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Virgo May 2021 Horoscope

Your Virgo monthly horoscope video is a segment of the Virgo yearly horoscope. If you want the rest of the year’s mp3s plus transcripts you can buy them now at a discount on the Virgo 2021 Horoscope post.

(Example transcript from Virgo 2021 Horoscope.)

So May 8th Ceres is actually out of the underworld now. Hooray, you’ve escaped. You’ve escaped the evil stepmother and the overbearing mate if you have one. You’re now into the ninth house where you can get in touch with the land of your ancestors.

This is ripe for visiting some sacred spots that you feel you’re connected to, either with your ancestral biological family, or it could be past life connections as well. On the 11th, Mars sextile Uranus, Mars is in your networking and common interest group area. And of course, Uranus is still in the travel zone.

So it would be perfect to go on holiday with your friends. See if you can convince them to go somewhere that’s a little bit less, “sangria on the beach” and more about temples and connecting with spirit. A bit more higher chakra. Because there is also a new moon in your ninth house of travel as well. So the focus is on new beginnings that take you out of your neighbourhood to somewhere foreign.

You might not have to go overseas, but you could go somewhere that is unusual too, that feels like it you’re being transported to another dimension. Somewhere local, but has an ethereal, spiritual feel with nature in it. Connect with the fairy folk and the leprechauns!

On 13th you get a taste of what Jupiter in Pisces is going to be like and this is really lovely. Because guess what, Neptune is in your seventh house of marriage. It means utter romance by the time Jupiter gets up to Neptune (which it won’t be for a while.) But we can get a taste of what it will be like anyway, because Jupiter loves being in Pisces.

How To Read Your Monthly Horoscopes

These monthly horoscope reports are based on the movements of the planets through your horoscope houses. Therefore it is more accurate to read for your rising sign. (Mainstream astrologers don’t tell you this since most people do not know their ascendant!) 

Yearly horoscopes ignite the transpersonal themes of inner development and include the transformation that comes with the outer planet transits. These month-by-month audios are included in the 2021 yearly horoscopes and are now available in transcript here.

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