Virgo Weekly Horoscope

The weekly horoscope for Virgo
and Virgo Rising for June 30 – July 6. Your hopes and wishes for the future are being called into question while the accountant is waving his finger at you. It’s time to get real. The quarter moon pulls up the crisis of debts, social obligations and how you want to spend your leisure time. If you have children then their demands make this even more of a crisis. Mars fires up all those juicy high-achieving and multi-tasking stars in your career house this week though. Phew! its just what you have been waiting for. You can do a fantastic juggling act then Virgo and get a great deal done. Call in some karmic debts that you are owed from some past life connections with women. Tune into your ancient ancestors and ask them to guide you to the appropriate maidens. Don’t be surprised the more psychic among you get apparitions of Victorian crones in crinolines. They deliver great messages of wisdom, if you are not too spooked to listen.

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  1. Lovely forecast, just re-reading and read rising, does the ‘Aries’ decan under sub header Virgo Decan mean to read ‘Virgo’!

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