USA Election 2020 Prediction ~ 5D Chess?


In this post I have listed my notes for the USA Election 2020 astrology prediction. In part one on YouTube I compare Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s Zodiacal releasing peak periods and what that will trigger in their natal charts.

I also look at how the eclipses in November and December will effect them. I examine at the USA chart and what is happening with Pluto opposite Mercury and if the USA really is having a Pluto return during the USA 2020 election. I discovered not if one is using precession, but it is due to happen some time in 2023. 

In part 2 I look at the progressions, Solar Arcs and transits to both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. I go into more detail about what both these chaps mean for the USA’s destiny in the future. Does the USA Pluto return really mean the end of the USA as conceived by the founding fathers back in 1776?

Feature Image by Marina using chess photo from Juno Jo on Upsplash

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USA Election AStrology part 2 (40mins)


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Fortunate transits are listed in orange and challenging transits are listed in dark blue. Neutral transits are black.

Donald TRump


Solar Eclipse 2020 December 14 ~ 23º Sagittarius
Conjunct South Node/Moon (H5)
Opposite Sun (H11)

Zodiacal Releasing Peak Periods
  • CANCER ~ Level 1 Period until April 20 2025___Moon
  • __Capricorn Dec 28 2017 (L)___Saturn
  • __Aquarius March 17 2020 (Peak)___Saturn. NOW
  • __Pisces Sep  3 2022___Jupiter
  • __Aries Aug29 2023____Mars
  • __Taurus Nov 21 2024 (Peak)___Venus
  • LEO ~ Level 1 Period until 2044 (PEAK)___Sun
Annual Profections

June 14 2020 Scorpio___Mars
June 14 2021 Sagittarius___Jupiter


Prog Venus conjunct Jupiter (H3)

Solar Arcs

SA Venus = Neptune (H3)
SA North Node = ASC (H1)
SA Ceres = Saturn (H12)
SA Ceres = Venus (H12)

Transits (Election day)

North Node conjunct natal North Node (H11)
Pluto conjunct Vertex (H6)
Venus conjunct Neptune (H3)

Jupiter conjunction Saturn on Progressed Ceres (H4) (Dec 21 2020)



Lunar Eclipse 2020 November 30 ~ 8 Gemini
Conjunct Saturn (H7)

SOLAR Eclipse 2020 December 14 ~ 23 Sagittarius
Wide square IC/Ceres (H4)

Zodiacal Releasing Peak Periods
  • VIRGO ~ Major period until Sep  5 2025___Mercury
  • ___Cancer Sep  7 2019____Moon
  • ___Leo 26 Sep  2021 (Peak)___Sun
  • ___Pisces Apr 19 2023____Jupiter (L)
  • ___Aries Apr 13 2024___Mars
  • LIBRA ~ Level 1 Period until 2033
Annual Profections

Nov 20 2019 Taurus___Venus
Nov 20 2020 Gemini___Mercury


Prog Moon conjunct Prog Venus on Nov 3 (H4)
His Prog Mercury stationing direct (Officially Direct Dec 25 2020)
Prog Moon square Saturn (H7) on Dec 25 2020

Solar Arcs

SA POF = Jupiter (H8)
SA Uranus/DC = Mercury (H12)
SA Saturn = Sun/Venus (H12)
SA Saturn = North Node (H9)
SA Neptune = Ceres (H4)
SA Ceres/IC = Saturn (H7) Open enemies

Transits (Election Day)

Sun conjunct natal Mars (H12)
Mercury station direct square natal Jupiter (H8) (His Rx ruling planet)
Saturn Opposite Jupiter (H8)
Uranus conjunct POF (H6)
Ceres conjunct IC (Exact Jan 27 2021)
Neptune conjunction IC (Exact Mar 2021)

Jupiter conjunction Saturn square natal Moon (H6) (Dec 21 2020)

In this video look at the astrology of the night of the 1st election debate which was pretty awful for Trump. Then I look at transits for the next two debates and whether they will be favourable or unfavourable for Trump or Biden.

46 thoughts on “USA Election 2020 Prediction ~ 5D Chess?”

  1. Thanks for the reading of the natal charts. I do tarot card readings besides being psychic. I agree with you. Trump will win the elections. I decided to listen to you because you sounded not biased as many American astrologers…

    I also agree, something big will happen that blows Americans mind. You are not wrong. I disagree in one thing but you are totally correct.

    Again, thanks.

  2. It would be incredibly interesting to see a chart for Kamala Harris since, as Biden is clearly not even fit to run, he wouldn’t be in office long before she winds up as president.

  3. Marina, thanks for clarifying about Jessica’s prediction ! I really don’t like her and how many times I left a comment on her webpage, she never ever posted. She is very arrogant. She is not accepting anyone’s opinion besides her. Please, save all her wrong predictions.

  4. Marina, I just adore you and believe you are the best Astrologer for sure. I want to share with you what has been written by another world renown astrologist Jessica Adams who only does Sun Sign astrology she has made this very bold statement which is quite shocking!!!
    I know she is a Never Trumper but how can astrologers view a chart completely different? Is it because she strictly uses the Sun sign and not the rising? I sure hope you are the accurate one.

    Her statement See Below>>>

    ‘First up, I already predicted Donald Trump would go down in October 2020. That forecast was posted on January 6th 2020 here. Did you see it? He’s not going to be the 2021 President. That does not stop you from voting. But he’ll go down. He may be arrested, resign or leave the planet, but the United States of America chart clearly shows departure’.

    • Well, she got the last one wrong also… Thanks to wayback machine we can see the post she deleted.

      On the “President Donald Trump” post I said Transiting Saturn conjunct Trump’s 4th house Moon was not going to stop him becoming president. “I disagreed with Astrologer Jessica Adams, who said “There is absolutely no way this man is going to move to the White House in January 2017.” (Adams has since deleted the post, but thanks to wayback machine we still have access!) I instead use whole signs, which puts Trumps natal moon in 5th house of children and not 4th house of home. Therefore Saturn transit to house 5 Moon doesn’t for me indicate according to Jessica that “Nobody is ever that unhappy living in the White House – surely?” Instead I see it as the responsibility placed onto his children as they run Trump Inc while also being the president’s children.”

      All the polls and ‘Never Trumper astrologers’ got it wrong last time. Shows just how out of touch they are from the zeitgeist and more importantly the people.


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