Virgo Decan 3 ~ Sep 13 to 22 (20º-30º)


Virgo Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Virgo 21º 37′ ~ Denebola in the tail of Leo the Lion. 2.2*
Virgo 22º 37′ ~ Alpha Antila in the Air Pump. 4.4
Virgo 23º 08′ ~ Avior in the keel of Argo Navis the Great Ship. 1.7
Virgo 23º 41′ ~ Alkes in the base of Crater the cup. 4.2
Virgo 24º 34′ ~ Cor Caroli in hunting hound Chara in Cane Venatici. 2.9
Virgo 26º 41′ ~ Labrum in the lip of Crater the cup. 3.8
Virgo 26º 56′ ~ Alkaid in the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 1.9
Virgo 27º 10′ ~ Zavijava in the left wing of Virgo the Virgin. 3.8
Virgo 28º 12′ ~ Markeb in the sails of Argos Navis the Great Ship. 2.6
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Virgo Decan 3 ~ General Meaning

Virgo decan 3 is ruled by Mercury and Venus (Taurus triplicity). The Sun sails through the Lion, the Air Pump, the Great Ship, the Cup and the Great Bear from September 13 to 22. Here we find the famous sharp minds, researchers, perfectionists and organisers. There are some harsh and unfortunate stars here associated with natural disasters and death alongside the holy grail and the ships bellowing sails. It is fitting that this decan of Virgo contains such sharp contrasts since it is ruled by Mercury the mediator between the earth and the underworld. It’s very black and white here.

Virgo Decan 3The unfortunate influence probably comes as a result of our Virgo’s not paying attention to natural law and working themselves into the ground. If one does not take control of regulating oneself, then something from the outside will do it in a more dramatic way, similar to the effects of a Uranus transit. Mercury ruled Virgo decan 3 live on their nerves.

They burn a lot of calories just worrying! Their mind is so white hot you can sometimes see quicksilver flashing behind their eyeballs. The problem with having such a strong mind is that their belief program then controls everything. A skeptical Virgo will be very hard to rewire and some find it really hard to trust their intuition, even though they actually have a very fine prophetic ability.

Healing ‘Harlots’ & Skeptics

The big challenge for Virgo decan 3 is getting both sides of the brain working in balance. They should be naturals at this but somehow, in our left-brain dominated world, they have allowed that sharp logical side of their head to take over and not even for their own benefit.

Virgos are prime workers since they are dutiful, self-sacrificial, have fantastic brains. Just what the power elite prey on. You can bet that successful IT companies are stuffed full of Virgo decan 3 drones working their magic, while their Pluto bosses take all the credit and lap up the profit.


The tarot card associated with this decan is the ten of pentacles. This decan of Virgo is probably the most commercially successful and this is reflected in the meaning of this card. It shows abundance, thriving, high achievement and solid foundations. Karmically this card can suggest marrying into money due to having had helped that family in a past life. “Here we are looking at success, prosperity and abundance on many levels.  This Card suggests you have done or will do very well for yourself, not by chance, but by working very hard to achieve it.  Wealth and strong financial security are indicated, and more than likely here to stay, as you have well prepared for this time and have done the essential groundwork.” ~ Teachmetarot
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Virgo decan 3
Virgo decan 3

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Virgo Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Denebola 21º is a blue star in the tail of the Lion and unlike Regulus was supposed to bring disgrace and ill fortune. Robson says “It gives swift judgment, despair, regrets, public disgrace, misfortune from the elements of nature, and happiness turned to anger and makes its natives noble, daring, self-controlled, generous and busy with other people’s affairs.” That’s one strange mix. Judging by the very prominent people with Virgo decan 3 rising, it looks like some of the fiery Lion stars here give them the drive to succeed and a need to shine.


Virgo Decan 3 ~ Planets & Angles

Sun Virgo 3

Denebola 21º ~ “ Honor and preferment with danger, public disgrace and finally ruin, disease, fevers and acute ailments.” [4a] Alkes 23º ~ ” A person who is a vessel, one who cares something for others. To hold something for others, be it story-telling, art, music, insights or visions. A national treasure is revealed.” [5]
10 of pentaclesSome formidable leaders grace the list below in a sign that is not generally seen as being pushy or bossy in any way. But we forget the sidereal overlap of the constellation of Leo with its angry swat of a lion’s tail. Yes, this Virgo can dish out punishment and authoritarianism as well as any Aries, Capricorn or Leo. Austin Coppock also finds more untypical Virgo behaviour with the Sun here.

“Though often possessed of reserved dispositions, many are subject to wild episodes, for they know that their lives are finite. At times they are liberated by this sense of finity, while at others they rage against it.” [6] Again this mirrors the action of Denebola the lion’s tail. The stars in the great ship make these folk explorers too and they have a wanderlust that makes them loathed to plant very deep roots despite being an earth sign.

The Isis-like devotion to their mates is evident too in some of the subjects below, even when that mate has Plutonic addiction issues. The self-cleansing action of the air-pump and watery Alkes will help to rejuvenate those with their Sun here. We are approaching the equinox where the sun falls into the underworld at 0º Libra, so the ability to resurrect is part of the personality of Sun Virgo 1 also.

SUN VIRGO 3 EXAMPLES: Elizabeth I, Genghis Khan, Confucius, Augustus, Heinrich Agrippa, Prince Harry, Bilawal Zadari Bhutto, Eva Braun, Kevin Rudd, Oliver Stone, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Greta Garbo, Larry Hagman, Bill Murray, Jeremy Irons, Tommy Lee Jones, Mickey Rourke, Peter Falk, Amy Winehouse, Nick Cave, Julio Iglesias, Katie Melua, Morten Harket, Andrea Bocelli, Leonard Cohen, Liam Gallagher, Joan Jett, Billy Piper, Stella McCartney, Twiggy, Shirley Conran, Stephen King, Fay Weldon, H.G Wells, Agatha Christie, George R. R Martin, Roald Dahl, David Copperfield, Ronaldo.


Ascendant Virgo 3

Denebola 21º ~ “ Riches, preferment and good fortune attended by many dangers and anxieties through own folly, benefits seldom last, trouble and sickness.” [4a]
Alkes 23º ~ (Heliacal Rising Star.) “To be the living vessel of a sacred body of knowledge or philosophy and to know that your life is about the precious thing you carry. This may be an idea, a talent or even a prophetic gift. To feel born into an idea or situation.” [5]
Markeb 28º ~ “Profitable journeys in company with Jupiterian and Saturnian people wherein the native is grave and discreet but suffers much injury, which ultimately turns to good. [4b]

The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan’s energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so the influences above will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others. With Virgo decan 3 the ‘sacred harlot’ behaviour will be most notable in love relationships. As said in the general section, sex is extremely important to these folk with some being very promiscuous or, in modern parlance, polyamorous! (See Playboy magnate Hefner is on the list below) On the other side of the scale, their sexual relationships are held as sacred. These folk will be the most successful wheeler and dealers since the decan’s ruler Mercury is associated with merchants and Venus is money. Both thee planets can be charming and fickle, flitting from one lover to the other. Other factors in the chart will be needed to ensure fidelity and a stable marriage. With Alkes here we find great talent with the subject being inspired by their many muses and interests.

Ascendant Virgo 3 Examples: Charles II, Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt, Silvio Berlusconi, Hugh Hefner, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Erin Brockovich, Marie Stopes, Paul McCartney, Roy Orbison, June Carter, Julie Andrews, Debbie Harry, Annie Lennox, Olivia Newton-John, George Melly, Doris Day, Sissy Spacek, Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis, Kathy Bates, Tom Hanks, Shirley MacLaine, Nigel Havers, Jason Connery, Derek Jacobi, Cybil Shepherd, Carol Channing, Brooke Shields, Jerry Hall, Igor Stravinsky, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, Azaria Chamberlain, Amanda Blair, Amanda Knox, Ernst Roehm, Tiger Woods.

Midheaven Virgo 3

Alkes 23º ~ (On a pivot point) “To be given a precious gift which will prove to be both a joy and a responsibility. A discovered talent, or to be handed another person’s work needing completion” [5]

The Midheaven, like the Ascendant, will also give an unfiltered lens through which to view the decan. In this case, the public views the subject as behaving very much in the manner of the general meaning of the decan. The subject may also see their parents as having the ‘sceptical’ attributes of Virgo decan 3. Often these natives will have been brought up with very cynical parents and from this find it quite hard to be open-hearted and trusting. This attitude is the same in business where Midheaven Virgo 3 are very prudent with their investments and do not tend to speculate on high-risk schemes. These folk are more likely than most to take up careers that are passed on down to them by their family and the talents of their ancestors are also passed down thanks to Alkes. The native makes money because they tend to work in fields that are proven and tested. Their products are traditional and well crafted. It is interesting that the two world super-powers have the same Midheaven projecting out into the world which shows their successful way of negotiating trade deals and great land mass that can be cultivated to make the best use of their natural resources. Those with this midheaven will be natural business people or healers but the artists among them will project a bittersweet, earthy style with a wary, sceptical glare.

Midheaven Virgo 3 Examples: Leonardo da Vinci, Fredrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Lenin, Benjamin Disraeli, Timothy Leary, Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando, Brad Pitt, Isabella Rossellini, Ray Liotta, James Dean, Dennis Hopper, Burt Lancaster, Kim Kardashian, Elvis Presley, Eminem, Bob Marley, La Toya Jackson, Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, Robert Plant, Johnny Rotten, Roger Daltrey, Steven Tyler, USA Horoscope, Russia Horoscope, Islamic Republic Of Iran, Rene Magritte, Emile Zola, Wassily Kandinsky, Robert Rauschenberg, John Milton, Carter/Cash Davison, Douglas/Zeta-Jones Davison.

Moon Virgo 3

Denebola 21º ~ “ Honor and preferment among the vulgar but final disgrace and ruin, violent disease of vital organ, blindness and injuries to the eyes, accidents, losses through servants, domestic quarrels, temporary separation from marriage partner. ” [4a] Alkes 23º ~ “A love and empathy for life and nature. Being drawn to biology, anthropology or any subject which explores the wonders of life. A time when one must focus on what can be saved.” [5]

This is quite a difficult placement for the moon, some commentators say that is because the moon is very fragile in Virgo 3 and prone to illness. My theory is that any malady will be due to auto-immune problems which are always due to not setting clear boundaries in relationships. The Virgo Moon is the archetypical nurse and makes an amazing healer, but only if they look after themselves first! The problem is that many of them don’t. This means they will burn out in their caring role very quickly if they neglect themselves. The dark side of this position is the amount of resentment that comes out of Virgo Moon 3 when their charity and dutiful nurturing is not reciprocated. Their patient may not have asked for the ‘medicine’ at all, and in frustration is apt to throw it all back in Virgo 3 Moon’s face. Sometimes these folk even (albeit unconsciously) get their loved ones ‘hooked’ onto their support. The worst way they can do this is by using actual drugs. There are two extremes here then, the self-sacrificial martyr and the drug-pusher. The Moon here is the one most likely to fall down the rabbit hole of addiction themselves in trying to rescue an addict. On the positive side supporting a good cause can keep Virgo Moon 3 on the straight and narrow. Their nervous energy needs channelling into something, even simple housework. These folk will either have the shiniest house, or the grimiest.

Moon Virgo 3 Examples: Genghis Khan, Christopher Columbus, Alexander Hamilton, Teresa Of Avila, Vanessa Redgrave, Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery, Jean Claude Van Damme, Linda Evangelista, Johnny Rotten, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Nicki Minaj, Suzanne Vega, Frank Zappa, Marvin Gaye, P.J Harvey, Melanie C, Peggy Lee, Eva Braun, Anton LaVey, Sarah Aldrete, John Phillips, Gerry McCann, Madeleine McCann, John Hinckley,  Alexander Graham Bell, Invention of the Telephone, Deepak Chopra, William Wordsworth, J.K. Rowling, Stephen Hawking, Susan Sontag, Leo Tolstoy, Howard ‘Hopalong’ Cassidy, Gordon Ramsay, Serena Williams, Thierry Henry.

Mercury Virgo 3

Denebola 21º ~ “Many losses through agents or servants and through writings, loss of one of the family through malignant or contagious disease. [4a] Alkes 23º ~ “To undertake detailed and precise work. A careful thinker who is at their best when allowed to plan, think and execute all in their own time” [5]

Despite the grim prognoses of Robson above, the rest of the decan gives probably one of the sharpest minds of the zodiac. Since this is the Taurus sector of Virgo it can endow a fine singing voice. Having so quick-witted means these folk make formidable debaters. Their communication skills are top notch whether intellectual or artistic. The natives are welcomed by academia since they are the archetypical studious librarian. However, pull off their geeky spectacles and unwind that tight bun and you could be surprised. Unexpectedly, these folk possess a glossy mane and a whole lot of animal magnetism. Mercury here can the paradox of someone who is prim and scholarly, but also secretly foxy. Virgo 3 Mercury’s often have to play down their sexuality or attractiveness in order to be taken seriously. One of their favourite areas is research as they have great judgement. After sober and careful study the native will surprise you with a succinct analysis of the subject in question that is totally spot on. Sometimes this ability to zone into the heart of the matter is envied by less competent individuals. Therefore ‘losses through writings’ can mean slander from their rivals.

Mercury Virgo 3 Examples: Mother Teresa, Amy Winehouse, Bryan Ferry, Mika, Avril Lavigne, Sting, Sylvester, PJ Harvey, Liam Gallagher, John Philips, Ray Charles, Oliver Stone, Sean Connery, Hugh Grant, Tommy Lee Jones, Charlton Heston, Kim Cattrall, Claudia Schiffer, River Phoenix, Colin Firth, Alicia Silverstone, Stephen Fry, Pippa Middleton, Jimmy Carter, H.P Lovecraft, Mary Shelley, Eleanor Of Aquitaine, Barbara Castle, Albert Prince Consort, Jimmy Carter, Bruce McClaren, Barry Sheene, Vicious/Spungen Davison.

Venus Virgo 3

Denebola 21º ~ “ Strong passions, led astray early in life, ruined through love affairs. [4] Alkes 23º ~ “ Someone with strong social values whose opinions can influence others. To be interested in fashion, art or social customs. A unique way of seeing human life; to champion human rights and to contribute insights as well as reform.” [5]

This is a surprisingly emotional position for Venus. Most probably due to the tail stars of the lion and bear lashing out when these folk have played the saviour for too long and are now burn out. Venus Virgo 3’s big lesson is to say no because their highly strung temperament suffers the most when it is sleep deprived and malnourished. Virgo is not the most robust of signs, but unfortunately, this decan tends to think that it is Taurus! Admittedly Venus does rule this decan being that it is the Taurus decan by triplicity so perhaps there is Taurean potential here. Once the native establishes strong boundaries then sure, Venus Virgo 3 starts to rebuild its strength and then can do a fantastic job of healing others who have also fallen into the Saviour/Victim trap. The protective lion/bear energy is extremely devoted and has great stamina to fight for their spouse no matter what they are accused of.

If the partner is indeed corrupt the, of course, this will bring downfall to Venus Virgo 3 and that is why they can be ruined by love affairs. The list of natives is a little shorter than most, so it may be the case that these folk avoid the public eye and prefer to stand behind a much more extrovert and successful partner. The tarot card associated with this decan is successful and fortunate so maybe we are seeing folk who are actually the power behind the throne. It is important that these folk chose their partners well in both love and business because their fate is so tied into those they choose to bind themselves into contract with. This decan contains the actual degree of Venus’s fall which makes it even more afflicted. Austin Coppock maintains that those with Venus here struggle with the notion that beauty and flesh will inevitably rot and may “lead some to toward the preservation of youths appearance at increasingly severe costs” [6]

Venus Virgo 3 Examples: Fidel Castro, Akbar The Great, Henry Ford, John McCain, Francios Mitterand, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Herbert Hoover, Barbara Castle, Tiffany Trump, Roman Polanski, Brigitte Bardot, Mae West, Robert De Niro, Nigel Havers, Ian McShane, Joni Mitchell, Bryan Adams, Lucille Ball, Hank Williams, John Cage, Bruno Mars, Mark Knopfler, Lili Boulanger, Caravaggio, Le Corbusier, Evelyn Waugh, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Jimmy Connors, Knox Murder, Neil Armstrong, Newman/Woodward Davison. Lennon/McCartney Davison.

Mars Virgo 3

Denebola 21º ~ “Bitter, vindictive, cruel, unpopular, loss of position and public disgrace”. [4]
Alkes 23º ~ “ To take action to achieve and protect one’s ideals. To want to give safety or to build security, not just for oneself but also for loved ones. To support different charities which align with one’s philosophies.” [5]

The beastly tail stars do nothing to mitigate the aggression of the red planet of war, but not everyone with Mars here will be a grade A tyrant. Remember that much depends on what area of the native’s life that Mars rules because these attributes may be met outside of the individual in the people that they have to confront. The native may be unfortunate enough to find themselves at the hands of a gaslighting narcissist and have this Mars projected onto them so much that they eventually believe they themselves are the nasty evil demon. The influence of Alkes means that the native will want to protect the underdog and support causes that help rehabilitate others; for example, young offenders or drug addicts. As stated in the general section, these folk have to watch out that they don’t get pulled into the quicksand that they are trying to save the victim from. Mars does have some strength in this decan aside from the stars so that in time the native develops immunity to the diseases that he finds around him. This is a great position for being able to spot the weakest link in the body of a person or an organisation. With this talent, they can easily bring down Goliath with one swift kick to the most sensitive organ. Out of all the Virgo’s, the ability to criticise and pick out the flaws is most marked in Virgo decan 3. This position can be the best at deconstructing, but also at reverse engineering. Mars here is fantastic at turning a pile of junk into a fully functioning, shiny new invention. They can also be very creative with weaponry so they are a useful Allie in an emergency situation. But sadistic torture implements are also a possibility if you ever come across the rare psychopathic example of Mars Virgo 3

Mars Virgo 3 Examples: Henry VIII, Barack Obama, Confucius, Prince Hisahito, Rajiv Gandhi, Kevin Rudd, Fredrich Nietzsche, Brett Kavanaugh, Jay Leno, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Duff, Eva Green, Elizabeth Hurley, Matt Damon, Carol Lombard, Sissy Spacek, Chris Rock, Robbie Coltrane, Gene Kelly, Bridgit Nielsen, Jeff Bridges, Don Johnson, Charlton Heston, Charles Bronson, Judi Dench, Derek Jacobi, Agnetha Faltskog, Liam Gallagher, Tom Waits, Dr Dre, Stevie Wonder, Nick Cave, Tom Robinson, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Bing Crosby, Suzi Quatro, Britney Spears, Eve Sedgewick, Jeff Buckley, Demetra George, Amedeo Modigliani, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Ernest Hemingway, Guillaume Apollinaire, Helena Rubinstein, Barbara Cartland, Susan Sontag, Irma Grese, Dita von Teese, Evel Knievel, Wayne Rooney, Cher/Sonny Davison.

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