Venus Retrograde Meaning

Venus retrograde usually lasts about forty days and forty nights. Forty is mentioned in the bible often, but most famously when Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness for forty days. Could this be referring to the astrological phenomena of Venus retrograde? After all, Venus has two sides to her. She is the goddess of love and war according to the Babylonians. The word Lucifer (which is often confused with Satan) venus-rx4means light-bringer and refers to Venus in her morning star phase. The ancients said the first few days of her Lucifer phase was a particularly dangerous time. People born with Venus as a morning star are said to rush headlong into love affairs and are very passionate. Venus as an evening star is has more of the receptive, traditional meaning of Venus, this phase is called Hesperus. The retrograde period I think describes very well the transition between the two modes of Venus and her descent into the underworld before she resurrects as the wildly passionate, but occasionally treacherous morning star.

Venus Retrograde Meaning

So what does Venus retrograde mean generally? Commonly it is advised one does not start a love affair or buy luxury goods during this time, because you might end up paying more than you bargained for. During these forty days you may have to resist the seductive Lucifer side of Venus and her charms just like Jesus did in the desert. Temptations could be an illicit affair or the lure of luxury goods. We can find significance in this journey of Venus if we regard her movements like the ancient sky-watchers did. During the first phase of the Venus retrograde she is Hesperus, high in the night sky and loving, reflective and receptive. I also think she is quite pure and virginal too. During this time we might feel like we need more love, but are extra shy about going out and finding a new lover. Instead we might cling to a past relationship, which is why this period can bring the return of old flames and karmic connections. Better the devil you know hey? It might make you mournful of a love lost and very defensive if anyone new tries to step on the ghost of your beloved ex. During this time it might be good to bring closure to any long dead relationship with a reflective post-mortem. After that, when Venus goes invisible, give that bad romance a good funeral!

 A ‘Dark Cupid’ Affair

For the last two weeks of the retrograde period Venus is Lucifer the morning star. This is the time when you are most likely to get involved in what I would now call a “Dark Cupid” affair. You will most definitely be thinking with your reproductive organs and not your brain, so do try to resist the sex if you can. You may get a series of red flags but still ignore them. A one night stand might during this time might seem harmless and disposable, but on a spiritual level this goes far deeper. Your body is your temple so don’t give into the Luciferian psychic vampires. You might find yourself drained for many months afterwards. It’s simply not worth it. Aphrodite’s bad points are often overlooked. She had a reputation for jealousy, revenge, possessiveness and infidelity. The stress and misery caused by this behaviour can attract unwanted hyper dimensional entities which feed of the drama. Sometimes we think we need a sexual fling because it has been a while, we just want to have fun and we feel we can take it or leave it. But with Venus retrograde we might develop an obsessive attachment to the so called “friend with benefits” which we hadn’t bargained for. We could find we are kept in a very unpleasant psychic, sexual bondage.

venus retrogradeSo I would say proceed with caution with any new relationships. However Venus Retrograde doesn’t have to play out like ‘50 Shades’ of cringe, for like Mercury retrograde, Venus turned inward has its uses. Lyn Koiner says it “is an excellent time for buying antiques, flea market items and secondhand goods wherein you know the real worth and value of the item but the seller does not.” It’s also good for selling your own unwanted items. I believe the first two thirds of Venus Retrograde could be an ideal time for creativity that explores your inner world. Make music, art or poetry just for yourself and not for the public.

Lucifer ~ Morning Star

During Venus Retrograde we might feel like retreating from socialising or a from a relationship, so this can be a very valuable time for learning how to love ourselves. As for the dangerous Lucifer period, I would to go with the Babylonians on this one and suggest singletons stay celibate for the last two weeks of it. I think that Venus retrograde could also function like Eris, since if we go back to the Babylonian/Sumerian myths we see that Innana was certainly an early incarnation of Venus. In a chapter of the myth Of Gilgamesh, Inanna went down into the Underworld and had to remove all her material glamours on her way to re-unite with her sister Ereshkigal. This reflects the planet Venus’s descent below the horizon and its inferior conjunction with the Sun where she is actually also combust. Then we have her resurrection as the morning star Lucifer after she has experienced the torture of been hung for death on meat hooks by her vengeful sister. This is a time of reflection (Venus’s symbol is the mirror) which may show us our shadow, self-sabotaging sister-self. With Venus, visuals will reflect back to us our deep psyche through paintings, visions, omens, dreams…

The Synodic Cycle

The shadow period is not so important with Venus retrograde. It’s effect will be very subtle as it is stretched over a longer period of time than Mercury’s shadow zone. It does mean however Venus will spend a lot longer in a sector of your chart than usual, and work like an outer planet. The effects mentioned in this article will be felt much stronger if you have natal planets in Venus’s path. If you are in a relationship, any unresolved gripes might come to a head at the actual retrograde when Venus hits the planet a second time, but they should be resolved by the time the Venus Direct reached the post-shadow degree. Keep an ephemeris close to hand. What is also very important is Venus’s synodic cycle which forms a pentagram in the sky. Every 8 years Venus will make another point of this magical 5 pointed star so it is worth keeping a record of what happened at the Venus retrograde of 8 years ago and see if there is a pattern. If you were born during a Venus retrograde then your birth synodic cycle should also reveal some valuable information to you. I hope to write another post about Venus’s synodic cycle because it is worth looking into deeply if you are born with Venus retrograde. Until then, there are a couple of great articles on the web that explain it further. Venus Synodic Cycle by Khaldea. And Nick Dagan-Best (On Holes To Heaven ) has a done some great research using celebrity examples and their synodic cycles too. And for those who want to watch Venus against the constellations; Naked Eye Planets ~ Venus 

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109 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde Meaning

  • July 20, 2015 at 8:59 am

    A thought! The resurrenge of violence under Isil/Isis etc harks back to a “violent” phase of Venus when she was more Kali than Aphrodite? Perhaps she doesn’t like what Hallmark have done to her? The link above is a must see for Venus watchers – as it shows how the planet was visible from Earth in its early days, how myths were created around it and even the four different phases of crescent in the sky over one day.

    • July 22, 2015 at 11:42 pm

      She is indeed beautiful.. thank you for sharing those images UberQueen.. It still amazes me how our ancient ancestors were able to map the heavens and on top of that, actually start to decipher its messages!.. Incredible! We who appreciate astrology owe So much thanks to them all who have made a contribution to the enormous study we call astrology that has spanned millennia! And of course, gifted people like our own darkstar, Marina who take this body of work and pioneers it to another level!.. Thank you to you all!!!

  • July 21, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    As our Goddess sits in the shadows and prepares to go reflective, I have a question of relevance about attraction..

    What aspect in synastry would compel the most intense “physical attraction at first sight” for someone, that totally defies that person’s usual “type”?.. Lets say a girl who is usually attracted to tall, blond muscle dudes, who sees a short, pudgy guy, but is instantly attracted to him, purely on a physical level, and there is no “exchange” of energy between them yet, because he has not even seen her yet? So that eliminates any other factors, just raw physical attraction. But the kicker is, it is so compelling, that it defies her previous notions of beauty. What aspect would that be? And does that aspect change if we reverse the sexes, guy attracted to girl, or gay couples, etc? Of course there may be a few aspects, but what would be the single most potent aspect that could have this effect?

    • July 21, 2015 at 2:32 pm

      Hi Roberto – I’d say Venus Uranus but also Venus Pluto and the opposition or conjunction in synastry. Venus Pluto wold have longevity to it and perhaps some deep scors, Uranus Venus would be sudden and intense but lacking intimacy. Even if these people were married they are strangers.

  • July 21, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Thanks Uberqueenofwands for your insights into that!
    I would have never thought of putting Uranus in there, but that is some novel insight.. but makes sense..
    I was thinking of a conjunction of someone’s ascendant to another’s either Venus, Pluto or even Neptune, with the planet person being the one who has the instant physical attraction to the Ascendant person, as the ascendant is the actual visible physical embodiment of the person. Can you imagine what Pluto or Venus will feel to actually see what it looks like in a physical form?? Pluto would want to devour it, and Venus would want to make love to it!!??.. Of course, this is just my point of view.. would love to hear what Marina thinks about it…

    • July 21, 2015 at 9:05 pm

      If someone has a planet conjunct someone else’s ascendant, depending on the planet it could be a help or a hindrance. e.g if A’s Saturn is on B’s asc, be will view A as limiting. If it was A’s Neptune, B could be swamped or confused by A or even led astray in escapist ways. A’s Mars could work with B’s sac if the Asc was Sagittarius or Leo but if it was Cancer, B might appear too sensitive to A.. and so on. In synastry as with anything, you need to get an overview of the entire chart. I also think transits and progressions in the natal chart are very revealing in synastry because often one person’s progressed planets show up embodied in someone else.
      On the subject of embodies planets in another – well that’s a projection isn’t it! Alas its often the planet or star/config which hasn’t been integrated which is projected!

  • July 21, 2015 at 10:53 pm

    UberQueenofwands, those are some keen sights, and yes indeed, agreed, any trait that is not embodied and owned by the self is projected unto “The Other”, that is why it is so important to own, embrace and truly “love” the whole self, before true love can be experienced, because we are no longer dependent on the other for the illusory sense of fulfillment and completion..

    Anyways, I am intrigued to see how my next major relationship manifests in terms of planetary influences and astrological synastry between us.. I sometimes try to image what influences would be great to experience with someone else, but ultimately, the universe is in charge of what is best to teach the greater lessons of love… Well, it is 2 years since my last relationship, the mother of all soul mate relationships!.. Pluto conjunct Uranus at 16 degrees Virgo bang on my Sun 16 degrees Virgo!. Talk about blowing my sun up!.. It awakened me and destroyed most of my mortal illusions!.. I am enlightened because of it.. well, there were really only 3 options that I was given: to become a Psychopathic stalker, a complete nut case in an asylum, or an enlightened being… I opted for enlightenment.. But that is the power of the outer planets to transform you.. I have GREAT respect for the heavy outer planets!..

  • July 21, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    Uberqueenofwands, I have an interesting question for you!

    What are your thoughts on first meeting someone, who you have a romantic interest in, and drawing up their birth chart? I am VERY torn on this matter.. Actually, one of the first things I ask a person when I meet them, romantic or plutonic, is their birth data, and usually I cannot wait until I can generate a chart asap, and start my rudimentary astro interpretations. So again, what do you think, wait and allow time for the relationship to develop before making any astrological inferences, which may potentially be a source of bias, or check the person up asap to see what planetary influences are there? I know for me, it would require EXTREME self control to NOT generate a birth chart!

    • July 22, 2015 at 11:19 am

      Ha ha! Great question Roberto! As a 12th house person I always draw up a chart, surreptitiously of course. I then as a 6 planet Leo I look for the nice aspects which are going to work with mine! (less like their loved ones on a pedestal… so they can look down on them!!!) and then when the whole thing has blown up in my face, I resurrect the chart and think – OMG! How did I miss THAT??? Looking at some vile Pluto i Libra on the ascendant of the fallen one, or the Sun Neptune conjunct in Scorpio with Pisces rising of the one who is just a mess… etc etc
      I also do synastry and a Davison, composite etc and have even made a foray into harmonic charts to try and find clues!
      What I have learned – is that sometimes a relationship is inevitable but then you want to know what the dynamic is and what you are trying to tell yourself by having it. For this I use pendulum charts.
      Regards love – my huge lesson has been to just BE full of love but without a personal focus for it. It is actually more joyous and fulfilling than you can imagine! Have the love but not the person. Then the whole of life is unconditional.

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