Trump & Russia 2017 Synastry

A look at the synastry between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, using their composite chart. I also look at the relationship between Russia and the US in terms of their composite chart and transits to it in 2017. The Russian Revolution chart is compared to the Russia 1999 Federation chart.

5 thoughts on “Trump & Russia 2017 Synastry

  1. I can’t really take the media too seriously with Russia US relationship, since articles James Risen leaked US & Russia intelligence worked together, during the Obama administration.

  2. one more thing… a friend of mine is working with a rather high level witch on the east coast….. who has known Trump for many many years… who has actually worked with him for some years…. as a type of energetic assist… can I say that ? so… he is actually a bit more that he shows in these Roman Circus events … HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. No I didn’t, but how do we know that? The trouble with secret societies is just that, they are secret!

  3. Hey Marina …..watching the vid here on Vlad und Donny….. I have had a sense of Vlad as a caretaker ofhis country for many years…. I lived in berlin on andoff after the wall had fallen and had the opportunity of folding into the intelligensia of the city… there is a feeling —rther a sense — that Merkel and Vlad have been on the world stages before…. it is believed that M is the reincarnation of Katherine The Great… she was born in the same smaller village that KG was…. also there is quite a bit of buzz on V that he is actually a Romanov thru blood… curious huh?….. when I watched him speake on one of their National Days …. and he actually opened the event by calling to all the ancestors that had lived above the ground and were now beneathe…. he actually called on them to bring their prescence to The Russian State… and in this he honored their dead…. I mean come on — calling on the Ancestors …. as all of Russia watched… deep deep deep stuff… this guy makes so many of the world elite look rather depleted…. I share a great many aspects with Vlads’ chart…. and I do work a great deal with the dead — retrieving fromthat landscape as well as honoring that all and recieving support from… so… spot on… this guy is truly Avataristic in nature…. as I sense Donald Trumpe also is…. and of course there will be alliances formed between them…. destiny great videos by the way—— sharing them with handfuls…..

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