Virgo 2017 Horoscope


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Investing in your roots and real estate would be a very satisfying way to spend 2017. This will nurture you for many years to come. Hopefully you will be reaping the positive effects of lucky Jupiter in your cash zone by now. If you do happen to have some spare cash, then renovations in the home or moving to somewhere where you feel safer and secure would be a good use of the extra pentacles.

Spending money on cash to visit the lands for your ancestors would be a great spiritual experience and life-affirming. Turning your homestead into a healing temple for yourself or travelling to sacred sites is quite a strong theme this year. There may be a good reason for the holy land quest, for going to an important shrine can bathe you in miraculous healing rays.

Virgo 2017 Horoscope Summary

Health could be an issue this year just because the eclipses are making sure you detox yourself thoroughly and they will test your immune system too. You want to be a fit as possible if the a new romantic partner breezes into your life! Yes, there is a good chance of a soulmate type relationship for you this year Virgo. However, Venus retrograde could easily pepper your possibilities with a good few ‘Dark Cupids’ to keep you on your toes.

Illness or too much sacred brew could cloud your judgement, especially as you have Neptune fogging things up even further. (In your marriage house. Check if it aspects anything personal). At least Saturn is helping you to build a strong foundation which can help to counteract Neptune’s mystification. Use the Lord of the Ring’s grounding potential, you will need it

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