Twin Flame or Hell Fire?

This site isn’t called Darkstar for nothing, for I have a fascination for Pluto and Dark Goddesses. The lord of the underworld is square my AC/DC relationship axis so how could I not? For some time I have noticed the Persephone Myth theme coming up in synastry readings. Was I attracting clients who had a weak spot for the “Pluto Bad Boys” (as I called them.) or was it my own Plutonic projection reflecting back at me through their charts?

Then recently I was sent a link to a Youtube video “ The Dark Side Of Cupid” I was stunned. These “Pluto Bad Boys” did exist outside my brain and I was not alone! These entities are known by various different names, ETs, psychic vampires, mind parasites, weitiko, archons, psychopaths etc etc. Psychology explains them away by calling them projections of our shadow. But could they be more than that?

Psychic Vampires, Archons, Psychopaths…

First off, it is really not healthy to start branding every ex who has wounded our ego as a psychopath! It is vastly more complex than that. According to Eve Lorgen an entity can attach itself to one or both partners. I believe the creature tends to spend the most time with the partner with the least boundaries. (This can simply be because they are more psychic.) However co-dependant relationships, where one or both partners have an addiction, are easy prey for these entities. Then the creature can have fun jumping between the two, playing the angel/martyr on one side and the demon/addict on the other. The entities, like vampires need blood, feed off trauma and unloving sex.

Sometimes, the demon will push the couple towards porn and more perverted forms of sex. Some couples in long-term love relationships do spice things up with sex toys and “50 Shades Of ” erm.. role playing. I’m not talking about them! But a new relationship that very quickly descends into needing pornography for stimulation should bring up a red flag. UPDATE! Porn is a real problem and usually the portal through which these ‘Dark Cupids’ enter in the first place. More research is needed on this subject alone.

50 Shades Of Red Flags

The most common scenario of all is the affair with the married man or woman. The spouse will play the Moon and the lover Lilith, whatever sex they are. This does rather demonise Lilith, but she has a powerful kundalini energy, which makes her a prime target for the possessing demon. Lilith here is like Persephone, she can be overcome by her powerful sexual feelings so the sex becomes a drug. This generates obsessive, stalking behaviour, desperate for our next Plutonic fix, we hate what we have become… and then we seek the astrologer. After it is all over, we say “What the hell possessed me?!” and the astrologer will say. “Well, you just had a Neptune transit…” But sometimes it’s more than that, and the transit just opened the portal.

A toxic relationship with a demon is as addictive as heroin. Why do you think I have a syringe picture on my Pluto post? I mentioned “love bombing” on the Psychopath Astrology post. A Pluto possessed partner will love-bomb the other into submission. They will pick people at their most vulnerable, coming out of a divorce, a debilitating illness, after a loss of a parent or job.

Love Bombing

The Neptune possessed partner will come across as the knight in shining armor and be anything you want them to be. Again we also have to look at ourselves, because at these times we can project onto these people our perfect soulmate. If they happen to match the anima/animus as described in our chart then that’s it, we are hooked. At the end of the relationship we might blame the partner for being a charlatan, but did we really see them for who they really were? Psychologists say we tend to experience new partners as 75% of our own projections.

When we are in love it’s very hard to discern whether a relationship is the real thing, or if it is possession or projection? This hyper-dimensional explanation could account for why so many people, even after suffering burns, jump straight back into Hell’s fire despite very obvious red flags. We like to think that as “enlightened being” types we should know better. But ironically it’s the questioning, curious type, the one who takes a big bite from the apple of wisdom that gets targeted. It stays with me to this day that my Catholic uncle blamed the ending of my first marriage on me taking astrology classes… You don’t want to dabble in the occult!!

Nigredo Process

But falling into the underworld is part of the alchemical process called Nigredo.

“The alchemists believed that as a first step in the pathway to the philosopher’s stone all alchemical ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively to a uniform black matter. In analytical psychology, the term became a metaphor ‘for the dark night of the soul, when an individual confronts the shadow within” ~ Wiki 

twin flameThe problems come when we get stuck in the underworld and addicted to these relationships (Don’t eat the food there it says in the myth.) It is interesting that one player in the Persephone myth, Ceres, is associated with poppies which are the ingredient for opium. Religion is the opium for people said Karl Marx, which brings me to Angels…and Neptune.

Demons might turn up as Pluto, but Angels, that’s Neptune’s game. These are the love and light brigade, new-age gurus, ascended masters and anything wearing a halo. Angels are still vampires but pose as your saviour. If Neptune works through you, then you will be of the, I create-my-own-reality, self-sacrificing, turn-the-other-cheek martyrs….and a perfect match for Pluto.

Light-workers can be even more susceptible to demonic possession just because think they are immune! If you believe you create your own reality, then you must also believe the kid who got raped by a pedophile was a “vibrational match” on some level for the rapist. Well, I don’t buy it. The are many YouTube Indigo/Persephone kids spreading the word about the law of attraction.

I used to watch a lot of it and felt it was quite empowering initially, after a while though, it just felt wrong. I couldn’t really explain why. But knowing about the angelic side of the demon, you can clearly see how Neptunian the Guru effect is. Like any drug, you get the initial buzz, but after taking in too much, you end up with a “law of attraction” hangover.

The karmic payback thing becomes dangerous because can allow abuse to continue. Deep down Persephone types will think they deserve it, that they have agreed to go through the trauma in order to evolve. It can make Neptunian Angels quite scarily psychopathic. Some will use the karma concept to distance themselves from helping those who happen to fall on bad times. It also keeps Neptune angels stuck in co-dependent relationships.

Neptune Angels

twin flamesNeptune angels become the enabler, the nurse, controlling the addicts’ doses of medicine. But these “saints” invariably end up, just like the vampire, draining their friends with stories of how terrible their Pluto partner is.

The friends, who may be in similar relationships themselves, feed off the drama, like being addicted to a soap opera. And so it continues….

Taking this toxic “medicine” as a temporary, conscious, transformative process, (Nigredo) is healing and good cosmic hygiene. Perpetuating and enabling a vampiric addiction, which drains you, and in turn others is destructive and spreads dis-ease. There is a difference, but addicts and those fully possessed by demon/angels, kid themselves that what they are doing is healing.

It is hard to know the difference though and any wounded healer who likes to play close to the edge and fall in too deep. Some of us can endure it for years and come out like a phoenix from the flames, while another can do a weekend of psychedelic drugs and lose the plot forever.

It’s impossible to know what another soul can handle, which is why, at the end of the day we just need to get to know ourselves…well! Relationships paradoxically are a great way of helping us get to know ourselves since the 7th house opposite our personal 1st house is our mirror.

I wrote this post to continue the “Archon” discussion which has also prompted queries about how astrology can help us understand and spot a possible “Dark Cupid” relationship. It also follows on from my very old Psychopath Astrology post, which I recently resurrected from the grave then realized I needed to update. Psychopathy has become a big thing within the alternative media. It is the new devil.

God & Satan

In the olden times, before the telescope, our demons were pretty basic. Jupiter was God and Saturn the devil, two sides of the same duality coin. Now “As above, so below” things have gotten more complicated. The trans-personal planets show us there are more influences “out there”. We aren’t just in a battle for sovereignty with religion (Jupiter) or politics (Saturn). Now we face our demons through Uranus (ET’s), Neptune (New Age) and Pluto (Psychopaths).

The trans-personal planets are the most difficult to deal with in personal relationships. I use the ancient rulership system and it’s true that the visible planets are the most important planets incompatibility. However, I would find it impossible to work without Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, because it is these planets that will show the themes of the “Dark Cupid”.

Relationships lacking basic compatibility, but with many transpersonal planet connections between them, will be obsessive and challenging. These are the rollercoaster connections and I see a lot of them as an astrologer. Black Moon Lilith and Chiron are crucial in understanding the entry point for these entities, through sex, drugs, magic or childhood abuse.

Dark Davison Charts

flam2I also wonder if the Davison (relationship) chart describes the “Dark Cupid” as the matchmaker of the relationship. The Davison can describe the so-called “Karmic contract” very accurately.

Some researchers say that these karmic binds can even be fake! Very abusive lives between a couple are “shown” to the souls while awaiting incarnation.

Because these demons are masters of illusion, they can show you a kind of photo-shopped movie of what seems to be a past life connection. The best way I can describe it, is when you dream of someone you don’t particularly fancy, but if you see them the next day it feels really weird, like there’s a pull, even if it’s a cringey pull.

I have a feeling the demonic programming is like that, but they program you again and again and again… Before you know it, you have been groomed, so that when you meet them in this life, that’s it, Cupid strikes you down very easily. In my experience, the “cringe factor” was there too very early on, but then it went away. I wonder if this is a symptom or not.

Soulmates Or Cellmates?

You can tell Pluto had been gnawing away in the background of some of my past synastry articles. I think it’s hilarious that it was in trying to define ‘Soulmates’ (by giving scores for karmic connections), that I ended up uncovering a good few ‘Cellmates’! Some clients were getting terrifically high scores in relationships (45+). After them giving me feedback, I realised these affairs had all the hallmarks of a “Dark Cupid” relationship.

This did make me wonder what the hell was going on, since I wasn’t even using the transpersonal planets in the ratings. Saturn gave high scores for relationship glue however. So there are two possibilities: 1) These were true love connections that were hijacked by demonic entities because they were great quality “food”. Or 2) Saturn is a big indicator of a karmic contract.

A little glue is fine, but too much Saturn and it becomes a high security jail with your demon holding the key. I think astrology can show us the “program”. But we can choose to switch off the TV programme, and you can certainly change the operating system that programs your computer.

Sin Or Synastry..

What I have noticed over the years that the best synastry aspects are really The Best Synastry Aspects. It’s important to have the basics, to be compatible by element with the Sun, Moon and AC (With at least two out of the three.) If you have that, even at a very wide orb, the rest is just icing on the cake. Be careful with relying on Vertex and Nodal connections though, as they could be karmic contracts which may not be genuine.

If you have Nodal/Vertex connections though and good basic compatibility, this can show you have important work to do together. I do still use the soulmate test in my synastry readings, but for the opposite reason than what I invented it for!

Very average scores seemed to be common in stable, long-term partnerships with no roller coaster effects. Very low scores were usually a symptom of unrequited, wishful thinking on behalf of the client with people they hardly knew. One advantage of these connections at least, is your love demon will have no interest in them whatsoever!

I have a hunch that the Davison chart is very important in the study of the “Third entity”. I have seen some stunning Davison charts that describe “Dark Cupid” relationships. They are never boring! You usually get the geometric version of a Hollywood movie, that is; tight T-squares, Yods, Pluto, Mars, Lilith hard aspects, deluded Venus/Neptune trines, Ceres/Eris Persephone themes, etc etc.

I intend to study extreme couples like Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, because I don’t believe independently they could’ve done what they did. Something in the Davison must’ve attracted the possession. From these people we can see where, or how, we may be vulnerable to attack and what measures we can take to defend ourselves.

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  1. Well i’m virgo rising decan 1,Persephone…Gemini sun conjunction Jupiter but not combust,pisces moon… I expect an ex to come lovebombing, he has sun Pluto Pluto conjunction in libra, moon lilith conjunction in Taurus…Mars Uranus conjunction for the in/out behavior ,Saturn square moon and venus, kiron conjunct south node. Seems like a dark cupid scenario,thanks for the gentle reminder. Have not seen Pluto since 20 years,moved on,made my life,but he isn’t letting go it seems.

  2. Wowwwwww… I am a Pisces sun/moon 2nd house, Cap rising, with Neptune 12th house in Sag. My partner is a porn addict Scorpio, (sun12°, moon, mercury 12th house Scorpio) represented by Cap moon, Scorpio ASC. Mars also Scorpio 11th house. Our natal charts are a huge recipe for a mess as both of us suffer from addictive issues with drugs. I have HUGE gifts from Neptune with Intuit, and psychic ability so I have always been an astrologer of sorts. I see also his Venus is in his 2nd house in Sag, my Neptune is in Sag 12th house which is represented in my chart in big ways. The 12th house all over his chart. I am SO doing some more research to implement the Nessus/Dejanira possibilities of our synastry. Thank you for being you, and thank the Universe for the light to see this. You have made my day (perhaps my life and soul) and possibly prevented me from a fire. In big ways. Thank you!!! When I saw his chart my heart stopped I think. Big stuff. Felt twin flamey, but now I see the loop holes. Wow.

  3. @Marina Words are ‘spells’, we also bind them in books. Literally spellbound. We are limited by our language/protocol to transfer ideas to one another. It’s profoundly time consuming. This concept miffs me and forces me to consult a dictionary to verify a word means what i think it means. That gets changed over time too. We march on…

  4. The nay sayers have provoked a post from my dormant social activity.

    The truth is crystal clear and harmonious, I know this post is not making accusations. It’s actually one of the indices pointing to Marina for a consultation. It has been beneficial in some next level understanding on the terms and conditions of life.

    It’s easy to exercise your shadow and be unaware of the invitation of darkness. I’m of the opinion these experiences have been written under different nomenclatures over what seems like a long period of time. The darkest ones I can’t give credit to for their chaos.


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