and Russia get on! Not so bothered about how Putin sits.

  3. I come from the same city as Putin and speak the same language. How can you speak so confidently about a ruling dictator without understanding contemporary Russian history and current events? The county’s electoral system is corrupt and there is no justice in the courts. Political prisoners are being put away at a terrifying pace. Boris Nemtzov, a liberal opponent and only threat to Putin, was recently murdered (by Putin and/or his cronies). Most Russian people live in poverty. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is spreading fast, while being ignored by Kremlin. The prime minister has told us to “hang in there” while they wage war on Ukraine and Syria. The Russian Orthodox Church has fused with the state – it gets huge payoffs for continuing to brainwash the people. They mostly teach that suffering is good. The oligarchs, the very few who are wildly rich will stand by Putin because he made them and he can break them like he broke M. Khodorkovsky. Putin is KGB, a murderer and a very good liar. He’s also highly Intelligent. I’m only here to caution.
    Americans also like to applaud Putin. Westerners are like little lambs praising a wolf in a sheep’s skin.

    Also, his humor, when he jokes in Russian, is derogatory, belittling and gross.

    1. Alina I am very grateful for your opinion. But do you currently live in Russia? No I can’t speak confidently about life in Russia, of course not. But I can speak confidently about Putin’s chart. I’m Italian, and I speak the same language as the Italian Prime minister, but I have no idea about Italian politics and neither do any of my relatives in Sicily. I live in the UK. Half the country wanted Brexit and think Nigel Farage is a hero and the other half think he is the devil. So I don’t think any of us mere proletariat can ever know the truth of our leaders. I have read a few book about Russian history and I listen to Lada Ray who is from the Ukraine. I trust her perspective as she seems quite enlightened about geo-politics on the whole. Russia was a broken country back in the 1990’s so it had a long way up to climb. It seems to have done quite well under Putin in comparison to what it had before. I think that’s what Putin fans in the West see anyhow.

  4. As the Fates would have it, I am a Libra male born on October 1st, 1952, exactly 7 days before Putin. Yet our personalities couldn’t be any more different than a mouse is to rat. I “sense ” him, though, and I wouldn’t want to ever owe him anything or ever ask him for a favor, because he will then “own ” you forever.

    Enough said.

  5. Putin is the only world leader of any real merit. He will go down in history as one of the great leaders of all time. Russia was on its back when he took power. The vultures were circling to pick the last remaining meat off Russia – her gas and oil. To understand what Putin has achieved you need to understand geo-politics – and how the neo conservatives trying to take over the world have tried to break Russia with illigal sanctions and unfounded accusations and demonise Russia. Is there a sinle piece of evidence Russia hacked the DNC? Of course not.
    Putin is a great. So is Russia.
    Ps. I am Irish and do not have any agenda other than trying to see things truthfully.

  6. Great video, I was a bit apprehensive about watching a 40 minute video but I could really hear the truth in your words, I live in the Netherlands and I have a strange fascination with russia and especially Putin, it’s nice to have my gut feeling confirmed that Putin is a good leader and well equipped to handle his country and his enemies(unsurprisingly), that mars there in the 12th house is fascinating, you just know he has those deep dark enemies calculating his every move and perhaps he has enemies that are even smarter than him? Anyone any idea who could be his real enemy?

    1. Thanks! I got so much stick for this video on YouTube but I’m glad I put it up.
      I really don’t understand the hatred for Putin. Very few men with that sort of power in the world remain un-corrupted, there are far worse out there.
      It’s seen as hip to wear a red hammer & sickle T-shirt, symbolizing a regime that killed millions under Stalin, yet Putin is the devil!! Mad.

  7. Thanks for a fair reading of Putin’s chart. Very unusual in today’s western world.

  8. Hello and thanks for the video.
    I didn’t watch it though as I rarely watch anything longer than 2-3 minutes on the subject and usually prefer reading… But as I noticed the chart is for the date October 7, 1952.
    What I’d like to mention is that there are two versions of Putin’s date of birth, and the less known one is October 7, 1950 (not 1952). The place of birth is also different – it’s not St Petersburg but some village in Georgia (former USSR republic, not the US state).
    So, the reading might be interesting, but it also might be wrong.

  9. Vladimir Putin.

    Progressive aspects.

    13-Sep-2018 029°,44’43 Aries IC * MIRACH (VENUS – )
    13-Sep-2018 019°,06’51 Sagittarius Sun 30 mutual C-11
    14-Sep-2018 017°,35’24 Cancer Ura 135 mutual C-12
    20-Sep-2018 -06°,44’18 Moon // C-12
    21-Sep-2018 -06°,45’41 Moon // Nep
    26-Sep-2018 007°,43’20 Libra Moon 45 Plu

    5-Oct-2018 000°,35’46 Aquarius Ven * ALBIREO (VENUS – MERC )
    10-Oct-2018 026°,42’52 Pisces C–3 135 Ven
    11-Oct-2018 008°,12’08 Libra Moon 45 mutual Plu
    27-Oct-2018 -17°,31’55 Merc // mutual C-11

  10. Vladimir Putin.

    Progressive aspects.

    Vladimir Putin.

    News about Russian spies 4 October 2018.


    4-Oct-2018 022°,43’20 Scorpio Jup 90 Plu
    4-Oct-2018 003°,11’53 Capricorn Sat 60 Asc

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