Trump Inauguration Horoscope

What omens do we see in the Trump Inauguration chart? What does it augur? The augur was a priest in Roman times. His role was to practice augury, interpreting the god’s will by looking at the flight of birds. I also take a look at Obama’s inauguration chart briefly for comparison.

9 thoughts on “Trump Inauguration Horoscope

  1. the inauguration is always at noon, in the same place unless terrible weather and begins at NOON, so the time is pretty near the same every inauguration.

  2. Haven’t watched your analysis yet but just wanted to comment on the time of inauguration: holy cannoli it was done at midday at the top of a hill. The occult omen on that is entirely ominous. Good luck with that America. The “rescue” package of a few years ago will be nothing compared to what is going to happen now.

    1. I’ve had a few pic pics at midday on the top of hill! It didn’t do me any harm. Can you explain what the occult omen is? Its not entirely ominous to me.

  3. 12:47 pm given as oath of office time. 9º54′ Taurus Asc … between Shedir 7º48′ & Beta Triangulam 11º39′ … does that change anything?

    1. I was watching live and made it 12.OOpm exactly! Where did you get time come from? Unless my iphone was wrong? Or there was a delay on RT’s live newsfeed? I timed it from when Trump finished his oath and took hand off the bible.

  4. Very interesting and informative. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Wondering about his personal chart as well, and would love to hear your read on just that at some time. Being here, in the US, it’s a pretty volatile, tumultuous, and transformative time. Beneath all the surface drama and the anxiety that so many are feeling, I feel as you do that there’s something very powerful going on beneath the surface. One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of truth has risen to the surface. Truth about what people really think and feel, and truth that is revealed beneath the veneer and public personae that many display. We’re being shaken off our foundations, and in some ways, this could be good. Not because I think he’s a great choice, but because what is revealed allows for us to move forward with greater awareness and a stronger sense of what’s real and what’s illusion. Thanks for the interesting read.

  5. Here’s a really good article concerning Trump.
    “Anyone who identifies him/herself as “Liberal,” “Progressive,” “Leftist,” and projects disgust, hate, or anger on to this man, (really anyone who is triggered/irritated by Trump beyond political identifications), or reacts with fear, sadness, worry: you are looking at your own shadow and it won’t go away if you keep up with these reactive projections and look for external solutions or a different “leader” to follow.” ~ BERNHARD GUENTHER

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