Trump ~ Iron, Lion… Zion?

“I am on the rock and then I check a stock
I have to run like a fugitive to save the life I live
I’m gonna be Iron like a Lion in Zion
I’m gonna be Iron like a Lion in Zion
Iron Lion Zion
I’m on the run but I ain’t got no gun
See they want to be the star
So they fighting tribal war
And they saying Iron like a Lion in Zion
Iron like a Lion in Zion
Iron Lion Zion” ~ Bob Marley

10 thoughts on “Trump ~ Iron, Lion… Zion?

  1. Problem is – we’ve become totally binary – everything is a tick box/kick boxing reaction because our autonomic sensory systems are overloaded. Too much exposure to too much stimuli. It started with 24 hour rolling news- now its 24 hour rolling opinion. IMO no politics can be analysed in small chunks of time and mostly only on retrospect.
    Astrologically, we have an interesting battle between Saturn and Neptune – Liz Green pointed out in her book on Neptune that the politics of the left align with Neptune and the right with Saturn – pure eternus (eternal youth) versus Senex – old man or order.
    No one can “sort out Israel” or the Middle East – but every generation of politicians gets drawn into it almost as a test or quest .
    Re Muslims and Christians living side by side – well it depends on the sects they belong to (I doubt Putin’s Muslims are hardliners! And the Christians more likely Orthodox and both sides will have been “levelled” historically by communism! The Hopis have an interesting prophecy on what the next great leveller will be – so yes – keep in touch with the Earth indeed! It might be getting very cross one of these days!
    We can’t value people by the money they make (anyone seen the stupid ad made by Audi at the Super bowl? Which basically says the only way to value anyone is by money??) – or hold it against them. Its karmic (remember? 8th House stuff?) and maybe they were a beggar in a past life or will be one in the next? Defining people as “elite” is still a projection!
    DT has a saturn Neptune sq at work and he is carrying the projection of both sides of the coin! The late Ramesh Balkesar (an awesome guru if you can find recordings/book of him) made the point continuously that we are only the body/mind machines expressing the greater will – so its all OK! Left/right/mayhem… let it be! Enjoy the entertainment! Just keep asking – who is really doing the do?

  2. Well at best we were giving ‘The Unknown’ the benefit of the doubt… This far better than the old ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’ routine that we’ve had to endure for the last 50 years… At least Mr T is wearing the ‘wolfs clothing’ It’s good to step back & observe…and now I’m sort of thinking;ok new boss same as old boss… but Mr T’s circus is exposing how crap the whole system really is & he may well be the necessary unknowing catalyst to expose how crappy all of them really are!
    Mr T … Zionist for sure.
    So let’s see if the US can make friends with Russia, this being some consolation for the continuation of global circus games.

    1. Hades – indeed the unknown! – as Confucius said – out of chaos comes opportunity! … and … real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance! A useful maxim in times of the unknown!!!

  3. It is felt by many here the UC Berkley riot was staged reality theater and doesn’t a very good looking Jewish,Gay, outlandish Greek name with a black boyfriend sound a little theatrical? I hate to spread question your world news but having neptune opposing my sun for so long in the twelfth I’m forced too! I really believe this junk will pass but for now heads up on the stories were presented!

    1. Yes you are quite right! In fact it was that very riot that got me thinking. Wether it is Soros or the controlled opposition it’s still the same cabal messing with us.

  4. Zionism is the single biggest cause why there is never peace in the Levant. The Jewish people(& Israelis)are also very much the victims of this wicked Globalist agenda.
    Not that I agree with all of his theories but ‘David Icke’ is spot on when he describes ‘Rothschild Zionism’ for what it really is & what it masquerades as!
    Even mentioning the words ‘Jewish State’ we are Instantly shut down with the magical race/religion card accusing us of being an ‘Antisemite’.. this accusation just for wanting to discuss this one political topic!
    Ironically the definition of ‘Semite’;
    “A member of any various ancient & modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia including
    Akkadians,Canaanites,Phoenicians,Hebrews and Arabs”

    The ‘use’ of this term Antisemetic (or misuse) Is actually very Orwellian.

    1. Yes you are spot on. There is a brilliant documentary called “Deformation” on YouTube made by an Israeli Jew. A real eyeopener about how Jewish teenagers are brainwashed about how basically the whole world is anti-semitic. These poor kids are taken to Auschwitz and then made to feel guilty if they don’t cry. Heartbreaking to see their reactions.

      The Zionists are really like a mafia. Being Sicilian I know that ordinary Sicilians were bullied into keeping silent about any corruption. The ‘Omerta’, means never snitch on the family. The magic anti-semite word works just the same. We are being gagged.
      In the documentary, the Israeli producer interviews his 96 year old grandmother who lives in Israel, it’s interesting what she says about the American Jews, that they are not real Jews and are only into materialism and money. She is very critical of them. Worth watching for her alone! Semitic is also a group of languages of which Malti is one. My mother is Maltese/Iranian. So I could be accused of being an anti-semitic semitic. The word doesn’t make sense at all.

      I don’t think the Mafia exists in any strength in the US any more. Well… not the Sicilian one. 😉 I find it ironic that Hollywood was so obsessed with Sicilian gangster movies at one time. Now the ‘gangsta’ has moved over to black culture I guess.

  5. That’s interesting Marina, The people of Malta(mostly) are very much Semites as their ancestors are the Phoenicians from the old Fertile Crescent! So you are indeed a matriarchal Semite!
    Malta….Interesting place; Knights of Saint John,The Maltese Cross,& the UK’s Royal Family!? As per most Mediterranean Islands an ancient centre of Goddess worship!

    ….Sorry to go off on a tangent …’What did the Phoenicians ever do for us’ apart from give us our alphabet.

  6. That’s all so interesting! There’s more forms of mafia then making people shut up?
    ”I find it ironic that Hollywood was so obsessed with Sicilian gangster movies at one time. Now the ‘gangsta’ has moved over to black culture I guess.”

    How about this version of the gangsta? Not as mainstream, popular and glorified are they – or is a matter of shutting up?
    I can confirm they exist, including the non-religious behaviour and this is not simply ”fake news” or bigotry as is rather believed by the mainstream :// Or that the way to make people shut up? One might wonder huh?

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